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Review: Tasty Looking LG KG800 Chocolate

Review by Brad Kellett on Wednesday June 28, 2006.

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Phone Functions

I am pleased to say that the LG KG800 was a joy when it came to call quality, on both the sending and receiving ends. When calling my test subject (thanks Mom), she was unaware that I was using a mobile phone until I told her. Earpiece quality is on the high-end, with satisfying bass and adequate volume for it to be heard in noisy locations. This surprised me, as it is a complete turn-around when compared with the ringtones, even though both use the same speaker.

When tested with the 900MHz and 1800MHz bands, the phone was able to hold a signal extremely well. The KG800 is on par with any other handset I have tested in this respect. The device is tri-band compatible for Europe and Asia Pacific, supporting GSM 900/1800/1900MHz networks.

The KG800 includes five completely editable profiles, which out of the box are vibrate only, silent, general, loud, and headset. All the regular options are included in the profile system, including the ringtone and ringtone volume, as well as more obscure things such as slide tone (played when opening and closing the slide), and power-up tone volume. All profiles can be renamed (with the exception of the headset profile), and the system worked well - my only qualm would be the fact that the phone does not automatically activate the headset profile when a headset is attached. Timed profiles are not available on the LG KG800.

Once you find your way to the contacts application, you are presented with a fairly comprehensive system. The handset can store up to 1000 contact entries, with each entry holding mobile, home, and office numbers, as well as a fax number, email address, and contact picture. Caller groups can be created, and each group can be assigned its own ringtone and group icon. The group functionality is the only way to assign ringtones to specific contacts, so even if you want to have a personalized ringtone for just one person, you will have to place them in a group of one.

Eight speed dial locations are available, corresponding to the numbers 2-9 on the keypad (with the number 1 reserved for a voicemail box number, like on most other handsets). Speed dial numbers can be called by holding down the associated number on the keypad from the standby screen. No voice dialing support is provided on the LG KG800 Chocolate, so even when using a headset, numbers must still be dialed from the phone itself. The handset also does not support any form of speakerphone functionality.

Battery life for the KG800 was slightly below average, with the phone lasting around three days with moderate usage when using the standard battery. If you are prepared to deal with the added bulk of using the included higher capacity battery, this will extend the time between charges to around six days. Talk time is rated at five hours when using the standard battery, though we found actual time to be slightly less than this in testing.

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