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BlackBerry Curve 8520 - part 2 of 2

Video by Michael Oryl on Friday August 28, 2009.

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Part 2 of our look at the new low-cost blackberry Curve 8520 for T-Mobile USA. The 8520 is the first blackberry to feature an optical trackpad controller.


amara @ 8:35:29AM EDT on Thursday October 15, 2009

if there isn't a lock button, how do you lock the phone? and would a blackberry case or faceplate for an 8900 fit the 8520?

J Krishnan @ 10:25:59PM EST on Sunday December 20, 2009

Always confused between blackberry and nokia e series. Bought an e71. Its loaded. but mostly useless to me. keypad is hard to use. i was faster with non-qwerty keyboard. but tried bb 8520 at a shop and found i could be faster on that. i got good recommendations from a friend who owns an 8520, about it. he says camera, email, features etc is all fantastic considering the size and the price. one industry analyst had written that 8520 is a cannibal that has eaten into 8900 and 9000, cos most features are available at less cost.

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