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Samsung Wave bada OS smartphone review - beautiful and powerful

Review by Michael Oryl on Wednesday June 23, 2010.

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3.8 stars

(How we score)

Beautiful design, gorgeous display, great camera with top notch 720p HD recording, friendly UI, nice browser, data sharing over Wi-Fi
Memory management issues, few available apps, text input needs improvement


The Samsung S8500 Wave is the first bada OS powered smartphone to hit the market. It takes Samsung's TouchWiz user interface and slaps it on a new, more open version of Samsung's phone platform. And it does this on some of the hottest hardware to come out of South Korea ever.

The Wave has one of the best displays on the planet, and its user interface is far nicer than what we have come to expect from any TouchWiz branded device. Add to this a great 720p HD video capable camera and a very capable browser, and you can start to see why I am smitten with the Wave.

But the Wave certainly has its issues. As a 1.0 OS, you somewhat expect things to require more polish, but some of the memory snafus I've seen on the phone have wiped the configuration of my customized home screen, and that's downright dastardly. There's also the relative lack of applications in the Samsung Apps store. But in the end, I can forgive the Wave because it is so personable otherwise.

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sayyed @ 6:28:08AM EDT on Thursday August 12, 2010

its a baap of mobile phones with bada

Scott Deagan @ 5:43:36AM EDT on Tuesday October 12, 2010

Thanks a million for the review - very informative! I am particularly interested in Bada as a development platoform as apps are created using C/C++. I'm not too keen on Android's Java and the whole "garbage collection" architecture, hate .NET, and feel dirty after using Objective-C for iOS.

I'm hoping Bada does take off, I think there's room out there for yet another mobile OS. I have a lot of respect for Samsung and am always curious about anything they release.

Calel @ 8:40:48AM EDT on Saturday August 6, 2011

Awesome, yet me myself havn't tried Bada yet I wouldn't be surprised if those South-Koreans manage to pull it a ten-pointer by the end of the decade.

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Michael Oryl
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