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Motorola's DROID X, a big brute of an Android smartphone for Verizon

Review by Michael Oryl on Wednesday June 30, 2010.

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4.2 stars

(How we score)

Big high-res display, actual hardware buttons, HD video recording, good connectivity, new MOTOBLUR widgets
Large and bulky, relatively poor still photos, display needs better outdoor visibility


The Motorola DROID X for Verizon Wireless is the latest member of Verizon's DROID lineup of Android powered smartphones. In this particular case, the DROID X runs the Android 2.1 OS and features a massive 4.3-inch touchscreen display that positions it squarely against HTC's popular EVO 4G for Sprint.

The DROID X features a new suite of MOTOBLUR widgets for messaging, social networks, and other services that are completely resizable by the user, which is a really cool feature. The phone also sports an 8 megapixel camera that shoots very nice 720p HD video, and a very solid multi-touch capable web browser. Even the battery life is pretty good for a device this large.

There are a few missteps on the DROID X, but they are not likely to deter those that appreciate the large display and rugged good looks of the phone.

You'll find a number of videos in this review that demonstrate the phone's many features, and you'll find them all linked to in the Table of Contents, below.

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Rajeev Iyer @ 3:18:08PM EDT on Wednesday June 30, 2010

Is that I-95 in Philadelphia?

CJ @ 7:45:50AM EDT on Saturday July 3, 2010

Motorola has repeatedly Statefarm that this phone doesn't run Motoblur and yet it keeps being repeated by reviewers that it does. What's the deal with that?

Michael Oryl @ 1:31:51PM EDT on Saturday July 3, 2010

Officially they say it is not a MOTOBLUR device, that's true. But it is painfully obvious to anybody familiar with BLUR that the DROID X is, indeed, running a newer version of BLUR. It has the same universal inbox, same widget functions (just updated), same look at feel. It is very much MOTOBLUR.

haz @ 2:41:32PM EDT on Monday July 5, 2010

Cool review... very detailed.
I want to like this phone, but like you, I usually prefer a real keyboard. Still tempted to get the X simply because with a large screen, the on-screen keyboard has to be pretty big, and presumably easy to use.

How "pocketable" is this phone? Are you going to get some naughty glances if you walk into a room with this thing in your jeans??

Paul @ 6:06:05PM EDT on Thursday July 8, 2010

Michael, you say the Skype client use Verizon's voice network to place calls.

Is that right or does it use Verizon's data network?


Michael Oryl @ 11:22:10PM EDT on Thursday July 8, 2010

@Paul - it uses the voice network. It is a Verizon specific feature at this time.

MarkR @ 12:06:25AM EDT on Saturday July 10, 2010

Can you use the HotSpot feature and be on a voice call at the same time ? I am looking a the X and MiFi, but wont get the MiFi if I can use my laptop to hit the web and be on a conference call at the same time.
It appears that this phone is slightly larger that a Blackberry Bold 9000 but the width is the same

tbert @ 8:33:43PM EDT on Saturday July 10, 2010

"At 128 x 65.5 x 10-14mm (50.4 x 2.6 x .4-.6in) in size, though, this DROID is a handful." Quite the handful, the phone is over 4 feet long (50.4 in), lol!

Will.I.Am82 @ 10:24:49PM EDT on Saturday July 10, 2010

Does this device run VZW's VZ Navigator, even if it's at a monthly subscription price?

xxgv1212 @ 5:22:32PM EDT on Sunday July 11, 2010

Will the DLNA work with a PS3?

Dave @ 12:43:13PM EDT on Friday July 16, 2010

The fact that text does not automatically reflow is a good thing because with auto reflow pinch zooming on a picture moves it off the screen. Then you have to scroll to find the picture.

anicet @ 9:16:45AM EDT on Saturday July 17, 2010

i heard that this phone can only work with the cdma network of verizon.is it true ?
can it work in canada coz i really want to buy it ?

DroidCLH @ 2:37:44PM EDT on Saturday July 17, 2010

yeah it works

jer85008 @ 7:26:25PM EDT on Monday July 19, 2010

I have the phone and used the camera extensively over the weekend, they must have fixed the issues mentioned. Most of my still shots rival my trusty Cannon IS digital camera other than the noise in low-light pics w/o the flash on. Video camera is also spot-on great.

Eli @ 10:21:46PM EDT on Monday July 19, 2010

Mike... my contract is up and i dont know if i should pick the droid x or samsung omnia 2

Hank @ 12:34:25PM EDT on Thursday August 19, 2010

is the droid x better that the iphone?

Hoa @ 6:38:46AM EDT on Sunday October 3, 2010

I find it difficult to understand why you give a thumb down for the large phone. You should know that more and more people are going for larger screen. I have an iphone 3gs and I was waiting for Apple to come out with a larger screen iphone but was disappointed that they still stick with tiny 3.5 screen. I need larger screen to surf the web. There are big people with big hand and they need larger phone. Small phone are for woman and kids. I hate small screen phone.

NJMA @ 4:10:37PM EDT on Sunday October 17, 2010

Micheal, after getting my DROID X would I be better off not doing the update 2.2 and waiting till the bugs are all fix?

zhazhangqi @ 2:30:32AM EST on Thursday March 10, 2011

yea,however,is it sell in china?

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