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Review of LG's KP500 Cookie touchscreen equipped camera phone

Review by Russell Jefferies on Thursday February 05, 2009.

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Core Functions

The LG Cookie's call quality was quite good, with callers being clearly audible and with plenty of volume. There was no fuzz or hiss, and the speakerphone worked well too, though callers could hear an echo of themselves at higher volumes. The Cookie's reception was also good, often showing full signal and never once dropping a call.

LG claim that the Cookie's 900mAh battery gives the device 350 hours of standby time, or 3.5 hours of talk time. During our tests we averaged around 2 days on a single charge. Our usage was quite average, with the device set to check for email every 2 hours, plus about 20 SMS per day and the odd short call or use of the camera. Unfortunately, the device's battery gauge was useless, and stayed on full for much of its life, before quickly dropping down and running out of juice. Sometimes the device didn't even warn me about the low battery until a minute or so before it ran out of power.

The Cookie's contacts system was simple and easy to use. Multiple phone numbers and email addresses can be held, as well as lots of other info such as home address, birthday, and a memo. You can also assign contacts their own picture and ringtone, and group contacts together. The contacts search system works well and searches by both first and last names at once. There is also a search function in the dialing screen, though this only allows you to find contacts by entering part of their phone number, and not by searching their name.

Voice dialing is not supported on the LG Cookie, but thankfully speed dialing is. Users can customize one of the two standby screens with up to 8 contact shortcuts, allowing you to dial, send SMS, or edit each contact from a thumbnail picture on the screen.

Profile support on the LG KP500 was good, with plenty of customization on offer. There is also the option to create new profiles, should you wish. Profile options include; ringtone, message tone, vibrate mode, increasing ring, and startup/shutdown sounds. The included ringtones are all quite upbeat, and MP3s can also be used as ringtones. It's possible to quickly switch to silent mode by long-pressing the downwards arrow on the volume rocker.

Messaging on the Cookie seemed good the first time that I used the device. The messaging system was easy to use and MMS messages can be created from the SMS composer by simply adding images, video, or sound. The keypad input method can even be exchanged for a full QWERTY(INFO) keyboard, simply by rotating the device counter-clockwise. However, just like when I reviewed LG's Viewty, the Cookie seemed to slow down as I was composing a message. Therefore I had to drastically slow my text input to prevent the Cookie from missing characters as it caught up with my typing.

Worse still, was the Cookie's T9 dictionary function. There was no way to quickly flick through predicted words, and users instead have to tap on a drop-down box and select the word they want from a list. As you can imagine, this made messaging pretty slow. Not only this, but the T9 system often made frustrating mistakes such as canceling a word when it was selected, and didn't seem to include many partial-word alternatives like rival T9 systems.

Unfortunately, this problem only became worse within the email composer. Adding a new word would, strangely, return the cursor to the bottom of the email, which meant I had to scroll back to the top of the message to find where I'd entered my text. Also, the device seemed very unresponsive in the email application, so scrolling back to the top of the message wasn't as easy as one might expect either - even when using the stylus. The Cookie does at least support both IMAP(INFO) and POP3(INFO) email accounts, although unfortunately does not feature Instant Messaging. Overall I was very dissatisfied with the LG Cookie's messaging capabilities.

The LG Cookie is a 2G(INFO) handset, which means it isn't the ideal candidate for services such as web browsing and email. Nor does it have WiFi(INFO), so web browsing is limited to GPRS/Edge connection speeds instead. It does, however, include Bluetooth A2DP for transferring files and connecting Bluetooth handsfree kits and stereo headsets. The KP500 can also connect to a computer via a USB cable that is included in the sales package.

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jess @ 9:30:06PM EDT on Tuesday May 12, 2009

hi, tried converting a video file(from youtube) to 3gpp file and sent it to my lg cookie..it doesn't playback. What other suggestion can you share.. thanks

leston @ 10:58:37AM EDT on Wednesday May 13, 2009

does the phone have navigation

shay @ 1:47:58AM EDT on Wednesday May 27, 2009

thanks i got a cookie the other week and just wanted to know a little more about them. the information givin was useful although a little negitive. thanks

parth @ 5:16:41AM EDT on Saturday May 30, 2009

what a mobile it is it is cheaoer and well

crestalie @ 10:22:22AM EDT on Saturday May 30, 2009

freindly cellphone, best buy

sandy @ 6:40:57AM EDT on Wednesday June 3, 2009

hey jess i think there must be something wrong with the convertor. Doesn't it play mpge4 as well. I've had the same problem, i changed my converotr and it worked.

Lillz @ 6:54:32PM EDT on Friday June 5, 2009

Hi..i bought the LG Cookie a few days ago and I can definitely relate to alot of the negative aspects that you have mentioned of this phone. I find it very annoying at times and one thing that I can't understand is this:

I sent some images from my other phone to the Cookie via Bluetooth. When I changed the "primary storage setting" to external (memory card), the images just disappeared! They are no longer on my phone at all. The same thing happened with my tracks, I am left with 3, from 200. What happened and how can I make sure it doesn't happen again? Any ideas? Oh and does anyone know if there is any way that themes can be used on it?

Drew Cliffdawg @ 6:33:24AM EDT on Thursday June 11, 2009

Hey i was just wondering should i buy this phone or not and how long does the battery last for

Mark @ 9:13:50PM EDT on Friday June 12, 2009

Thanks for this comprehensive review. I was looking at these this week and wondering what they were like. Some of the problems with this phone I experienced on other, older phones. The text slow-down on cheap Sony mobiles. The software instability on Siemens mobiles. You'd think those issues would be a thing of the past, but it seems like that's not necessarily the case. Cheers.

rohan @ 8:41:23PM EDT on Saturday June 13, 2009

i bought this phone is AUS and its awesome, not the best awesome but it has all the features you would want

beth @ 9:13:17PM EDT on Saturday June 13, 2009

hi just wondering if you can put own photos onto the wallpaper? and whats the sound quality like? thanks

neisie @ 4:27:30PM EDT on Sunday June 14, 2009

why does it take forever to recieve a pic?
nd it doesnt even let me recieve it?

quEenzy @ 8:03:51AM EDT on Monday June 15, 2009

hi...its soo nice too read the reviews abOut LG KP500 cookie...very well said gUys tnx...

roy @ 8:10:55AM EDT on Monday June 29, 2009

the sms ringtone of LG cookie is too short meaning even if u make an mp3 as your default sms ringtone the cellphone will only play 5 seconds or less of the ringtone duration.do u ahve any suggestion to make it longer just like in nokia cellphones?

