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Video by Michael Oryl on Monday December 20, 2010.

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The Android Market is getting a face lift, and we received the new version of the app store on a Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile and have put together a video tour of the Market that shows off its new look and improved functionality.

Over the weekend the new update of the Android Market landed on a Samsung Vibrant smartphone we've been using, so I put together this 7 minute video tour of the new features and look of the system so all of you Android 1.6 or newer users out there will know what to expect.

Overall the new look of the Market is a vast improvement. More colorful, more animated, and all around easier to navigate. The app looks great in both portrait and landscape modes, and the application info pages now provide access to more information, including longer descriptions and more screen shots.

Application sections, including the Android Market home screen, now show a slowly turning carousel of featured applications that you can manually scroll through, too. The various application categories still provide tabs for paid, free, and new applications, and the "allow automatic updates" and "update all" functionality is present as well.

The new Android Market does everything the old one did, and more, and does it in a more organized and attractive way. It's a nice upgrade that most Android 1.6 and later smartphones should receive in the coming weeks.

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