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News: Yota is invading Canada for Blackberry employees

Yota is one of the lesser known flagship brands, but the company did cause a stir with its dual screen Yota Phone. The Russian company is now packing its bags and leaving its Moscow base and will instead camp itself in Canada and apparently the reason for the move is to take advantage of some ex Blackberry employees.

News: Android tops US market last quarter

Android's hold on the smartphone market remains strong in the United States as Google's platform topped market share in the country over the last three months. However, Android's share of the platform market in the States did fall slightly, while nearest rival iOS recorded a slight jump in popularity.

News: Blackberry leaves restructuring behind and looks for growth

Blackberry's almost total collapse has been well documented as the company plodded through the smartphone boom and almost ceased to exist as a consequence. However, after a very painful few years, thousands of job cuts, and plenty of work still be done, there finally seems to be some light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel.

News: Blackberry is catching iOS and Android according to the internet

Blackberry claims that its new QWERTY packing square Blackberry Passport smartphone is winning customers at the expense of both Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

News: Blackberry Assistant arrives as Siri and Google Now competitor

Blackberry has launched its virtual voice assistant that has been built in the same vein as Apple's Siri, Google Now, and Microsoft's newly launched Cortana.

News: Daily Brief: Blackberry fights Android, Amazon Fights the FTC, and HTC fights back

The mobile news on this Thursday was dominated by tech fights, but surprisingly Apple and Samsung were not involved this time. Instead the two juggernauts let the others duke it out as Blackberry set Android in its crosshairs, Amazon took on a federal body, and HTC fought, well dwindling hopes for the future.

News: Blackberry CEO lays into Android

Android Chief Sundar Pichai has had to defend his platforms' security reliability against attacks from Apple CEO Tim Cook recently, and now the platform is getting it from another rival. Blackberry CEO John Chen has laid into Android's security

News: Blackberry working on handset with dual cameras

Blackberry simply refuses to go quietly into the night and the Canadian brand is hoping to gain ground on the smartphone market with a device with dual cameras. Of course, HTC pointed the way with the One M8, the first flagship to sport dual cam for depth sensors,

Rumors: Verizon Wireless interested in buying up Dish's spectrum

Dish Network has accumulated a great deal of frequency licenses that it had hoped to use to launch a wireless network or acquire and pair with an establish player like Sprint or T-Mobile. Such a deal never materialized, so Dish is reportedly looking to earn some money for that unused spectrum by selling it to Verizon Wireless.

News: BlackBerry Passport confirmed as a phone with 1440x1440 display and QWERTY keyboard

The next step towards BlackBerry's road to riches will apparently be the BlackBerry Passport, a phone with a 4.5-inch square display and a physical keyboard underneath it.