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Apple tweaks iPad App Store UI, adds search filters

Video by Michael Oryl on Friday February 04, 2011.

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Apple has tweaked the App Store in its Apple iPad tablet computer to make it easier for users to find apps as well as make it less confusing when re-installing previously purchased applications.

Apple recently introduced a couple of changes to the user interface of the App Store for its Apple iPad tablet computer. The search function now has a set of filters that make it far simpler to narrow down massive search result lists. Filters include price, time of release, device (iPad vs. iPhone), and category (such as "education). This small change will make finding the correct application a far simpler task for iPad users, but so far this functionality has not been provided to iPhone and iPod touch users - presumably due to the lack of screen real estate.

The other change to the App Store is that users will no longer be presented with a "Buy" button for applications that have previously been purchased. This was always confusing and left users wondering if they were going to have to pay a second time for apps that they had already bought. Thanks to the update, a new "Installed" button shows for apps that are already installed and an "Install" button is displayed for those already purchased but not currently installed.

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