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Verizon Apple iPhone 4 review roundup

Product Launch:
Apple iPhone 4 announced, features Retina display and 720p HD video recording
Verizon Apple iPhone 4 announced

Hands-on with the Verizon Wireless Apple iPhone 4

Apple CDMA iPhone 4 for Verizon video preview
Skype for iPhone with video chat demo

Verizon wants President Obama to intervene in AT&T iPhone import ban and other ITC issues
iPhone 4 now free on contract, iPhone 4S only $199
Apple iPhone 4 customers can now register for $15 antennagate settlement
Another Apple iPhone burns up; this time in Brazil
Apple iPhone glows red, spews smoke on Australian flight
Verizon sells 2 million iPhones in Q3, 1.4 million LTE devices
Sprint getting Apple's iPhone 4, too; up for pre-order now
Lowe's buys 42,000 iPhones to use as point-of-sale devices
Charges filed in stolen iPhone 4 prototype case
Verizon activated 2.3 million iPhones in Q2, still behind AT&T
Google+ for the iPhone now available
Verizon behind a third of iPhone 4s in the U.S. claims study
Apple iPhone to be eligible for standard insurance from AT&T
T-Mobile home to over 1 million Apple iPhones
Apple makes unlocked iPhone available to U.S. customers
Apple iPhone 4 continues to outsell Android on AT&T, Verizon, claims analyst
Dragon Remote Mic lets iPhone users dictate to their PCs
iOS, iPhone speech recognition possibly coming this fall
Walmart offers Apple iPhone 4 at $50 discount through end of June
Apple iPhone 4 now on sale in India
Apple iPhone 4 landing in India May 27
China Telecom trying to get iPhone as well
White iPhone 4 now available from O2 UK
White iPhone 4 triggers Beijing brawl outside Apple store
Apple's iPhone 4 is headed to India, Airtel starts pre-orders
Consumer Reports: white iPhone is not thicker
White Apple iPhone 4 a black sheep inside, too
White iPhone 4 took so long because its hard to make: Schiller
Apple iPhone 4 now available in white
White iPhone 4 hits shelves tomorrow
UK's Three to offer white iPhone 4
White iPhone 4 headed to UK on O2
Apple appears ready to offer white iPhone 4 on April 27
Apple iPhone 4 may drive increased subway theft in NYC
White iPhone 4 with T-Mobile USA 3G support spotted
Three UK offers iPhone 4 on PAYG plan with all-you-can-eat data
Apple iPhone sales skyrocket in China
iPhone, iPad users secretly tracked by Apple iOS 4
iPhone 4 poised to be most popular camera on Flickr
CDMA iPhone worth $9 billion according to analyst
Apple iPhone 4 landing in India with Bharti Airtel, Aircel
iPhone 4 sold over 1 million times at Verizon says comScore
iPhone is what teens want, says survey
iPhone 4 drops less than half as many calls on Verizon as AT&T
No iPhone on T-Mobile despite merger
Gizmodo iPhone 4 police probe wrapping up
Verizon captures almost 10 percent of iPhone market in first month
Apple exec tweets Spring launch for white iPhone
Apple's iPhone can't tell time; owners oversleep
iPhone 4 coming to Korea by way of SK Telecom
Verizon iPhone 4 may get iOS 4.3 update after AT&T
AT&T not surprised by number of Verizon iPhone defectors
iPhone 4 Mobile Hotspot headed to AT&T
iPhone 4 sales strong, Verizon CEO says
Apple iPhone 4 awarded Best Mobile Device of 2011 by GSMA
Apple planning smaller and more affordable iPhones
Apple updates Verizon iPhone iOS to 4.2.6
Skype for iPhone adds TV video call support
Verizon iPhone 4 to go on sale at Walmart starting February 10
Mophie Juice Pack Air for Verizon iPhone 4 announced
Verizon and Apple open up iPhone 4 ordering to all
Roman Catholic confession app hits iPhone