Tay @ 6:04:08PM EDT on Thursday July 2, 2009

Well.. my birthday is soon and i'm allowed to get a phone but i dont know what phone to get. I was shopping with my mum and i saw it. can u please tell me all of the features i has eg. on the internet and stuff like that but lots more and please tell me te things that can go wrong

tye @ 5:46:22PM EDT on Monday July 6, 2009

i think that it is a great buy im going to get one but is the speaker loud?

dj542 @ 9:48:50PM EDT on Wednesday July 8, 2009

Hey, I live in the US and I just purchased this phone. This is a great phone for the price. I paid $170.00 for it and it was well worth the money. I just wish LG would market this phone here in the United States. This is a great answer to the overpriced iPhone

nivek13 @ 10:04:56AM EDT on Friday July 17, 2009

i read all the reviews on this site and on many others and decided to get the phone.i love getting new phones and usually change my phone a good bit .in a nutshell this is the worst phone i have ever had DO NOT BELIEVE the reviews that this phone is good .it deletes random words when txting the touch screen is unresponsive it is the worst phone i have ever had .i can not describe how bad this phone is and how much little after service there is from lg .samsung and most other phone manufacturers are usually very helpful with problems .lg have done nothing when i contacted them .this is the worst phone on the market NO NOT BUY IT ....EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Antony @ 10:04:31PM EDT on Saturday July 18, 2009

I just bought LG cookie phone and I like the rest of the features but there is one problem, I can't assign ring tone to my contact so if every time they call me I can hear the ring tone that assign to them. are there any body out there can help me do this? Thanks!

grizz @ 10:47:05PM EDT on Thursday July 23, 2009

Had this phone for nearly 2 months now...BEST PHONE I HAVE EVER OWNED! I have owned sony ericsson, nokia, philips, sagem, mitsubishi, and the lg handsets have been excellent (I also owned an lg shine). Touch wood, I have never experienced anything other than good service from this phone...maybe I've been lucky. The phones that gave me NOTHING but trouble were the 3 nokias I owned, so no more nokia, thank you very much!!! Anyway, so far so good with the "cookie" I really do like using this phone! Everything about it is ace! Even my mate who has an iPhone 3gs thinks my humble lg is a really nice phone.

DeMarco @ 11:15:25PM EDT on Saturday July 25, 2009

LG KP500 Can you recieve pic by email or text? On my unit I can't and I would like to what can be done.

Anthony @ 10:44:59PM EDT on Monday August 3, 2009

HI All
I'm thinking of getting this phone soon and the reviews been good and the negatives arent a bad thing for me cause ill probably just be using it for calls, pics, music, txt and the usual stuff not the internet stuff. Are there other phones that I should consider getting? if there is post a comment please!

Jenaye @ 7:17:55AM EDT on Friday August 7, 2009

Hey! I bought this phone 2 weeks ago andd *touch wood* it'll good. Once you get to know the phone and just overall look after it. It won't mess up like turning off for no reason as such :)

Oliver @ 4:55:58AM EDT on Sunday August 16, 2009

Hey, well i only got this just over a month ago, and i've had no problems at all. Its about the care you take with it, and i take extreme care with it. The features all work, games are awesome, texting is fun, everything works perfectly. Its all about the care! if your the kind of person, who chucks their phone around, and is violent towards it when it freezes, then dont buy it. I love this phone, and take the best care to it, because its a great phone, and it deserves that kind of attention :)

john maciver @ 1:39:19PM EDT on Saturday August 29, 2009

when i switch the camera on it sticks on the "loading" mode, i have to remove the battery to reset the phone, any ideas on what to do?

Aoifey @ 5:38:03PM EDT on Saturday August 29, 2009

Is the phone worth getting?
i really want a good phone that will last be for 3 years?? please give me tips

Aimz x @ 5:23:08PM EDT on Monday September 7, 2009

i hate this phone!!!
i have only had it for 1 week and wen im on it the screen somtimes goes blue and wont let me do anythin; not even turn of!!

i have never once dropped this phone and hav taken good care of it!! it also turns itself of regularly!!

my friend and my boyfriend have the exact same one as me and they both have experienced these problems!!! no way will this phone last a year!! after 3 months i got a new phone!! x

NoNames @ 3:16:21PM EDT on Friday September 25, 2009

I cannot open my external card if I put there ANY file. After a fresh format it is visible. Once I put ANY file there, is stops opening via bluetooth. I am trying to connect it from a MAC running OS X LEOPARD.

Any suggestions?..

lauren @ 4:27:46PM EDT on Tuesday October 6, 2009

i have had this phone for a while, and i do like it but i have a few problems with it. whenever i try and go on the internet, the phone turns itself off. sometimes the screen goes all fuzzy for a while and sometimes it goes blue till i take the battery out and put it back in. the touch screen can be unresponsive, so sometimes when i click 'reply' to reply to a text. i have to press it more than once and then the phone sends a blank text to people.

precious @ 3:43:47PM EDT on Thursday October 8, 2009

i got this phone for my birthday and it wont recieve or send pictures some of my friends said it requires a picture messaging plan but im not sure any ideas?

