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Review of the LG VX9200 enV3 for Verizon

Review by Ricky Cadden on Monday July 06, 2009.

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Multimedia / Applications

While the LG VX9200 enV3 is not billed as a multimedia powerhouse, it still manages to offer a respectable experience, in music, camera, and even the web browser.

With the awkward 2.5mm audio port and no in-box headphones or adapter, the enV3's music experience gets off to a rough start. Fortunately, the microSD card slot, stereo speakers, and Verizon V CAST Music support make up for the downfall. The enV3 also includes Bluetooth with A2DP support for stereo headphones, and I was able to enjoy this with the Nokia BH-903 easily.

The music player application on the enV3 is quite nice, with the ability to browse your music via artist, album, or genre. You can also send the music player to the background, so that you can use other functions on the phone while still listening to your music. Unfortunately, there is not a quick way to get back to the music player, so you'll need to navigate back through the various menus if you need to pause the music or skip the track.

With Verizon V CAST Music, you can easily purchase and download music tracks directly to the LG VX9200 enV3. Sadly, Verizon still has yet to allow full album purchase and download, so you'll be doing it track by track still. I was also able to load up DRM-free MP3 files, though you should note these need to be placed in the My Music folder on your memory card in order for them to be recognized. When you connect the phone to your computer via USB, it automatically enters Media Transfer mode, so that any desktop music application that supports the MTP profile can load music onto the enV3. You can also navigate to the tools menu on the phone to switch to USB Mass Storage mode, if you prefer.

The 3 megapixel camera on the LG VX9200 enV3 is activated by the dedicated camera key on the left edge of the phone. You can press this key to open the still camera, or press and hold it to activate the video camera. There is no autofocus on this phone, which means that some photos will not be as crisp as they could have been. The single LED flash does a great job of lighting up subjects, but unfortunately has no automatic setting, so must be switched on and off manually. There are also a host of other options, such as white balance, brightness, and saturation, which can be adjusted with a handy pop-up toolbar.

There are a few cool Shot Mode settings, including Smile Shot, Panorama Mode, Intelligent Shot, and Dual Display. The panorama mode takes 3 photos, and ties them together automatically. You must press the camera button to start, and then remaining two photos are automatically snapped when you are pointing in the appropriate direction. There is even a handy time line on the phone's display, to give you a visual indicator of which direction you need to move to capture the next photo. The dual display mode allows you to use both the internal and external displays as the viewfinder, which is extremely handy for snapping self-portraits. There are also a handful of image editing tools that can be used after you have taken your photos. Unfortunately, one complaint is that the camera does not automatically save your photos once you have snapped them. You must manually click the 'save' button after every photo, or it is automatically discarded.

The LG enV3 from Verizon comes preloaded with trial versions of Ms. Pac-Man and Tetris Pop. Since I am a Pac-Man junkie, this was the game I played endlessly on the LG enV3, and I found it really enjoyable. The large internal display, paired with the previously mentioned 2-Q-W-E-S d-pad embedded in the QWERTY keyboard made the game a joy to drain your battery with.

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iwantit!!! @ 6:05:13PM EDT on Tuesday September 8, 2009

THIS IS WHAT MY FRIEND GOT. i soooo want it!!!

TMA @ 8:15:11PM EDT on Sunday September 13, 2009

I just got one & the only problem for me is the vibrate is very weak causing missed calls when I have to mute the ring.

Michael in OC @ 1:09:18PM EDT on Thursday September 17, 2009

I'm expecting arrival of my EnV3 in a day or so. Unfortunately, I've heard from other users that the random shut down problem has not resolved. I had an EnV2 that shut down randomly 3-4 times a day. Customer service wasn't ver accomodating and could only offer me a new phone if I locked into another 2 yr agreement. Hope I have better luck with this one.

Amanda @ 3:23:24PM EDT on Thursday October 15, 2009

Hate this phone. It turns off by itself all the time. Everytime I am waiting for a call, i have to continuously check to make sure the phone is still on... I have not damaged this phone at all... I do not recommend

AG @ 12:13:33AM EDT on Friday October 30, 2009

random shutdowns sometimes associated with the camera and not always caused by use of memory card.

Issues with memory cards.

Driver for usb mode fails to allow windows to see the device.

Verizon said would call back about the driver issue but that was several days ago.

toni @ 8:18:22PM EST on Monday November 2, 2009

THIS PHONE SUCKS!!!! Shuts down all the time. Miss a ton of calls everyday. Most of the time won't see memory card so I can't use the camera or listen to my music. would NOT buy this phone

TJ @ 6:58:01PM EST on Friday November 6, 2009

Mine shuts off randomly all by itself at least once a day. I found the same prob all over the net. I'm taking it back.

ugh!! @ 1:35:25PM EST on Wednesday November 25, 2009

I HATE this phone!!! I had it for 1 month and had it replaced because it constantly shut off on it's own!!! In the middle of texting, on a phone call, or taking pictures! I am VERY disappointed with the phone! The new phone does it also!!

JJ @ 11:55:12PM EST on Saturday November 28, 2009

I'm getting this phone in a couple weeks. Can't wait! I've heard some mixed reviews, though.

HAVEANIDEA @ 9:20:22PM EST on Monday December 21, 2009

Heres why the phone shuts down:
Nothing is wrong or broken, its a software glitch and is easily fixed, the phone believes it has a memory card, it goes to charge it so it can read it and looses too much power which is not returned to the system. To fix try shutting the phone down PROPERLY and then removing the battery for 2 min, then place the battery in and start the phone, if the problem continues, check to make sure nothing got trapped in the mem card slot and make sure the battery is OK, otherwise, you may want a new phone.... Ive had it for a month and had this problem once, took the steps above and it has not happened since.