Google introduces Translate app for Apple iPhone
Verizon iPhone 4 teardown hints at global capabilities with CDMA/GSM support
Survey suggests nearly half of Verizon Android/BlackBerry users to switch to iPhone
AT&T working on iPhone personal hotspot feature
Verizon iPhone 4 sets sales record, pre-orders now closed
Preorder your Verizon iPhone 4 today
Best Buy to sell Verizon iPhone 4
Verizon explains iPhone 4 pre-order and purchase options
Apple iOS 4.3 beta 3 available for developers
Verizon iPhone 4 pre-orders begin at 3am EST on Thursday
Apple outs iTunes 10.1.2 with CDMA iPhone 4 support
Man files class action lawsuit against Apple over broken iPhone 4 glass
Unlimited data for AT&T iPhone still possible
Verizon iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot to cost $20
Verizon will only offer $30 iPhone 4 unlimited data plan for "limited time"
Verizon to offer trade-in credit for AT&T iPhone 4
Verizon CEO confirms iPhone 4 $30 unlimited data plan
Verizon iPhone 4 commercial makes debut
Verizon offers $200 to iPhone 4 buyers who recently upgraded
Verizon to sell iPhone 4 contract-free
Verizon will not offer white iPhone 4
Apple iPhone pre-sale begins February 3 for qualified Verizon customers
Verizon iPhone 4 adds mobile 3G hotspot sharing capabilities
Apple explains lack of 4G LTE on Apple iPhone
Apple killing iPhone restocking fee on January 11
WSJ: Verizon announcing Apple iPhone on Tuesday
Apple iOS bug causes iPhone, iPod to miss alarms in 2011
RadioShack selling iPhone 4 for $150, extends trade-in sale
NPR Music app updated for iPhone
Wal-Mart selling iPhone 4 for $197, tosses in $50 gift card
Apple iPhone 4 sold out in China
White iPhone may launch in Spring 2011
Radio Shack offering Apple iPhone 4 for as little as $25
Sales of iPhone 4 slide-on cases suspended in Apple stores
Apple iPhone expected to cause Daylight Saving Time issues
Target to sell iPhone 4, 3GS beginning on November 7
Apple iPhone 4 remains top smartphone, Android is most popular operating system
Accidental snooze: iPhone 4 alarm clock glitch reported in UK
White iPhone 4 pulled from Apple Store
White iPhone 4 delayed until next spring
iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 security flaw lets anyone bypass your password lock
White iPhone 4 reservations appear in Apple Store application
5.2 million iPhones activated by AT&T this quarter
iPhone 4 glass breaks more than iPhone 3GS - report
iPhone 4 rechargeable case now available from Energizer
100,000 iPhone 4 units sold by China Unicom in 4 days
Apple iPhone 4 shortages reported in China
Apple's iPhone 4 launches to crowds in China
Apple iPhone 4 landing in China on September 25
Apple approves Google Voice app for iPhone
Consumer Reports: iPhone 4 still not recommended
AT&T could activate 4.5 million iPhones this quarter
Apple ending free iPhone 4 case program on September 30
iPhone 4 to launch on China Unicom September 16, with free bumpers
Apple iPhone 4 preorders halt South Korean distributor website
Apple iPhone 4 now available on Pay & Go from O2 UK
Frash app delivers Adobe Flash support to jailbroken iPhone 4, iOS 4 devices
Vodafone U.K. iPhone 4 now available with pay-as-you-go plans
Apple hardware engineering VP leaves company
AT&T: No "material negative impact" from loss of iPhone exclusivity
Apple adds "Try Before You Buy" section to App Store for iPhone, iPod
Apple iPhone 4 to be offered in Korea starting in September
Apple iOS 4 jailbreak available, a one-step process to unlock your iPhone 4
Apple iPhone 4 available on T-Mobile U.K. today
AT&T to fix Apple iPhone 4 upload glitch