Dee Daniel @ 12:51:42PM EDT on Sunday October 18, 2009

I love the phone uncondtionally. I got my tochscreen and it's nice, really nice....Keep up the good work LG. Dee Tsandi Namibia

sumanth/pandu @ 8:32:50PM EDT on Monday October 26, 2009

recently i buy a lg cookie which is very nice with so many features.

Mel @ 7:02:33PM EDT on Wednesday October 28, 2009

I can't send or recieve any image text message. Help?

mayank @ 12:07:23PM EST on Saturday November 7, 2009

can we put navigation on this phone ????????????????????

Emilyy @ 6:52:14AM EST on Monday November 9, 2009

heey i want to get one of these phones for christmas. By the comments imm confused. some have been good some have been bad. HELP?! :S

MEGGA @ 7:13:15AM EST on Tuesday November 10, 2009

man am having one off this lg kp 500 and it a nice phone realy but the software are king of weak. am wondering if i can get a antivirus and where????

Aamir @ 9:01:31AM EST on Sunday November 15, 2009

Dat phone does not support avi & mpeg files.

siy doggg @ 1:29:28AM EST on Thursday November 19, 2009

use a mpeg 4 file

alijr @ 1:52:21PM EST on Thursday November 19, 2009

I live in the U.S. and i was wondering if you can send and recieve text message (audio and video also)

ndumiso zuma @ 5:02:14PM EST on Monday November 23, 2009

Hi, I just bought a LG KP500, now the problem is I can not access mxit because the register and login links/buttons are inactive if you touch them, so please help me if you can. I don't think you can make this silly mistake during the design odf this phone.

Nat @ 1:34:12AM EST on Tuesday November 24, 2009

I really want to get this phone for Christmas but I'm really confused with these reviews. There are only a couple of good ones, and all the bad ones put together make this sound like the worst phone ever. Is this a good phone. Can you put bluetooth music as your ringtone? Please help!

SJ @ 4:53:42AM EST on Wednesday November 25, 2009

ndumiso zuma I had this problem too, i had to call my service provider and tell then i had changed my phone model from Nokia to LG so they had to send me new settings. I then reinstalled the mxit software and it worked.

nurudeen @ 3:05:52AM EST on Tuesday December 1, 2009

am very excited with the phone but there is a minor setback. the speaker has stopped working and can only listen via the headset. am not comfortable with this. i had to put the phone on vibration to alert me of incoming calls.

Becca @ 4:20:51AM EST on Wednesday December 2, 2009

I would not reccomned this phone. I have lots and lots of problems with the fact it keeps turning itself off and the screen goes fuzzy/blue/blank until i take out the battery. It is a nightmare as it does it in the middle of texts and phonecalls. Apart from that, the camera has no light and whenever I go on my images the phone re-starts itself. Everything else is not bad, but these problems out weigh its positives!

jenny @ 8:53:32AM EST on Monday December 7, 2009

my LG cOOKIE kp500 WON'T TRUN ON! And i don't know why?
i would like assitment of help. or advice of what to do..!?

jamie @ 6:35:06PM EST on Thursday December 10, 2009

i am thinking of buying this phone at $200 because i am very clumsy with phones (have gone through 5 in the past 2 n a half years). i was wondering though if anyone knew how old this phone model is and when it came out? i wont buy it till boxing day most likely but i am wondering if it is worth it? i only want to spend in the $200 price range...

kiara @ 7:16:24AM EST on Friday December 11, 2009

hey everyone
i got this phone for my birthday in august
and im loving it to bits!
it is the best phone with awsome features
at i cheap and affordable price
i totally recommend it to anyone!!!

jenna @ 9:51:34PM EST on Wednesday December 23, 2009

The phone came out in about june/july. Maybe before then. I think it's a good phone,but it does have some negatives. The touch screen is sometimes unresponsive and it turns itself off alot. Does anyone know how to set a back ringtone so when people call you they can hear it ? I've been trying to work it out for ages.

Shaun @ 4:21:53AM EST on Friday December 25, 2009

Hey guys, i'm trying to bluetooth a song from my pc to my lg cookie. and theres a bit of a problem. it says the memory is full so the song cannot be transferred. But the internal memory is infact full but the mini sd card isn't. it's completely empty. how would i make it send it to the sd card instead?

thomas @ 6:14:54PM EST on Friday December 25, 2009

the phone wont start up

aayush @ 7:07:21AM EST on Tuesday December 29, 2009

wht is the cost of it,s touch screen

Kyle @ 4:43:18AM EST on Wednesday December 30, 2009

hey has this phone got wi-fi connectivity?

catherine @ 2:06:19AM EST on Monday January 11, 2010

hayy can someone pleasew tell me how you can see who called you because when someone calles it always says no caller ID and when i answer they say that they dont have their number on private please tell me what you know
thank you!!

chazzy @ 6:28:08PM EST on Wednesday January 13, 2010

heyyyaaa im just woundering how to set a pin code on my phone like on my messages n contacts n that.. can someone please help mee??

Luanashotttt @ 5:38:07AM EST on Thursday January 14, 2010

K well all i wanna know is if it's easy to txt on;
my other touch phnes were hard az;
&& if its worth getting' cheers;;

Dan @ 5:21:03AM EST on Tuesday January 19, 2010

I have this phone, and I have now had it for 7 months. And the cookie is deffenately starting to crumble big time! IT TURNS OFF BY ITSELF, IT SEND THE TEXT ABOUT 12 TIMES EVE THOUGH YOU PRESSED SEND ONCE (and when it does this, It uses your credit) THE SCREEN EASILY SCRATCHES, THE SPEAKERS DIE VERY SOON AFTER PURCHSAE. I recomend that you don't purchase this phone. It is CHEAP for a reason.

mere @ 8:41:01PM EST on Monday February 1, 2010

i bought this phone 2 years ago and recently it freezes and now it cannot work..please advise.

