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HTC EVO 4G WiMAX Android smartphone for Sprint review

Review by Todd Haselton on Sunday June 06, 2010.

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4.0 stars

(How we score)

Excellent HTC Sense user interface, beautiful 8 megapixel camera, HDMI-out, large display, option to run on 4G networks
Mediocre battery life, mid-range 3G speeds, hard to view display in daylight,a bit too bulky, mandatory $10 monthly data premium


The Sprint HTC EVO 4G is the first U.S. phone from a carrier to run on a fourth generation network. In this case, it's Sprint's WiMAX network. The EVO 4G is the carrier's current top-of-the-line device, and for good reason. It's stacked with hardware goodies that include a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, an 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and auto-focus, HDMI-out capability, 8GB of microSD storage, and a massive 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen(INFO) display.

While I found that the formfactor of the phone was a bit too large for my tastes, the device performed well during my testing period and will be a pleasure for Sprint subscribers looking for the biggest thing to hit Sprint's network since the Palm Pre. My biggest issue with the deal is the additional $10 monthly data surcharge fee that EVO 4G owners must pay, even if they don't live in an area that allows them to make use of the 4G capabilities. As of the time I'm writing this review, that vast majority of the country lacks 4G coverage, including New York City where I am located.

So here's the question: Is the EVO 4G worth that premium?

You'll find some video from the HTC EVO 4G launch event after the Table of Contents, below.

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Nerdwatch @ 5:14:38PM EDT on Sunday June 6, 2010

"My biggest issue with the deal is the additional $10 monthly data surcharge fee that EVO 4G owners must pay, even if they don't live in an area that allows them to make use of the 4G capabilities."

But its okay for an iPhone user to still not get 3G coverage in a lot of places. Sprint 3G is still better than AT&T. And I'll gladly wait for 4G to hit my market.

Robert @ 6:53:54PM EDT on Sunday June 6, 2010

I love the "Biotching" about the $10.00 "EVO TAX" as I like to call it. Even with that charge your $10 less than any comparable plan on AT&T on an iPhone or Verizon with a Droid. Plus you get the unlimited mobile to mobile no matter the network. Meaning I live on the 450 minute $69.99 plan plus now the $10 EVO for $79.99 per month. AT&T and the iPhone on the same 450 minute plan plus unlimited data (about to go away) and texting will run you $89.99 per month and only unlimited calls to other AT&T phones meaning your 450 "Any time" minutes go away pretty fast. Plus your nights and weekends start earlier... The only mistake Sprint made was having the $10 fee as a individual add on charge. it stands out and gives reviewers some thing to complain about when if you TRULY compare it's still a great deal. Next I have had my EVO for 3 full days now. My battery life with lots of use being a new device has lasted me 26 hours of use the first day.. Charged it up Friday took it off at 9 at night and it lasted until 11:30 Saturday night and all day Saturday I spent customizing and working on it. Charged over night last night took it off the charger at 7:30 this morning and it's 7 at night and the battery is at 60% after 12 hours with again pretty regular use of web, texting, facebook, testing the camera (Both still and video) and uploading and e-mailing pictures...

Neal @ 6:59:30PM EDT on Sunday June 6, 2010

The $10 charge provides you with unlimited data on either 3G or 4G networks rather than capped like other carriers...it is much cheaper than the premium charges for data on either Verizon or AT&T.

Richard Yarrell @ 10:19:37PM EDT on Sunday June 6, 2010

77.5 is good that is a joke. I purchased this phone Friday june 4th and trust me this device does exactly what it is suppose to do and then some. It renders pages that have major graphics instantly and shows all video's on all pages sprint's 3g service is faster than t-mobile, verizon and at&t so you know when 4g comes to my area of New York at the end of summer this phone will be blazing. The device is just perfect and more importantly the platform of google/android is exactly the right fit for this monster. Sprints plans are the best in the industry this device is the best on the market and will be after the new Iphonehd is announced on June 7th. It's clear to me that this person has a clear personal issue with this device and may even be a iphone user or at&t customer which if that is the case I feel bad about that. Every smartphone on the market that use's data like the evo or iphone will have battery issues at least the battery can be removed from the evo and replaced if need be with a heavy duty battery that will last longer the device alone should be rated 90 to 94 without question

Willywill82 @ 12:02:42AM EDT on Monday June 7, 2010

It's not a huge deal. It's $10. 4G isn't free. It costs money to build the infrastructure and support for the service. Everyone who did the math on it still being cheaper, especially with it being unlimited for both 3 & 4G, than Verizon and AT&T, you're right. We're paying less for 4G and 3G unlimited data when added to your plan than they are on 2 & 3G networks. Also, if $10 is too much for you to have to pay, you don't need a $500 smartphone, whether you got it for $200 or not, and whether you can afford it or not and just don't want to pay it. Watch: VZW will charge a similar LTE fee when their network finally rolls out and when their devices finally hit the market...

Michael Oryl @ 8:27:04AM EDT on Monday June 7, 2010

@Willy 4G isn't free. That's true. It also largely isn't available. And in some of the few places where it is available, it's oversold and slower than many 3G networks. I've done the testing myself. Charging an additional $10 for a network that is largely inaccessible is crazy and hurts the EVO.