Tori @ 2:55:36PM EST on Monday January 25, 2010

This phone is pretty much amazing :) I have a Motorola slide phone at the moment.. this is my first phone and its about 10 monthes old and its preetty much broken but being 14 (15 in June) it has been through alot.. lol. but I am pretty much begging my mom for the LG enV3 for my birthday. :)

hayley @ 10:11:56AM EST on Saturday February 20, 2010

omg i like really want this phone i heard it had aim omg i might get it and im looking forwd to the phonelollo

CDM @ 1:34:26PM EST on Monday March 8, 2010

When I put the phone on viberate at work it drains my battery. It wont last but half a day.

EricInVA @ 11:18:33PM EDT on Saturday April 10, 2010

Don't waste your time. I've had mine since July 2009, and it's blown the regular speaker. That is, the only way I can hear someone is to open it and listen on the louder speaker. Also, this thing turns off very easy just sitting in your pocket, thus easy to miscalls. I'll likely toss mine out and use my wife's until that craps out.

Bob A @ 11:07:54PM EDT on Tuesday May 4, 2010

This phone is a complete piece of JUNK!!
I have had it replaced THREE TIMES and this newest one still shouts down and the only way to use it is on the speaker phone AND you can not dial from the outside keypad!!! COMPLETE JUNK

angeryphone @ 9:52:34PM EDT on Saturday May 8, 2010

This phone is CRAP!! i would not recommend it!
My phone consistently shuts down randomly without me knowing causing me to miss calls or texts. It'll occasionally freeze up. And just recently the whole internal screen has been shifting up and down non stop. Like the pixels on the screen are moving. I have had this phone for only 10 months. Save yourself time and money and get a different phone!!

katie @ 4:44:06PM EDT on Wednesday May 12, 2010


RICK @ 3:18:03PM EDT on Thursday May 20, 2010


knbuie @ 9:39:07AM EDT on Thursday June 24, 2010

I have replaced this phone twice. I like to put different pictures as wallpaper. The phone will, on it's own, erase the picture and replace it with some animation crap If I wanted the animation I would have put it on. I don't like the vibration of the phone....too weak

medicpatrick @ 10:43:31AM EDT on Monday June 28, 2010

ive had this phone for at least 6 months no.. shuts down10 to 15 times a day. stick in my pocket can make it turn off too.also the unlock button on the outside of the phone is the ok button which sticks out farther then anything else which means it unlucks its self all the time ( im a paramedic ) one time i was on a call doing patient care and the freakin phone started playing music while starting a iv. i wished i had waited and simply got a smart phone

Channelistocool @ 7:47:16PM EDT on Saturday July 31, 2010

My LG ENV3 has never shut off on me! I love this phone! I will definitely get another one in a different color come rebate time!

BoredAtSchool @ 1:20:27PM EDT on Monday September 13, 2010

I have had this phone for about I'd say, a year or so. If you're like me and just want a regular phone, nothing fancy or too hightech, then I strongly recommand this phone. (: I hear alot of people saying it Sucks and all that cause of random shut downs, but not ever once has it shut down on me randomly or anything. And it pretty durable I guess you can say too, I don't know how many times I've dropped this, it still works perferctly. (:

Jeff @ 3:16:00PM EDT on Saturday September 18, 2010

Mine turns itself all the time, causing me to miss calls. It's a known issue. I'll never buy another LG phone. The internet features are crap as well. Texting works well and the screen is easy to read ... but the random trunoff is just not acceptable.

Bill in California. @ 2:57:39PM EDT on Monday October 18, 2010

This is a Terrible phone. Taking mine back today, it shuts down after less than 1 minute and will not stay on. It used to shut down every once in awhile, but its basically a useless paperweight now.

Tracy @ 1:36:31PM EST on Monday November 29, 2010

Phone Shut down on its own

First LG-UX9200 was purchased in 6'2009, then it started shutting down on its own very often and Verizon replaced a refurbished phone in 10'2009. The replacement works great till mid Nov'2010 (passed 1 yr warranty).

Brought it back to Verizon and was told that they knew abt the defect but can't replace it because it passed 1 yr warranty. I asked Verizon why they don't recall the product when there is defect. Verizon told me to call LG.

Called LG customer service, LG denied any defect in their product, and said Verizon is wrong saying that there is defect w the product. Well, once search on line, there are plenty of users like me -- got shut off without warning.

Verizon & LG are both denying responsibility. Whoever bought this phone from Verizon should bring back to exchange a replacement before the 1 year is up.

Wasn't happy with Verizon & LG's attitude handling their defective products.

kat @ 2:04:21PM EST on Friday March 11, 2011

i hate my phone so freakin much i got in december 2009 and right after it turned to2010 it stops working.Then in 2011 it stars molding on the back or somthing brown and gross I had this phone.I got a new one i now have my 3 one I had this phone only about a year and can't wait 2 get a new one!

Victoria @ 1:19:40PM EDT on Sunday April 10, 2011

I hate how awful these reviews are. I've had this phone for two years and it doesn't shut down that often. I've dropped it so many times and there is absolutely no damage to my phone, even when it broke parts of the case it was in.

I love this phone and my upgrade is this month and honestly I'm trying so hard to find it in stores because it texts great, the MSN and AIM have some lag time, but after three messages it goes away. .

I've never used the volume, so I don't know how bad that is. . but call was great, I have to put the speaker button for the volume raising to hear at first.

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