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News: BlackBerry may split enterprise and device units if Fairfax deal fails

Should BlackBerry's $4.7 billion sale to Fairfax financial not be finalized, BlackBerry would consider breaking up the company. Such a move might actually be better for shareholders, according to people who spoke to Bloomberg.

News: Rogers changes mind, will sell BlackBerry Z30

Despite originally claiming that it would not sell the BlackBerry Z30 because of a belief that customers would be perfectly happy purchasing one of its existing BlackBerry 10 devices, Canadian carrier Rogers has reversed course and decided to stock the latest BlackBerry device.

News: CBS debuts Android app with full episode streaming, BlackBerry app coming later

The CBS App previously seen only on the Apple iPhone and iPad is now available for Android. CBS has made its app, which streams entire episodes of popular shows like How I Met Your Mother and CSI, open to any phone or tablet running Android 4.0 or later.

News: Canada's largest carrier will not sell BlackBerry Z30 in stores

BlackBerry revealed yesterday that the BlackBerry Z30 will go on sale October 15 in Canada, but the list of carriers that would carry the device did not include Rogers. Now we know why: Rogers will not sell the device in store because it would rather sell its existing BlackBerry devices.

News: BlackBerry Z30 launching in Canada October 15

The BlackBerry Z10 was not as successful as BlackBerry anticipated, but the troubled manufacturer is hoping that its next all-touch screen BB10 device, the BlackBerry Z30, will have a better performance when it goes on sale in its home country later this month.

Editorial: Samsung ChatON reaches 100 million users, reminds us BBM for Android and iOS faces a tough time

Samsung today announced that its ChatON group messaging service has doubled its total number of users in the past four months. That announcement also serves as a gentle reminder as to why BlackBerry Messenger may have a tough time once it debuts for Android and iOS.

News: BlackBerry predictably announces terrible quarterly results

As expected based on the disappointing news released last week, BlackBerry today announced that it generated $1.6 billion in revenue and had an operating loss of $248 million; however, it also has nearly $1 billion in unsold devices.

News: Motorola expanding into BlackBerry's territory to hire more engineers

Waterloo, Canada, home to BlackBerry's headquarters and a wealth of talent ready to be hired by tech companies, will soon see another major company move into the area. The timing seems fortunate considering BlackBerry's plan to gut its workforce.

News: BlackBerry agrees to preliminary deal to sell for $4.7 billion

BlackBerry, once the biggest name in mobile and worth more than $200 billion at its peak period in 2007, may soon be sold for less than $5 billion, according to a statement issued by the former smartphone giant.

News: BlackBerry Deathwatch: company announces layoffs, nearly $1 billion in losses, and strategy change

BlackBerry is in serious trouble. The once leading smartphone manufacturer has warned investors today that it anticipates $930 million to $960 million in losses related to unsold devices, and has decided to cut more than a third of its workforce as it shifts its business focus.