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Review of the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic touchscreen smartphone

Review by Ricky Cadden on Monday October 19, 2009.

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The Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is Nokia's newest budget-oriented touchscreen smartphone, and it comes in a nice small package. Ricky takes a look at how well the 5530 XpressMusic stands up against other touchscreen smartphones in this in-depth review.

Physical Aspects

The Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is quite an attractive little handset. The front of the phone is taken over by its modest touchscreen display, which is positioned in exactly the center, making for an eye-pleasing aesthetic design. There are three touch-sensitive buttons below the display and a special XpressMusic button at the top right, for quick access to your media. The 5530 XpressMusic is deceptively small, measuring in at 104mm x 49mm x 13mm (4.1in x 1.9in x 0.5in) and weighing a scant 107g (3.8oz). Despite the plastics used in its design, the phone feels solid, with no unnecessary creaks in use.

The 2.9-inch nHD (360x640 pixel) resolution resistive touchscreen display is bright and extremely sensitive, providing a really nice touch-oriented experience. The three touch-sensitive buttons, left to right, comprise send, menu, and end keys. The menu key, like other Symbian-powered smartphones, can be held for a few seconds to view the task manager, for easy multitasking. There is also a proximity sensor on the front of the phone, to detect when it is being held against your face on a phone call.

The volume rocker is positioned along the right edge of the 5530 XpressMusic, with a slide-lock key just below. This slide-lock key allows you to quickly lock or unlock the display, to prevent accidental keypresses. Below this is the dedicated two-stage camera button. The bottom of the phone is rife with connectors, including the standard 2mm Nokia power port, a standard 3.5mm audio port, and the microUSB data port. The latter of these is covered by a small attached door, to prevent debris.

Along the left edge of the phone is a long attached door which hides the microSD card slot and SIM card slot. The power button is the only thing on the top edge of the phone, so that it is not easily confused with any other buttons.

The 5530's 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera is positioned on the back of the phone, flanked by a single LED flash. The entire rear cover needs to be removed to give access to the 1000mAh battery. This rear cover is the only real negative of the 5530 Xpressmusic's build quality, as it is extremely flimsy and I was afraid that I would break it every time I had to access the battery.

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fsjon @ 10:55:45AM EDT on Monday October 19, 2009

I thought the 5530 only has a 2mpx camera and not 3.2 like the 5800. Was I mistaken??

Ivan @ 9:47:21AM EST on Sunday November 15, 2009

Yes, you were wrong, this Nokia also has the 3.2 MP snapper.

mkpop3 @ 7:36:44PM EST on Thursday November 19, 2009

I did like video it was informative but where is Part 2

james @ 5:08:06PM EST on Friday November 27, 2009

exactly how sensitive is the touch screen? I am spoiled since I got my ipod touch, and can't stand how much pressure is required on my samsung behold (sgh t919).

Pedro @ 4:05:39PM EDT on Tuesday May 11, 2010

love your themecan you can you give me a link to download it?

Anmol @ 7:36:33AM EDT on Tuesday May 25, 2010

The photos look smeared. The possible reason for such bad photos maybe due to the fact that while taking the photos, the ISO level of the phone was kept at the highest, But the fact is the lower the ISO level, the better are the photos (because ISO level controls the shutter speed). If this phone has ISO 64, it will have best photos at that mode! Try out comparing a photo of an object at the highest and the lowest ISO level. You'll see the difference!

Michael Oryl @ 9:09:05AM EDT on Tuesday May 25, 2010

@Anmol - your understanding of ISO and cameras appears incomplete. Setting a phone at a lower ISO setting will only improve the photos if there is enough light to take the photo at that setting. ISO does not control shutter speed. It is just one setting, along with aperture and the amount of ambient light. If you just force the ISO low you will likely just end up with a lot of dark or blurry pictures.

ivan @ 2:14:52AM EDT on Wednesday June 9, 2010

i did have a 5530!! and i must say that it was really good!! super stylish and handy.. and it has a very responsive touchscreen.. *two thumbs up*

otto @ 9:12:21AM EDT on Thursday June 10, 2010

how do i connect my nokia 5530 xpress music to my car radio wirelessly?

Chuck @ 3:31:54PM EDT on Friday June 25, 2010

Does this have a keyboard for texting

edi @ 7:50:51AM EDT on Monday June 28, 2010

For the last time, what theme is that on your 5530 video review ?? been finding it for weeks now..

ravi @ 1:41:27AM EDT on Friday August 27, 2010

u fools nokia 5530 has 3.2 megapexil camera

jololo @ 3:16:27AM EDT on Monday September 13, 2010

the camera on the 5530 is a 2 mega pixel i dont know why they emphasis that it is a 3.2 mega the quality ia pathetic compared to a 3.2 mega pixel on a 6303 classic the 5530 is useless . besides that its a good phone just the damn camera.

samm @ 10:01:01AM EST on Tuesday December 14, 2010

hey i just bought this hp and i think i like it but the camera..eventhough i turn off the flash but why dos there is still lights on when capturing the picture? and the light really hurts my eyes...how to set it off

mithun @ 8:14:05AM EDT on Friday September 9, 2011

i take 5530 phone it was my life 1 mistake

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