Tee @ 12:35:13PM EST on Tuesday February 2, 2010

The LG cookie isnt very good and i wouldnt reconmend it as it keeps turning on and off by its selfa nd wont work at all !!

louisianagirl1961 @ 11:40:28PM EST on Sunday February 7, 2010

My LG Cookie stopped working tonight.. can not access any touch screen apps.. what gives?

nr @ 11:22:45PM EST on Wednesday February 10, 2010

i like it i love this mobile

Arutha @ 4:27:16AM EST on Sunday February 14, 2010

Hi, I'm looking to get a new phone from Cell C on contract, and I'm hovering between the KP500 cookie, and the KS360. Please advise. Thanks

monkeynutz @ 6:47:08AM EST on Tuesday March 2, 2010

Please could someone tell me how to switch off the "welcome/start up tone" as soon as the phone is switched on? Have checked via settings, but cannot find any menu to help with this feature. I am requesting this info on behalf of someone else. Many thanks in advance. :-)

Neet!! @ 12:28:34PM EDT on Sunday March 14, 2010

This is an awesome phone. I live in the USA and the phone works great even though it has not been released in the US yet, you can get it on overstock.com, Amizon.com or Bestcellz.com. All and all it is sleek, "fancy" and cheep!

narayan jakhotia @ 6:32:46AM EDT on Monday April 12, 2010

how i move message from headsheat to external memory

lalaaa. @ 8:46:35AM EDT on Wednesday April 14, 2010

I cannot recieve/send picture messages, and also, the phone is a little slow - which is annoying when it sends a blank message because you've hit reply twice because the first time was too slow.

jabeer mohamed @ 6:12:29AM EDT on Wednesday April 21, 2010

i like this phone it has wifi mode?

delboy @ 12:45:40PM EDT on Sunday May 2, 2010

hi can any one help my neighbour he droped his lg cookie in the bath and now hes got a blank screen that was 2 months ago. and it still turns on . ta del

Raghavendra @ 4:39:23AM EDT on Tuesday May 4, 2010

LG KP500 is pethatic...
plz dont bye LG products especially mobile...
I had got LG KP 500 for rs 13,000 odd when it was introduced in the market... with in 2 months the speaker conked off... i asked for replacement coz it was just 2 months old, they did not agree then i got it repaired... latter after 3 months i got a dispaly problem.. then i again asked for a replacement they did not agree this time also.. had to get it repaired for free... as it has one yr warrenty... the phone is slow... need to wait almost a minute after clicking for anything to happen...? and also any free english dictonary or some software for LG KP 500 does't work.. has a lot of problem.. i guess all the LG products are like this... i had a bad experiance with LG TV as well....

shaun513 @ 10:16:40PM EDT on Monday May 10, 2010

hay i have the LGkp500 cookie and its great i think its the best phone and it has so many things it can do if i was you id buy won there great phones thay have gps and you can go to the google website and down load programs to the phone as well . the sound is great on the phone and the spekers work great i have one i no .happy LGKP500 LOOKING HAVE A GOOD DAY.

peach pip @ 2:43:40PM EDT on Monday May 17, 2010

hi, i got my lg cookie about a week ago and already i am having problems with the camera and video camera: every time i press one either of the icons it displays an image saying: cannot execute conflict with (gallery)
please can someoe help asap?? thanks x :S

monkeybelly99 @ 3:43:25PM EDT on Monday May 24, 2010

I love this phone and got it 4 my birthday. I am 11 and know how to use it easily. I would recomend it to you. I'm having trouble with the memory card though:how do you get the things to save 2 it? Please help! :)

maNit @ 2:20:05AM EDT on Thursday May 27, 2010

i bought LG cookie about six months before.I was really happy having a very good looking touch screeen 3MP mobile . it is really user friendly with some of the good features in it.It has got the best look in the same range touch screen catagory.But, one can't tell about the product unless one uses it for few months. now the findings/experience are as below-- 1. the touch screen response is not good .i have also used SAMSUNG corby. Corby touch screen response is far better tham cookie's. 2. the camers quality is not upto the mark (remember 3 MP). If you are taking photoes in good light,then ok otherwise the picture will make you cry. 3.i have started to come across new problem. sometimes the touch screen doesn't respond at all.I need to switch off and on again. Now a days it is happening frequently. 4.The music quality is utter waste.Once you listen any music ,it will give you the feeling of 90's radio. :( 5. scrolling down foe menues is really headache. You may need to use te given stick overall i can say that this is not worth buying as the current market has some of good touch screen mobile with the same price range. But, this look you may not get.

NicolleeBub @ 5:41:01AM EDT on Thursday May 27, 2010

Look, My lg cookie is about 1 year old and its the pink one the screen went all funny yesturday and now the whole phone wont turnn on ..any i dont give a crap because im getting a new phone because THE LG COOKIE IS CRAP

mntrg @ 10:57:49AM EDT on Sunday May 30, 2010

my kp500 turns on and off, tried lg software it won't work any help would great

chris the god @ 1:01:45PM EDT on Sunday June 6, 2010

my screen doesnt work all the time does anyone know how to fix it

Tiff @ 6:33:51AM EDT on Sunday June 13, 2010

I wanna get this fone but all tis reviews make it sound so bad... So should I get tis fone?

steph @ 6:08:27PM EDT on Saturday June 19, 2010

I hate this phone so much!
the screen doesnt work, so i cannot access anything on my phone which is pissing me off!

I have unread texts which i cannot look at due to the screen, i have put my sim card into other phones to look at the messages but i cant because my numbers and information are just on my phone, i feel like smashing the phone up! i hate it, i wouldnt recommend this phone.. its shit.

