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Review: Motorola ROKR E2 Music Phone

Review by Jin Khang Ong on Monday January 01, 2007.

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The Motorola ROKR E2 is the latest music phone from Motorola. The ROKR E2 runs Motorola's new JUIX user interface, based around Java and Linux, giving us a glimpse of what Motorola has planned in the way of the user interface for the future. Armed with a 1.3 megapixel camera and dedicated music buttons on its sides, the ROKR E2 seems to be ideal for music on the go. It is a tri-band (GSM 900/1800/1900MHz) phone with support for EDGE networks. As well as dropping iTunes compatibility in favor of support for MP3, WMA, AAC, and RealAudio formats through an integrated player application, the ROKR E2 also boasts a few more improvements to things that hindered its predecessor in the past.

Physical Aspects

The ROKR E2 is shaped in a capsule bar form and our review unit came in a funky black and orange color scheme. Ignoring the orange parts, one would be reminded of the shape of the Motorola E1000. The ROKR E2 is solidly built and there were no noticeable gaps, creaks, or squeaks to be found on the phone.

On the front, the keypad is set flushed against the ROKR E2's body, but I am glad to report that the keys are a joy to use and have good tactile feedback. The 5-way navigational d-pad is flanked by the left and right soft keys, dedicated music key, cancel key, and of course the call and end keys. The end key doubles as the power button. The keypad is backlit with a white light, although I found it to be too dim and uneven.

The sides of the ROKR E2 are filled with all sorts of buttons. The left side of the phone contains the volume keys along with dedicated music player buttons including previous track, play/pause, and next track. On the right side, the miniUSB port is located toward the bottom along with the SD memory card slot. Yes, the ROKR E2 utilizes SD cards instead of the usual microSD cards that Motorola has used in the past. This might prove to be a very positive move since SD cards are cheaper and easier to find than their smaller brethren are. A key lock slider is located next to the voice dial button on the right side of the ROKR E2. The back of the phone holds the 1.3 megapixel camera lens with LED flash. The loudspeaker is located to the right of the camera lens.

You will find a light sensor on top of the phone that automatically adjusts the keypad backlight. Let's say you are in a dimly lit room and you take out your ROKR E2 - the light sensor will automatically switch on the keypad backlight. When you are out in the sun or in a brightly lit place, the keypad backlight will be turned off. Sadly, the light sensor does not adjust the brightness of the display. Music aficionados will be glad to know that there is a 3.5mm headphone jack located on top of the phone, enabling owners to use their favorite headphones to listen to their tracks.

Measuring 106mm x 49.5mm x 18mm (4.17" x 1.95" x 0.70") and weighing a mere 107g (3.77oz), the ROKR E2 is quite a funky looker and should prove to be quite attractive to younger users. Others who might prefer a more professional or conservative look would do well looking at other color schemes of the ROKR E2, such as while or full black.

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