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Newsbrief: BBM now works with Android 2.3 Gingerbread

BlackBerry has made good on its promise to bring its messaging service to older model Android devices. BBM originally worked only on Android 4.x devices, but it has since been updated to work on the millions of phones still running the outdated Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Adding support to older devices offers BBM access to significantly more people because Gingerbread accounts for 1 in 5 active Android devices. Gingerbread is especially active in many of the emerging markets that BlackBerry is still a strong player, so getting more people under its service umbrella should be a positive for the company.

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News: T-Mobile has really ticked off BlackBerry fans and CEO

T-Mobile's marketing department upset everyone firmly in BlackBerry's corner, including its very vocal fans and the man tasked with letting people other than those fans care about the struggling smartphone vendor once again. What did T-Mobile do to upset so many people? The company told them all to buy an iPhone.

News: BBM for Android will support Gingerbread devices soon

One great side effect of BlackBerry bringing its Messenger app to Android and iOS last year was that it grew the community of BBM users by tens of millions. However, the Android version supported only Android 4.0, excluding millions of users still on Android 2.3. That will change soon.

Review: Typo Keyboard review: turn your iPhone into a BlackBerry with this Bluetooth keyboard case

If you want to have a physical keyboard experience without missing out on what an iPhone has to offer, Typo Keyboard wants to be your solution. Created for the sole purpose of converting an iPhone into a device capable of meeting the needs of typing traditionalists, can this Bluetooth keyboard keep up?

News: BlackBerry sues Ryan Seacrest for having an iPhone hardware keyboard that looks too much like a BlackBerry

When he's not busy hosting a show that empowers or dashes the dreams of American singers, Ryan Seacrest backs a company that built a BlackBerry-style keyboard to slide onto an iPhone. Unfortunately for him, BlackBerry thinks the Typo keyboard takes a little too much from its style

News: BlackBerry founder decides not to takeover the company

BlackBerry Co-Founder and former CEO Mike Lazaridis said earlier this year that he wanted to resume ownership of the company and lead an investment group to purchase BlackBerry, but he has abandoned that plan and revealed that he has a low ownership stake in the company formerly known as RIM.

News: BlackBerry cancels BlackBerry Live 2014

Troubled smartphone vendor and enterprise service provider BlackBerry has announced that it will not host its signature event, BlackBerry Live, next year. So how will developers, buyers, and other participants in the BlackBerry ecosystem connect? There?s a plan for that as well.

News: BlackBerry announces new five-year plan as company losses reach $4.4 billion

BlackBerry has reported a massive loss of $4.4 billion during the third quarter of its fiscal year 2014. The loses were the result of selling too few BlackBerry 10 devices, which has eroded any chance of profits in recent quarters and forced new CEO John Chen into a five-year plan to right the ship.

Newsbrief: BBM will be preinstalled on LG smartphones

BlackBerry Messenger will come preloaded on LG Android smartphones, including the soon to launch LG G Pro Lite. BlackBerry has issued a statement confirming that it has reached an an agreement with LG to preinstall BBM on phones released in unspecified "key markets" across the globe. BBM has been available for Android and iOS since October, adding tens of millions of new users in the process. Appearing on new LG devices could make the cross-platform messaging client more appealing in some regions, especially existing BBM hotbeds like the Middle East, Africa, and southeast Asia.

News: BlackBerry takes down the for-sale sign in open letter to enterprise customers

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has issued an open letter to its enterprise customers assuring them that BlackBerry is no longer looking to sell the company and it has every intention of maintaining its large device management and enterprise services.