Beth @ 11:29:03AM EDT on Monday June 21, 2010

This phone defintly isn't worth the money. I had mine for about three months before the problems started not including the basic problems that it had like freezing etc.
The main problems it now has is the touch screen is awful, after about six months it just stops working properly and you sometimes have to press very hard on the screen to get it to respond. Another problem that has occured only THREE months in was that every time I tried to look at my photos that I took it freezed and turned off and I had to re turn on my phone. The other thing it does is if you're texting someone it randomly deletes the words that you're writing for absolutly no reason.
In conclsuion DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!! You will regret it :)

smalot @ 2:18:09AM EDT on Tuesday June 22, 2010

When Music is played using Bluetooh i.e. blouetooh connection is in Music mode, i have to remove bluetooh handset and use handset to answer or make calls.

Not able to found when connectd to Bluetooth handset how to switch between Music mode and Phone mode.

sydney/sydo @ 5:49:35AM EDT on Tuesday June 22, 2010

I can't operate my cookie using the touch facility,when I unlock using the side button.The screen has an icon saying touch off,how do you activate it?

brelandon @ 1:49:35PM EDT on Saturday June 26, 2010

cant seem to send or recieve multimedia picture messages. does anyone know what might be the problem

Sam @ 11:00:00AM EDT on Sunday June 27, 2010

Hi, i brought LG KP500 last August i thought it would be a really good phone, but it turns out that it would on and off by itselfs without me even near the phone, and also it would keep freezing and then i have too take the battery out because it doesn't let me turn it off!

deepak sharma @ 7:19:50AM EDT on Monday June 28, 2010

hi.my mobile does not support full video display.so Please give me cookie LGkp-500 converter.Thank

Monday the 28th of June 2010 @ 10:18:45AM EDT on Monday June 28, 2010

I have had an Lg cookie for a 3-4 months now and love it. I took a picture of my twilight poster and set it as background and then a couple of days ago i tried to change it to a different picture of mine but it wwont let me. It just keeps saying there is not enough memory to save to even though i have a 4gb memory card in it.

Any ideas on how to fix this

nev @ 6:09:22PM EDT on Tuesday June 29, 2010

i have just got the cookie kp500 and i think it is realy good and works well but out in the sun it is better than another lg phone i had but it is still hard to see the screen but a very good fone.

Ellie @ 7:24:42AM EDT on Saturday July 3, 2010

I have the LG cookie, and I've had it since march 2009. I'm on a contract with virgin mobile, which runs out in September - and I've had quite a few problems with this phone. Firstly, A blue screen pops up every now and again, which freezes the phone so the only way too turn off is too take out the battery. Secondly, (although this problem doesn't happen any more) I couldn't send text messeges. It would let me write them, but pressing the 'send' button did nothing, and if you use the right button too end it says 'Saved too drafts' but in drafts, there was nothing there. Finally, My touch screen doesn't work any more, meaning (as I have a requested pin code from when I turn the phone on) I cannot access anything on my phone. This is still a problem, and sometimes the touch screen works, but I have too press the screen quite hard, and other times it doesn't.
Does anyone else have a solution/the same problems as me? I would be grateful for your help, thanks

christien @ 2:25:21AM EDT on Tuesday July 6, 2010

I bought the LG kp500 for my duaghter and we tried to register to Mxit. when we get to the DOB the touch screen does not allow us to change the date of birth and defualt the year to the setting of the phone. I cannot change the year. I just does not allow me to change the year. this is very frustrating and therefore we cannot complete the register to mxit. please help

Benjy @ 2:38:55AM EDT on Tuesday July 6, 2010

dear peach pip
i can solve your conflict with gallery when you want to use your camera.

i had same problem

when you view your gallery make sure you close it down when you finished with it as you cannot use your camera when gallery is open.

when you come onto your main screen press your middle button on your phone and check if your gallery is not still open, close it everything down and your camera will work, its not a fault with the phone its cause it make pictures if your gallery is still working in the back ground..

anyways i hope i have helped, any problems please mail me on perry82@hotmail.co.uk

kind regards benjy :)

ps: ive had my cookie 1 year now and its a nice phone but be wary it does has its fault, like switch its self off and then back on again and vice versa.

if you close gallery down your camera will work.

realreview!!! @ 8:54:19AM EDT on Wednesday July 7, 2010

Dont buy this phone! at first it seems a useful phone but many things break down on it. Is verylight making it feel like a toy phone. T touchscreen waers down quikley having you to press on the screen harder making the idea of touchscreen pointless. The battery life is rediculous.

paul @ 8:05:02AM EDT on Saturday July 10, 2010

hi,every time if i want to play vidio or music on the internet the message will be (not supported.please help.

Nanu @ 6:24:10AM EDT on Monday July 12, 2010

Hey guys, It has a bad cam,no flash, all clicked piks appears as good as Black and white.The touch screen goes hayware after 8-9 months use, for that you need to switch it off, thn on it...Rate it 5/10

nooodle kid @ 5:30:33AM EDT on Thursday July 15, 2010

sould i buy this phone wats better this or my moterola v3

Dennis @ 10:40:09PM EDT on Sunday July 18, 2010

Dear Nanu, read ur comment. Even I felt the same thing about the camera but to get the original colors u just have to change the White Balance settings to Sunny. u will have ur problem solved!!! Hope u read this. Thanks. Bye!!

MudvaynE @ 3:03:32AM EDT on Monday July 19, 2010

my lg cookie message tone do not finished to sound. someone help

Pink @ 6:31:06AM EDT on Thursday July 22, 2010

Is it me or is even the smallest font size, huge?

