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Review of Motorola's MOTOPURE H15 Bluetooth headset

Review by Michelle Ruhfass on Monday September 29, 2008.

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The volume rocker obviously controls volume simply enough with a quick press on the either end of the long button. Due to a slight protrusion of the rocker's ends, the volume control is easy to find when the headset is being worn. For those looking to check the H15's battery while on the go, simply hold down both ends of the volume rocker and the LED will give you the scoop on the battery: red means less than 1 hour of talk time left, yellow indicates 1 to 3 hours, and green means 3 or more hours.

Both headset and handsfree profiles are supported by the MOTOPURE H15 over Bluetooth version 2.1. The headset supports up to two connections simultaneously with two Bluetooth enabled handsets, a feature commonly known as multipoint. With multipoint headsets, users can easily receive calls on the headset from multiple phones. Non-multipoint headsets can only be actively connected to one phone at a time.

The audio quality of the MOTOPURE H15 is where this headset shows its real colors. Boasting a newly updated CrystalTalk algorithm, the H15 delivers some of the best noise cancellation we have heard (or not heard) in a long time. Stepping up from its last attempt with the H12, Motorola has jumped to the forefront. We tested the headset initially in one of the busiest places in America - Grand Central Station in New York City. Placing calls to friends and colleagues while surrounded by noisy chatter and construction, the H15 squashed all background noise for callers on the receiving end. We also placed calls from the windy and bustling streets of New York and experienced good audio on both ends even with the wind swirling around us. The only complaint was that the wearer sometimes sounded a bit muffled but for users looking for a headset to drown out noisy backgrounds and suppress wind noise, the H15 is a great option. One niggle I did have was, when placing calls in loud environments, I often couldn't hear the phone ringing after the call was dialed. Once the calls were connected, though, the H15's automatic volume adjustment made sure that everything was heard clearly.

The range of the device was fairly standard, and performed at its peak between one and six meters from the handset. Sound was audible for up to nine meters before any interference was encountered.

With its iconic design, mostly due to its flip microphone, and great audio technology features, the Motorola MOTOPURE H15 is definitely a good headset for mobile users. The integrated noise cancellation technology, which manages to resist wind noise and external chatter very well makes this headset a real benefit for those wishing to use it outdoors, while driving with the windows down, or while traveling through airports and train stations. However, the headset can be a bit awkward with its fit and can cause some ear fatigue if worn for long periods of time. The headset wearer's voice quality seems to suffer a bit from all of the noise cancellation, but is more than adequate for getting the job done. If you're looking for a headset to drown out loud background noise such as busy city streets or a construction site, the Motorola MOTOPURE H15 is a great choice, and we at MobileBurn.com give it a 'Recommended' rating.

Recommended (explanation)
Flip boom design, great noise cancellation, wind reduction
Feels off balance, not the best fit


M. Sutton @ 9:42:55PM EST on Tuesday March 3, 2009

I agree with the current review of the Motorola H10 on all accounts. The H10 works extremely well in most outdoor conditions and it is supurb indoors like the office or in crowded restaurants. There is one major complaint with the H10, and it is the same complaint that is listed within the review. There is a serious problem with finding a comfortable fit in the ear with the H10. I have had mine for over a week now and I cannot wear it in my ear for longer than an hour before it becomes unbearingly uncomfortable. The H10 does come with multiple ear cusions but none seem to have the right fit and after an hour or two with either of the ear cusions none seem remedy the discomfort. I enjoy the H10's sound quality, its sexy appearance and its durability, those attributes are well beyond what I have become use to having with a Bluetooth headset, but until Motorola invests in a soft gel or sponge like ear cusion to offset the weight of the H10, I would strongly advise users purchase with caution.

M.Bailey @ 11:36:54PM EDT on Monday March 23, 2009

The ear piece is not my problem, it is the extremely loud incoming ring. It hurts my ear and startles me with the discomfort. Is there a way to lower the volume on the incoming?

Tasso @ 8:51:06AM EDT on Friday April 3, 2009

I concur with the review that the headset is a difficult fit in the ear. Also unless it's fitted tight into the ear the audio out is poor quality for the other caller and can also sound like a dalek (for the UK reader). I'm considering sending mine back because of the discomfort, but everything else in the design is fantastic. People should consider buying a Jawbone for more comfort, but less in other areas.

mscott @ 12:18:35PM EDT on Saturday April 4, 2009

I think my H15 headset is great. Does anyone know where new parts can be purchased. My earpiece broke and I would like to replace it.

m.Lerum @ 8:14:03PM EDT on Wednesday April 8, 2009

great review. agree with ear fatigue. will be looking for substitute ear piece mold like the old Jabra's. I work outside, traffic, wind, etc... wife can hear me now!. also easy transfer between work and personal cell phones.

Bob W @ 5:49:07PM EDT on Wednesday April 22, 2009

H15 connects easy, works great. However the clear clip that goes over ear broke. Also I am having trouble getting it to fit once I lost the smallest earcushion and the over ear clip broke.

kabir @ 10:02:20AM EDT on Friday May 1, 2009

I just bought this but I hear sound very low and other end does not listen to me, I have to speak very loud and shout, and I am using Motorola V8 phone.--kabir

samuelwil @ 1:41:26PM EDT on Tuesday June 30, 2009

I love my H15. I was in Flagstaff on father's day and lost my rubber ear piece. Do you know how I can get a new one. Regard's, Sam Wilson

JACK @ 4:41:58PM EDT on Thursday July 23, 2009


zuni @ 12:06:38AM EDT on Thursday July 30, 2009

I use my H15 in large data centers. They are extermly noisy and this usually allows a clear conversation on both ends.I am very happy with the performance.I found the ear pieces that came with the unit were not great and lost a few of them. I finally purchased a custom ear piece (molded to my ear). It fits in my ear so I do not use the plastic ring around my ear. The combination of the H15 and custom ear piece is unbeatable. The only draw back is the ear piece costs as much as the headset, around $70.

Fireball @ 10:02:42PM EDT on Wednesday August 26, 2009

I love this headset! I am talking on it all day long. However, the battery charge is not lasting as long. I use to re-charge every 2-3 days, and now every day. CS says battery is non-replaceable. I don't want to break it trying to see inside.

Adrienne @ 11:43:28AM EDT on Monday October 12, 2009

concur with the review that the headset is a difficult fit in the ear. Also unless it's fitted tight into the ear the audio out is poor quality for the other caller and can also sound like a dalek (for the UK reader). I'm considering sending mine back because of the reception on the other end...,

R.Vandal @ 2:49:21PM EST on Sunday November 14, 2010

I agree with the discomfort once you put the bluetooth is on your ear, is there anyway we can change the ring tone that comes with it, I had a plantronics on a nokia phone and it used to ring with the same sounds(personal rings) as the phone. Now I have a motorola phone xt 720 and I can't have the personal rings sound, anyone can help me!

Thank you

MARIA @ 10:04:45AM EST on Tuesday November 30, 2010

I bought the H15 exactly a year ago and now I plug it in and the red light never goes green it sucks cuz I use it everyday. Has anyone elses failed at the one year mark????

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