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Apple unveils iMovie for iPhone 4, mobile HD video editing suite

News by Michael Oryl on Monday June 07, 2010.

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Today Apple announced that it will begin offering a version of its iMovie video editing software suite on its brand new iPhone 4 smartphone that it launched today at the Apple WWDC 2010 event in San Francisco.

The application allows users to take photos and videos and drop them into a time line just like in iMovie for Mac. Pinch/stretch multi-touch controls can be used for scaling, and photos inserted into the video are automatically treated with the popular Ken Burns effect. Transitions can be changed by the user, and titles can be added, just as you would expect from iMovie.

Should the iMovie user need to add new footage, the phone can be rotated to landscape mode and new 720p HD video can be recorded, and inserted, on the fly in iMovie using the iPhone 4's camcorder. And since the iPhone 4 embeds geo-location information into its movies, iMovie can also make use of that. One example is one of iMovie's themes that shows the location pinpointed on a map.

Apple's new iMovie for iPhone app will be available for US$4.99.


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