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Review: Sony Ericsson MBW-100 Bluetooth Watch

Review by Michael Oryl on Monday October 30, 2006.

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Sony Ericsson has produced a number of very cool, limited availability Bluetooth gadgets over the years, like the remote controlled CAR-100. This time around the company has created, with the help of Fossil, a new Bluetooth gadget that is cool, practical, and soon to be available to everybody. The MBW-100 Bluetooth watch, which shares much with its sister Fossil Caller ID watch, allows its wearer to control a number of different aspects of a compatible Bluetooth mobile phone.

The watch includes an analog face for keeping track of the time as well as a blue OLED display and a few controls for dealing with more complicated tasks when used with a compatible Bluetooth phone. For example, a quick press on the watch's crown will duplicate the functionality of the music play/pause button found on the phone. A long press of the crown will cause the phone's music player to skip to the next track. The last of the crown's abilities, and the most mundane, is that it can be pulled out and used to adjust the time shown on the analog clock face of the watch.

On top of its music control abilities, the MBW-100 can also help its wearer deal with phone calls and messages. When a call is received by the paired phone, the watch will vibrate and display the phone number or, if available, contact name of the party that is calling. The phone's ringer can be quickly silenced by pressing the watch's top button once, and the call can be outright rejected (and sent to voicemail) by pressing the top button a second time. When the phone receives a new text or MMS message, the watch will vibrate and display an envelope icon for a few seconds. The watch can also warn when your phone gets out of range of the watch's Bluetooth 2.0 system.

Pairing the device with a phone is pretty easy, thanks to Sony Ericsson's auto-pairing functionality. To initiate pairing, the user must press the watch's bottom button 4 times (once to bring up the menu, 3 times to move to the pairing icon) and then press the top button to activate it. The MBW-100 will then seek out the phone and auto-pair with it, causing a prompt to come up on the phone asking the user if they wish to add the watch to the phone's list of paired devices. That's it. It takes all but 10 seconds - no PIN code required.

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