Jayant Mishra @ 1:15:59AM EDT on Friday July 23, 2010

Very good phone! Long Battery life with about 2-3 days including music playback! Drawbacks are it doesnt support new themes and the ebook reader font size is irritatingly small!

crisse @ 2:06:38AM EDT on Friday July 23, 2010

please help.
i'm using a Sun Cellular Simcard at first, but when i tried to use other Simcard, everytime there's a phonecall, the phone automatically shuts down. what am i supposed to do?

teo @ 6:55:26PM EDT on Saturday July 24, 2010

i just bought the phone , and i put sim card for tmoble , but no network , some help please

bala @ 10:48:21AM EDT on Sunday July 25, 2010

Hi guys please say any site to download mpeg 4 converter(full version).i am having but it is not a full version.

leon @ 11:45:45AM EDT on Sunday July 25, 2010

If any want heplp for converting
my skype is le0n_sc0tt
i can upload on my telephone and movies

NNZ @ 4:36:57AM EDT on Monday July 26, 2010

I would like to know Wifi application for LG KP500

Chavi @ 12:57:39AM EDT on Tuesday July 27, 2010

Very informative post. LG Cookie looks best in terms of design and styling in its segemnt. It is a true value for money mobile in comparison to its rivals. Am planning to buy it soon.

Vipin @ 10:45:15PM EDT on Saturday July 31, 2010

Phone is a horrible device..Touch is not at all working after an years use...I am unable to use it anyway as Touchscreen is not at all working...when sometime it works it is not able to identify touch location and instead clicks at some other location...

I am really feeling disappointing after buying this device ...

Maureen @ 2:00:26PM EDT on Wednesday August 4, 2010

How can I increase the volume on my text alerts and how can i get the alerts more than once for each text?

unknown @ 8:01:56AM EDT on Thursday August 5, 2010


lizzie @ 6:23:01PM EDT on Friday August 6, 2010

hi, i have had my lg cookie for a few months now and the touch has totally stopped working wat do i do?

jordie @ 5:57:37AM EDT on Saturday August 7, 2010

I got the LG cookie today, and i already hate it! It is shit! DO NOT BUY IT! i have already had it reset 3 times in the 4 or 5 hrs ive had it, txting is crap in genral, it lags, i cant access internet even tho my brother can on his nokia, my pics all deleted themselves, all my contacts doubled up...the list is endless!
on the positive side, i like its design...

dylan @ 4:30:38AM EDT on Tuesday August 10, 2010

I haven't experienced any of the problems with the phone freezing or becoming slow, but my sister who also bought the same phone says that hers has blacked out while she was texting. Mine seems to be fine though.

A problem I had was that it doesn't seem like you can put much music on the phone. The music folder filled up after a couple songs.

nivas @ 5:03:49AM EDT on Tuesday August 10, 2010

i go to sms open the Inbox automatically switch off mobile, so whate problem? i want solution?

Lessie @ 1:25:46PM EDT on Tuesday August 10, 2010

The phone is garbage! touchscreen stopped working after 9months. Can't access anything all contacts lost!!! They say it can't be fixed in US as it was made for South Africa!!!

mooey" @ 3:32:13AM EDT on Thursday August 12, 2010

i agree with all that thanks. but umm when i want to make a new password it asks me for my old one hoe do i no what my old one is?

eddie @ 4:13:24PM EDT on Thursday August 12, 2010

were can i git a battery cover for l g cookie

ANAR @ 6:12:25AM EDT on Sunday August 15, 2010

hey guys this phone is very relliable, when i was looking for a pphone at first i was really nervouse about buying this phone but now that i have had for abut a year i'm really happy with the phone. it dosn't freeze like some ppl say it does, the texting is really easy and efficient and the touch screen is really responsive. i love the camera- it is very clear and good quality during day but the only problem with the phone is that at night the camera is sort of not very good quality. u can still see the picture and the colours but it has sort of a tint to it. but that is the only problem i have noticed with the phone, other than that it's an awesome phone with lots of cool features. i've had the phone for about a year and dropped it many times on the concrete but the phoone is still working as good as new and only has a few minor scratches on it which u can barely notice. AWESOME PHONE PPLS!! (((do not get confused with all the other bad comments guys))).

lenni @ 5:59:18AM EDT on Monday August 16, 2010

haha it's an OK fone i just bought it and its a little laggy and annoying to work ...not really for work or anthing like that

LE @ 4:17:01AM EDT on Tuesday August 24, 2010

Does anybody know if there is the sw for MAC to connect with USB the LG KP500?
Let me know Thanks!

mbarikiwa @ 3:47:24AM EDT on Monday August 30, 2010

when i call someone,my KP500 cookie,sound as if theres a radio inside.its like freq interfering .what is it?

jay @ 1:52:05PM EDT on Wednesday September 1, 2010

i've deleted my photos on my phone memory by mistake,is there a way i could get them back on my phone plz.

Sydney @ 1:39:09PM EDT on Friday September 3, 2010

Hey i bought this phone and its pretty good.
But does anybody know how to get the messages to save to the memory card. I have put the primary storage setting as external memory but it doesnt seem to save them to the memory card. Anyone know how i can get them to?

laila @ 6:12:25PM EDT on Tuesday September 7, 2010

Shut up this phone rocks! So get a life and stop judging phones!

I<3guys @ 2:37:25AM EDT on Friday September 10, 2010

I might buy this phone

LGHater @ 6:34:29PM EDT on Sunday September 12, 2010

The ONLY issue with this phone is that the touch screen will fail eventually, and then you are screwed!
**DO NOT LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO SAY THAT THE PHONE FREEZES EVERYTIME THEY TRY TO VIEW PICTURES** - This is because they are near capacity on memory! The same with a computer, you fill it up t thebrim, it will slow right down!
**AS FOR THE COMMENT ABOUT IT DELETING WORDS IN TEXT MESSAGES** Rubbish!!!!! YOU do that, not the phone, try setting it up right and when you use the screen you cant do that if you try !!

swetha @ 6:20:20AM EDT on Monday September 13, 2010

LG battery backup is worst and there is no provision to add birthday reminders. always gives an indication of invalid date. LG KP500 is the worst mobile and please do not purchase that mobile.

Liz @ 4:27:02PM EDT on Wednesday September 15, 2010

I am selling this phone to anyone who wants it. I had it a month, and decided to switch carriers. It's an awesome phone and is in excellent condition with everything box included.

