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Newsbrief: Twitter now supports animated GIFs

Twitter today introduced a feature that many have wanted and others have hoped would never make it to the popular social network - animated GIFs. The official Twitter app for Android, iOS, and the web now allows users to upload and view GIFs directly within the app. There's no word on when this feature will roll out to Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, or third-party clients on any mobile operating system. For now, Android and iPhone users can tap on an image to begin the animation, so users won't see a stream of pre-loading GIFs on their phones.

Newsbrief: BlackBerry shutting down music and video in BlackBerry World next month

BlackBerry today announced that it will supplement its OS with the Amazon Appstore. Tucked away in that announcement was the news that BlackBerry is shuttering the music and video sections of BlackBerry World, meaning we will soon see an end to the digital content side of BB World. Anyone wishing to purchase media will have to turn to the third party apps available on BlackBerry World because the video and music sections will be closed on July 21, 2014. Users will still be able to download content that they have already purchased, but no new sales or updates will take place after next month.

News: Amazon and BlackBerry cut deal to bring more Android apps to BlackBerry 10

The Amazon Appstore will appear on BlackBerry 10 handsets as part of a new licensing agreement reached between the largest online retailer in America and the most storied but struggling smartphone manufacturer in Canada.

News: Next up for BlackBerry - "phablets"

BlackBerry CEO John Chen is focused on making its enterprise business stronger than ever and promoting the Z3 in Indonesia, one of the company's best performing markets. The next project the company would like to pursue is a device with a very large display.

News: ZTE plans to steal employees from Motorola and Blackberry

ZTE has made it clear that it wants to improve its brand image and become a company known for making quality smartphones around the world. To achieve that goal, it plans to aggressively acquire talent from fading companies..

Newsbrief: BBM for Android and iPhone updated to be less complicated

BlackBerry has announced updates for the Android and iPhone versions of its BBM app that should make accessing the messaging client easier for new users and contacts. New users will see a shorter sign-up page that requires only a name, email address, and password to get started. When it comes time to connect with others, users will no longer need to trade PIN invites. It will be possible to add new contacts by sending an email invite and having the other person click a link. I cited the friending process, which BlackBerry calls "cumbersome and complicated," as the Download for iPhone // Android

News: BlackBerry's new BBM Protected may be the most secure messaging client around

BlackBerry has seen great momentum with its BlackBerry Messenger expanding to Android and iOS, and the next major feature of its service may be even more appealing to people who worry about privacy.

Newsbrief: Rdio launches in 9 more countries, raising total to 60

Music streaming service Rdio is now serving 60 countries worldwide. The on-demand and personal radio service today launched in Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Thailand. The price varies in each country depending on the market, but all of the new countries are able to sign-up for an Rdio monthly subscription plan that provides access to several million songs on apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

News: AT&T delivers BlackBerry 10.2 to Z10 and Q10

AT&T today announced that the BlackBerry 10.2 update is rolling out now to the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 models tied to its network. The BB10 OS devices gain several new features including actionable lock screen notifications and better battery monitoring so users know which apps negatively affect battery life.

Newsbrief: T-Mobile and Samsung offer BlackBerry customers $200 to switch to a Samsung phone

T-Mobile has yet another deal for BlackBerry customers making the switch to a new phone. The first attempt at converting BlackBerry customers didn't go over very well, but now that it's no longer selling BB OS handsets and Samsung is footing the bill, now's as good a time as any to help people looking to move to a Samsung device. T-Mobile has a promotion that will give existing BlackBerry customers $200 if they switch to a Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, or other Samsung devices. The $200 will be given in the form of a gift card sent after service is established, so visit your local retailer or the T-Mobile website for more information.