Apple: White iPhone 4 delayed until later this year
Apple iPhone 4 Case Program now live, offers cases from Apple, Belkin, Griffin, Incase, and Speck
Apple starts issuing iPhone 4 bumper case refunds
Apple iPhone 4 coming to Telus Canada on July 30
Apple posts record Q3 FY2010 revenue of $15.7 billion, sells 8.4 million iPhones and 3.27 million iPads
Apple iPhone 4 coming to Bell Canada July 30
Apple iPhone 4 software fix for proximity sensor coming soon
Apple: 3 million iPhone 4 units sold since launch
Apple iPhone 4 launching in 17 more countries on July 30th
White Apple iPhone 4 arriving at end of the month
Apple offers free case for iPhone 4, refunds for early bumper purchases
Antenna engineer warned Steve Jobs of iPhone 4 antenna issue before launch
Apple to hold iPhone 4 press conference Friday
Apple releases iPhone iOS 4.1 beta to developers to address "death grip" issue
Consumer Reports: "We can't recommend the iPhone 4" due to reception issues
Fring with 3G 2-way video chat support now available for iPhone 4
Report: Apple dropping restocking fee on iPhone 4
Apple: iPhone 4 antenna signal strength indicator "totally wrong," fix coming
Apple iPhone 4 now available in AT&T stores, still causing lines
Apple sells 1.7 million iPhone 4 smartphones in first 3 days
Apple rumored to fix iPhone 4 antenna "death grip" problem with iOS 4 update
Apple responds to iPhone 4 antenna issues, suggests you hold the phone differently
Survey finds 77 percent of iPhone 4 sales were upgrades
Apple iPhone 4 available today amid early reports of hardware issues
Tesco Mobile announces iPhone 4 pricing plans
White Apple iPhone 4 to be available in late July
AT&T: iPhone 4 unavailable in stores until June 29
Apple iBooks now available on iOS 4 iPhone and iPod Touch devices
Apple iOS 4 rolling out today
Apple iPhone 4 now shipping via FedEx
Apple apologizes for iPhone 4 preorder day difficulties
Vodafone U.K. announces iPhone 4 data plans
Apple to offer unlocked iPhone 4 in Canada
Orange UK outlines Apple iPhone 4 pricing
AT&T halts Apple iPhone 4 preorders
Apple iPhone 4 launch was "largest number of pre-orders" Apple has ever taken
Apple iPhone 4 sold out during busiest online sales day in AT&T history
White Apple iPhone 4 unavailable for preorder
Apple iPhone 4 coming to Tesco Mobile in the U.K.
Apple iPhone 4 preorders begin today
Apple formally announces SIM free iPhone 4 prices for the UK
Best Buy Apple iPhone 4 presale begins June 15
T-Mobile U.K. pre-registration for iPhone 4 details begins
Display expert calls out Apple's "retina display"
iPhone 4 headed to Three in U.K.
Apple iPhone 4 coming to T-Mobile U.K.
RadioShack selling Apple iPhone 4 on launch day
Vodafone UK says Apple iPhone 4 is "coming soon" to its network
Apple iPhone 4 coming to Orange UK on June 24
Apple iPhone 4 headed to O2 in U.K. on June 24
Apple FaceTime for iPhone 4 offers two-way video chat over WiFi

iOS 4.3 for iPhone may launch at 10am PST today with Personal Hotspot
Sample sales figures suggest underwhelming Verizon iPhone 4 sales
White iPhone 4 pops up in AT&T system
Personal Hotspot may hit AT&T iPhones in iOS 4.3 update
Sam's Club may be offering iPhone 4 for $147
New rumors peg Verizon Wireless iPhone in January
Reported: Apple iPhone 4 allegedly catches fire
Apple iPhone 4 speculated to land on T-Mobile USA

Press Releases:
Case-Mate Introduces Limited Edition Titanium Case
Swipe This Card! GoPayment and mophie Credit Card Reader Available for iPhone 4
mophie Announces juice pack plus for iPhone 4
mophie juice pack air for iPhone 4 Now Available at AT&T Stores Nationwide