Please let me know if your interested. I paid $200 so Im asking $75.

Stephanie @ 12:06:49PM EDT on Friday September 17, 2010

Not exactly the best phone in the world. Extremely tempramental. Randomly deletes words when texting. Freezes constantly. Touch screen becomes unresponsive after around 2 months of having the phone. Doesn't always recieve texts. And has now currently decided to not let me reply to text as it complains about having too many applications open, this however is not the case as only the current text message is open. All in all, if you are thinking of buying this phone you should seriously consider reading lots of reviews, because although for the first few months the phone is the best thing since sliced loaf, it soon becomes unbearable and a nuisance. However, although the phone may be a complete pain in the bottom, it has its good points, like all phones. Sound quality is amazing. as is camera quality. It is a very durable phone and can withstand a fair amount of bumps. The screen is lovely and big for those hard of sight, although it is very likely that the touch screen will become scratched.. I'd advise you to put it in a separate pocket from loose change.

Mikki Philippines @ 2:00:03AM EDT on Friday October 1, 2010

Use Total Video Converter... best quality... ^_^

MIAKO @ 5:44:17PM EDT on Saturday October 2, 2010

I have just purchased this phone and after going through this blog, i am already getting disturbed. Was it worth my money? what is the difference between KP500 AND KP500 cookie? What happens when the touch screen fails? I am not getting the right browsing setting. Somebody help me.

ann @ 9:47:18AM EDT on Monday October 4, 2010

when i use the internet on my phone it restarts the phone if i go to use anything on the page i.e pressing search button on google, any help please to try stop this happening

aR!AnA @ 4:23:39PM EDT on Tuesday October 5, 2010

Hey, my handset memory is filled lots of music my question is how can i move my music to the external memory?

emz @ 1:38:40AM EDT on Thursday October 7, 2010

HATE THIS PHONE!! first i had a pink one and it started to freeze whilst charging and the batttery had low life.
A few months later it broke completely and the phone never turned on again s o i'm usisng my brothers and it's worse it freeze's constantly and i can't turn it on or do things easily the touch screen is very un-responsive!!!! DON'T BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!

emg @ 5:47:38PM EDT on Thursday October 7, 2010

I got this LG KP500 since Sept. last year, so i have this more than a year now... my prolem here is that, everytime I connect to the internet, it suddenly shuts off... All i thought is that, maybe i got the virus on my phone already...So im asking for a help if how to fixed this? Does a cellphone shop have their way to fixd such things like this to my phone? Thanks

shamiur @ 1:24:20PM EDT on Sunday October 17, 2010

hi..what r the software it will support? (internet phone software)and how to access the youtube?

nat92 @ 12:41:11AM EDT on Tuesday October 19, 2010

does any1 know what the carrier of this phone is? is it verizon?????please sum1 answer me! asap

murad @ 3:22:31AM EDT on Wednesday October 27, 2010

I don't know why the company made it !!!!!!!!!!!

bj @ 12:57:39AM EDT on Saturday November 6, 2010

this phone is crap i got it in april this yr and it has a hell o fa lot of faults. My kp500 turns itself off and rings people by itself, its like it has a mind of its own...... very scary. Also when i press the menu button it takes like 5 minutes to open. the only gud bit is the drawing pad thingo.

roosh @ 10:29:23PM EST on Friday November 12, 2010

the above comments are quite true...i mean yea...i cud realte to evryones problems...i have been owning this for the past 1 year...i did face a lot of problem like the phone freezing without any rhyme or reason....wen trying 2 access the music folder it takes an hour to open the list...sone new oily sort of emergence between the screen and sum specific touch areas not functioning....i really like this phone but the software is pathetic....the inbox fills up just with 400 msgs in it....and u cant save contacts in handset, i had 2 save them all in the sim...apart from the stupid memory problems....it switches off without me even doing anything...this is vry irritating...n when it hangs i need 2 takeout the battery so as to switch it off....n now suddenly i woke up this mornong and my touch has stopped working....all the hard keys are functional but the touch just doesnt work anymore...i retrievd all my songs and images as they were saved to the external card...but all my important msgs and contacts??? how do i even get them back....i so desperatly need them...wud expecting a feed back asap...!!!!! just suggest me something..!!

SOGEKING @ 9:53:21PM EST on Saturday November 13, 2010

Any Wifi On this phone ? I Need Wifi and Music Player.

Arslan arif khan @ 7:05:19AM EST on Tuesday November 23, 2010

such a nice mobile help me to use internet in the help of touch system

jaz @ 10:54:44AM EST on Tuesday November 23, 2010

I would like to reset my LG kp500, I want to wipe all from the handset and start again but it will not delete the contacts

Chintan Vyas @ 1:58:05PM EST on Thursday November 25, 2010

This Phone is an absolutely fantastic one. A techie like me would love to play with such a Gadget. Even my Mom loves this phone because it is so robust and user-friendly. I can actualy do whole lot of things with this fun-phone. I can browse internet after loading Opera Mini application on the phone. Instead there are lot of applications supported by this cell phone. My mobile banking aplication works fantastic on it. I can easily do money transactions on this phone. More over it has Data wallet (in built application) which stores my confidential information. Games are completely awesome some of them being motion sensing ones. Sound quality is lovely and Music player has inbuilt equalizer. I can create some fun videos with Images that I have captured and can playback music with it. I can also edit my video files and do a lot things like image capture, trim, combine videos and many other things. Moreover it can record my call conversations. Plus while typing messages, I can have a full fledge virtual QWERTY keypad by tilting it on its side. This phone is worth a buy. The best cell phone that I have got in My life. Cheers!

