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News: BlackBerry CEO says he may exit the handset business if the division isn't profitable

BlackBerry CEO John Chen says he's not opposed to completely exiting the smartphone business if his company doesn't find a way to stop losing money.

News: T-Mobile sends open letter to BlackBerry customers, offers $100 towards upgrade

Following the announcement that BlackBerry will no longer license T-Mobile to sell its smartphones, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has sent an open letter to BlackBerry customers to explain that nothing will change for them in the immediate future.

News: BlackBerry will no longer release new products on T-Mobile US

BlackBerry has decided to end its professional relationship with T-Mobile US because the strategies of the two companies no longer align, according to a note from CEO John Chen.

News: Old BlackBerry phones still outsell new BlackBerry phones 2 to 1

BlackBerry today announced its earnings for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year 2014. The Canadian manufacturer and service provider turned in predictably disappointing results, but not as disappointing as analysts had expected.

News: Google is dropping Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Google has announced plans to end its support for using Google Apps services on BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). The change affects only customers still using BlackBerry OS 7 or older, which happens to be the bulk of BlackBerry users. Google gives the following reason for the end of support:

News: Video of CarPlay shows how iOS and QNX help integrate iPhones and car infotainment systems

Despite the underlying BlackBerry QNX operating system, CarPlay still looks and moves like something one might expect from Apple. Here's a look at the feature formerly known as iOS in the Car.

News: 94% of T-Mobile BlackBerry trade-in customers ditched BB OS for something new

Hardly any of the people who have ventured into T-Mobile to take advantage of its BlackBerry trade-in promotion have chosen to remain in the BlackBerry camp, despite higher values for choosing a BB10 phone.

News: T-Mobile BlackBerry trade-in offer leads to 15X more trade-ins

Though a vocal contingent of BlackBerry customers were peeved by T-Mobile US's targeted promotion encouraging them to switch to an iPhone, customers were overall less opposed to trading in their current BlackBerry for a new phone according to tweets from T-Mobile head marketer.

News: BlackBerry adds trackpad to "classic QWERTY" device the Q20 and announces new 5-inch touchscreen device

BlackBerry has announced a pair of new BlackBerry 10 OS phones at Mobile World Congress. One phone goes old-school and brings back the trackpad classic menu buttons while the other is an all touchscreen device aimed at forward-looking users.

Newsbrief: BBM coming to Windows Phone later this year

BlackBerry Messenger will complete its cross-platform hat trick and arrive on Windows Phone at an undisclosed date later this year. Having already made the jump to Android and iOS last year, BBM will support the Windows Phone platform in the summer. That's a very long time to wait, especially considering the continued growth of WhatsApp and the impending launch of Facebook Messenger. BBM will face even stiffer competition when it launches later this year, but the app's spread to Android and iOS has lead to millions of new users.