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News: Blackberry Classic Cameras in Detail

Blackberry's new Classic is going to be shipping soon, with customers who have pre-ordered the device via the company's website getting it sometime next week. We already know that this handset harks back to Blackberry's renowned QWERTY keyboard, trackpad, and screen design and looks like the popular bold but with modern BB10 software. Some of the specs are known too, but little has been said about the cameras, but Blackberry is shedding some light today.

News: Blackberry Could Not Deal with Chinese Companies Says CEO

Blackberry has been known as one of the most secure mobile companies, while the BB10 software is lauded by the brand for its safety for users. In recent years, security among nations has been a hot topic and interestingly mobile has played a huge part because companies have been embroiled in the issue. China has been roundly accused by the international community of using private companies to spy on other sovereign nations.

News: Blackberry Classic Video Shows us around New Old Smartphone

Blackberry's newest smartphone looks like every device you used to love from the company, so it is fitting that it will be called the Blackberry Classic. The device harks back to the likes of the Bold and is a straight ahead business and messaging oriented smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard sitting underneath its screen.

News: Blackberry Wants to Make Money off BBM

When Blackberry went through the floor last year there were few lights guiding the company to the end of the tunnel. However, services provided a small way out and something to build off and with things like BBM, Blackberry started to claw itself out of trouble. The end of that tunnel has not yet been reached and BBM heading to other platforms only proved a marginal success, but yet the messaging service is starting to make an impact for Blackberry and the company is ready to monetize BBM.

News: Blackberry Passport Now Available in Red

The Blackberry Passport has sold well since its launch. Not big hit well, but enough to ensure that Blackberry has retained a core of dedicated consumers who want the company's blend of bizarre smartphone, security, and productivity. The handset has only been available in White and Black so far, but the red version that has been teased has finally been launched by Blackberry today.

News: Blackberry Offering Up $550 For Trade-in iPhone

Blackberry really wants you to have its new Passport smartphone instead of an iPhone, so if you have been wanting to trade to BB's latest now is the time to do it, especially if you are the owner of Apple's flagship. The Canadian company has a new trade in offer that sees them offer consumers up to $550 for their iPhone, credit towards buying the Passport.

News: Here's Why the Passport Is Better than iPhone, So Says Blackberry

Blackberry has left it no doubt who the Passport smartphone is geared to, it is for business types who have some serious productivity to do through their days. Blackberry says it created the perfect device for enterprise and made most of the core features of the Passport towards this goal. Of course, it does all the other consumer oriented stuff to, but first and foremost this is a phone for work.

News: Blackberry Names New Executive

Hardly a bit of showbiz news here as Blackberry issued a press release today introducing us to its new executive. Ladies and gentlemen meet Howard Stevens, a 20 year veteran of telecom industry sales who has now become Senior Vice President of Global Carrier Sales. Sexy stuff we know, who needs new smartphone announcements when you have that!

News: Blackberry Classic on Rogers, rolls out December 17th

Blackberry's new smartphone is close to arriving and has made an appearance with Canadian carrier Rogers, available now on pre-order. The Blackberry Classic is a homage to Blackberry's successful years in the smartphone business with devices like the Bold and Curve. The device comes with a classic physical QWERTY keyboard and an optical trackpad, some old school stuff.

News: Android grows but iOS dominated the business space

We are used to hearing about Android growing market share in just about every aspect, but there are a few areas where Google's mobile platform is not so dominant. For example, in the business and enterprise companies prefer to use Apple's iOS or to a lesser extent Blackberry, the traditional name in this niche.