Chintan Vyas @ 2:03:00PM EST on Thursday November 25, 2010

@jess : hey Jess, well I did download youtube videos but in such a maner that they get download in 3GP formats so I need not convert them into 3GP. And they work absolutely fantastic on it. Trust me .. all you need to do is find a way to download youtube vidoes in 3GP format coz i can't mention the way in here. XD lol this review is moderated.

rogerdoger @ 6:37:19AM EST on Saturday November 27, 2010

i have a lg cookie and i would tell u straight up its the worst phone man has made

tselane @ 9:47:22AM EST on Monday November 29, 2010

my lg kp500 wont conect to internet,why??

Natasha @ 4:39:59PM EST on Tuesday November 30, 2010

I am debating whether to buy this phone or not, I have read most of the comments and the majority of them say that I shouldnt get it. I really just need a phone to text people with.......

JASMINE STEWART @ 5:51:06PM EST on Wednesday December 15, 2010

hi there, I have just got my first LGkp500, i only have one or two questions for ya as I Love the KP500, How do I stop the Keys Beeping ??? and How do I Activate Handsfree, I found where handsfree is but??? its not working ???

thanks and I do love this Phone.


Jasmine oxoxoxoxo

yanty @ 8:08:46AM EST on Friday December 17, 2010

why when we want to see our image , the phone will off by it self ?

Kai Gunzel @ 11:12:49AM EST on Monday December 20, 2010

This must be one of the worst phones on the market. I bought mine (LG 501) June 2010 from Mediamarkt in Alicante Spain, with an Orange prepaid card. Stupid me! I have to reboot at least 5 times a day because the touch screen stops working. Mediamarkt didn't want to do anything about it. I could not even leave it there. They gave me some address in the center of Alicante where I could drop of my new phone. When I would get it back, and if it could be repaired, remained a secret. Nobody knew. Remember, my phone was just one week old!!! Therefore: never buy this worthless LG Cookie and never buy a phone in Mediamarkt. Once you've paid, your money is gone, your mobile is a big fail and service does not exist. As far as I am concerned, this phone should never have been on the market. Yes, it?s really that bad. You are warned!

Paramveer Pupneja @ 12:32:51PM EST on Sunday January 9, 2011

Its Ok

tori @ 1:50:03AM EST on Tuesday January 18, 2011

This phone has been the worst object I've ever held in my possesion.
It take's three attempts to dial out without it freezing,
you can't turn it off without loosing all your contacts. It cuts off phone calls without warning or reason (full bars and reception)
Just an over-all dud. To save yourself a lot of anger and frustration don't invest.

kurt @ 10:51:06AM EST on Monday January 24, 2011

I am on a PAY-AS-YOU-GO PLAN with Verizon wireless...could I use this phone? ka

le @ 11:49:58PM EST on Monday January 24, 2011

Worst phone I have ever bought. So slow and worst connections, it never had any service!

patric pereira @ 2:39:50PM EST on Friday February 4, 2011

hi,i bought one lg cookie from UAE and i used it one month in UAE when i come back to india no sim cards i can use in this what i have to do for using my mobile in india

Eric @ 2:32:41AM EST on Tuesday February 8, 2011

i am using this type of phone, and i truly love it, is good for everything especially for my internet browsing and pictures, i will advice all friends to use this phone so that it will help them.......

fit @ 10:12:02AM EST on Saturday February 26, 2011

i have a broken screen of lg model kp 500 phone so i want to change it.is it worthy of changing its screen or buy a new one

Kirsty @ 1:19:21PM EST on Sunday February 27, 2011

hey i've had the LG KP500 Cookie for a long time now and I LOVE IT i think its great.....it has brilliant camera quality sound quality is great you get 2 free apps when you buy it I'm getting a new phone soon but i wont sell it because you get rubbish prices so I will give it to my friend but its great! LOVED HAVING IT!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Zena @ 8:11:34AM EST on Tuesday March 8, 2011

The internet on my Lg cookie wont work it keeps coming up saying connection failed......... Help what do i do,

sadface @ 8:46:56AM EDT on Thursday March 24, 2011

I'v used my LG KP500 for 2years now, after the initial calibriation of the touch sensitivity all was smooth sailing. Now the sensetivity is so low did another calibriation jus aftr that seem the 4n freezes quite a lot. Does this mean the life time of my 4n is done? Its so infuriating

Dee @ 4:34:54PM EDT on Friday April 1, 2011

I absolutely HATE this stupid phone! The battery life is horrible, it lasts for 1-2 days, texting is soooo hard because it deletes words while your still typing, so you have to re-type over and over again. it is very slow, unresponsive, and just about the wort thing i own right now.

shre @ 4:10:53PM EDT on Friday April 22, 2011

hi,my pictures got deleted on my mobile phone and i want to restore it on my LG KP500, how can i do that please tell me because i downloaded the pics on my laptop which says its location is folder F,ie, LG KP500. Please tell if i can restore back my deleted pictures on my mobile. thnx

EHSAN @ 5:50:47AM EDT on Sunday April 24, 2011


Mark Smith @ 8:16:02PM EDT on Thursday May 12, 2011

I loved to use this Handset.

Anderson @ 7:00:28AM EDT on Tuesday June 14, 2011


Pavitra @ 4:54:26AM EDT on Wednesday June 22, 2011


Edie @ 6:02:58PM EDT on Tuesday July 19, 2011

i was just wondering how do you get cookies for a sprint phone could someone please tell me

chris @ 9:24:43AM EDT on Tuesday July 26, 2011

does anyone know how to clear it when it says conflict with gallery which means I can't take a picture!!

NATALIE @ 9:00:24AM EDT on Sunday August 14, 2011


philip @ 5:39:21AM EDT on Thursday August 18, 2011

how do you remove the tmobile logo off the screen

HEYYDER XD @ 9:10:45AM EDT on Saturday October 8, 2011

I have to enter a puk code, but i don't know what that is.. Please help!

sagar @ 9:23:12AM EST on Tuesday November 22, 2011

sir i ve a lgkp500 mobile but i started camera they give me a pink screen

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