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News: Underdog of the Year: Blackberry

Take a look through articles on tech websites regarding Blackberry through 2014 and you may see why we think the company deserves the Underdog of the Year award. Outlets routinely round on the company and the general consensus is the Blackberry is not worth scrap and is doomed. This comes from agenda driven peers of ours who should know better and get some research done, because Blackberry is a rebounding company that has actually had a good 2014.

News: Amazon App Sale Continues, $110 worth of Apps for Free

We told you yesterday that the Amazon AppStore was worth downloading to your Android device because the company has a load of sales throughout the year. Yesterday the company slashed the price on a number of apps and it was a one day deal. If you missed out Amazon has you covered for the next two days because the sale has been extended until January 2nd.

News: Blackberry's Christmas Sale on Passport and Z30

Blackberry has decided to bring a bit of holiday cheer to celebrate the Boxing Day holiday in Canada, by offering a couple of deals to its customers in the United States and Canada. The company is knocking the price down on a couple of its flagship devices, giving potential customers the chance to get the Blackberry Passport and Z30 at a slashed price.

News: Blackberry's John Chen Named Second Best CEO by CNN, Here's Why

I have been surprised by the apparent shock of fellow tech publications today after the news that Blackberry supremo John Chen was named the second best CEO of the year. He lost out in CNN's countdown of the best company chiefs to Apple's Tim Cook, but while it?s easy to rag on Blackberry, a lot of people have missed the point of what the company has been doing this year, and Chen has done a great job.

News: Amazon Appstore: $200 Free Apps

Everyone wants a Christmas present, and everyone wants something for free. With that in mind, Amazon is checking both boxes with a bonanza of an app sale. The company is giving away (as in free) a bunch of apps that total $220 in value. These apps range from a couple of bucks to $64.99 and come from some of the big hitters in the app market, with the sale running from December 24th to December 26th.

News: Blackberry Involved with Secretive Boeing Black Smartphone

We heard a few months ago that Boeing (yes, that Boeing) is developing its own smartphone that is very top secret, and is likely to be a high end effort. Today we are learning that Blackberry is in on the project too, with Reuters reporting that Blackberry CEO John Chen announced the involvement last week.

News: Blackberry Classic Launches, Available on Amazon before Christmas

Blackberry has announced its latest smartphone today, the Blackberry Classic, a handset we all knew was coming and what it would be. The device is based off the company's ahem, classic designs such as the Bold and it comes with old school charm and up to date software, features, and security.

News: Here's Another Doomsday Prediction for Blackberry

We are used to doomsday scenarios being discussed about Blackberry, yet the company keeps on chugging along and surviving. Sure, there were times when things were touch and go for the company formerly known as RIM, but according to executives and the last financial reports, Blackberry is moving in the right direction. CEO John Chen has said he expects to be back in profitability by the end of 2015, but some analysts are still painting a grim picture.

News: Blackberry Defends Passport with 11 Self Deprecating Points

The Canadian company has posted a "humorous" blog on its website entitled "11 things wrong with the BlackBerry Passport," but here's the twist, the things mentioned are actually all the good things about the device. It is meant to be a rib tickling repost to all those people who have hated on the Passport for numerous reasons.

News: Blackberry (Re) Launches Brick Builder Game

Blackberry had a go at the future and found that it has been left behind by Apple and Android, so the Canadian company has decided to turn back the clock. Yes, the Passport marries the best of both worlds, but the new Blackberry Classic is full on old school charm. It has the company's famous QWERTY keyboard and trackpad in tow, a mirror to the successful Bold smartphone.