Robert @ 9:05:19AM EDT on Monday June 7, 2010

@Micheal, The $10 fee will have little if any affect on the sales and use of the EVO. They were sold out all over and even Sprint admitted they underestimated demand for the device just like Verizon underestimated demand for the Droid Incredible. The only thing "DUMB" about the extra $10 is they made it a stand alone charge instead of just making a $79.99 and $109.99 plan just for the EVO, would have been the same but it wouldn't have stood out as much. Your still getting more for $10 less than comparable AT&T and Verizon smart phone plans....

Michael Oryl @ 9:33:21AM EDT on Monday June 7, 2010

@Robert - And unless you live in a workable 4G coverage area, you're still getting less than you would from other Sprint smartphones. I don't care what Verizon or AT&T charges. I care that Sprint is charging more for this phone than its other phones in spite of the fact that the vast majority of the country has no access to WiMAX. And if you recall, the Palm Pre sold out as well, yet didn't end up being an earth shattering success for Sprint. Selling out on opening day is as much about supply as it is demand....

Robert @ 10:35:06AM EDT on Monday June 7, 2010


Trust me I understand.. I am switching back to Sprint after years at AT&T so for me life got "Cheaper" with Sprint. Sprint has announced that the EVO sold 3x what the Pre and Instinct sold combined this weekend and the estimate is 320,000 EVO's were sold on Friday alone and probably close to 450,000 over the weekend. With those kind of numbers $10 didn't scare off too many people. If your a long time Sprint customer the $10 fee is what I like to call an "EVO TAX" but building up the Wi-Max network is not cheap and you have to pay... Sprint PROBABLY should have allowed existing Sprint customers to keep their $69.99 and 99.99 plans and then announced "NEW" pricing for new customers at $79.99 and $109.99 meaning people like me who switched are getting a deal and you avoid pissing off your current loyal customer base.

Mtsunami31 @ 6:11:44AM EDT on Wednesday June 9, 2010

Im Laughing at this dude bitching about the phones size "it's a hair too big" Dude man up

ecb @ 8:22:55AM EDT on Thursday June 10, 2010

I believe the extra $10 is for unlimited data (both 3G and 4G) as opposed to the 5GB allowance on other devices.
I'm still not sure if it's necessary as most users won't exceed 5GB, but I have the hotspot add on so, for me, I'll pay an extra $10 for unlimited data.

Sprint plans are not the deal that they once were, but thery're still right up there with the cheapest deals you can get, and that's with the $10/month charge for premium data

Don @ 1:06:01PM EDT on Thursday June 10, 2010

Hair too big? Small hands...gotta be small hands. Great phone, too bad Verizon is too pricey on data or I'd have stayed.

Johnblaze72 @ 3:13:26AM EDT on Sunday June 13, 2010

I don't mind the extra fee for the evo. I have had it about a week now and I find myself using the web a lot more than with my touch pro 2. the device makes even 3g tolerable. So I know i have used a ton more data than i would have with my old phone over the same week time. Since I am now using sprints reesources more, i dont mind the fee. And with them still being the cheapest, I find it viable to stay with Sprint than to willingly pay more for less value with somebody else just because im beefing with a fee charged by a lower cost provider..

Starryman @ 1:22:54PM EDT on Thursday June 17, 2010

Mentioned maybe 5-6 times that the screen and phone size is too big. How do you want it then? You want high resolution but want it in a 3.7" screen? Next time when I'm at Burer King I'll ask them to make my Whopper smaller. Oh wait they have the Whopper Jr. This whining is like complaining to a BK manager my Whopper isn't as small as the Whopper Jr but I want the same amount of heart clogging goodies. Completely irrational. There's literally nothing to biotch about regarding the size. It would be a rational complaint if the physical size of the phone was bigger yet the screen was only 3.7". The trade off of a few millimeters for a dramatic upgrade in resolution and screen real estate is a no brainer.

Another example... I want a 65" screen flat screen but I want it the size of a 42". Tell me somebody how that works???

EVOMAN @ 1:06:25PM EDT on Monday June 28, 2010

Why is everyone complaining about the $10 charge. First of all its only $10. Second AT&T iPhone owners have to pay a mandatory $30 charge. I think sprint has done a great job with only a $10 charge. At $79.99 a month no other carrier can touch that pricing. In conclusion, STOP COMPLAINING!

CorkDork @ 12:56:29PM EDT on Thursday July 22, 2010

I'm still waiting for my phone to be available. Even with the $10 extra charge, it's still the cheapest plan compared to any other providers.
By the way - this phone is so hot, ALL Radio Shacks and Best Buys in the South Bay Area are constantly out of stock.
I can't wait to get mine!

LOVE the EVO!! @ 11:39:01PM EDT on Thursday July 22, 2010

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Evo. I hope "they" all keep complaining and just stay away. I think the Evo is the best kept secret out there and Sprint service is great too. Let the iphone guru's stay on their network. And let me add, the internet is screaming fast! My hubby has the iphone and my EVO is twice as fast and cheaper!! Love it!!

Mark @ 3:22:51AM EDT on Saturday September 11, 2010

I've got the LG Dare from 2 years ago (w/Verizon and am doing research on the droids, samsung fascinate, and the evo 4g. I wouldnt mind staying w/verizon and grabbing a fascinate but i'd be paying a ton each month w/the data, etc. compared to sprint's plan. Tough to admit even w/the 20% discount each month but I think i'll switch to evo 4G.

lopal @ 9:58:01PM EDT on Saturday October 30, 2010

if you all are going to complain about a minimal cost to a high functioning phone, maybe you should go back to the crap phones that have absolute no use but to make calls. Seriously? $10 complaints for a 400 dollar phone? idiots......

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