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Samsung Behold II Android smartphone review for T-mobile USA

Review by Michael Oryl on Tuesday November 17, 2009.

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The Behold II is the second Android-powered smartphone that Samsung has made available in the United States, and the first for T-Mobile USA. While the Samsung Moment for Sprint was a fairly vanilla implementation of Android, Samsung has put a lot of work into getting its TouchWiz 2.0 user interface onto Android for the Behold II. The question is, does TouchWiz add anything to Android? Read on to find out and to learn how the Behold II and its 5 megapixel camera perform.

Physical Aspects

As far as design, the Samsung Behold II is not unlike so many other Samsung full touch handsets that have come to the market in the past year or so, though this one offers a more solid feel and finish than Samsung's Android-powered Moment for Sprint does. The Behold II features a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen(INFO) display that features 320 x 480 pixel (HVGA) resolution like so many other Android phones, but does it with gorgeous AMOLED(INFO) technology instead of a normal TFT style display. This means the display is thinner and brighter while offering both deeper blacks and better saturated colors.

The controls that sit below the display consist of the normal Android home, menu, and back buttons in addition to call send and end keys. Notably missing is search key that most Android phones have, and in its place is a button dedicated to Samsung's 3D cube menu, which I will address later. The buttons all have a good feel and surround an equally sound 5-way d-pad controller. On the right edge of the phone sit the two-stage camera shutter button and the lock/unlock button, which activates and deactivates the phone with a single touch. A volume control sits on the left edge of the phone, and a covered micro-USB data/charging port and 3.5mm headphone jack are located on the top.

The back cover of the Behold II is something different and nice. The cover reminds me of the one found on the Samsung Jet, in that it is warm and smooth to the touch and has a depth to it that is appealing. The world map motif on the cover is attractive, if perhaps a bit over the top, and sets the phone apart from some of its competitors. If the rear cover is removed, the user will gain access to the battery, SIM card, and microSDHC(INFO) memory card slot. The battery doesn't need to be removed for memory card access. The 5.0 megapixel autofocus camera and LED flash are also located on the back of the phone.

With the Behold II, Samsung struck a nice balance of style and design. The phone is certainly not as eye catching as some other smartphones on the market, but it is classy looking and feels nicely solid in the hand.

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Candiria92 @ 10:20:16AM EST on Thursday November 19, 2009

You've got a defective phone. I've used this personally and there are no problems with the I's. Lowercase come out as lowercase. I've watched every video preview and review I could find and no one else mentions it which leads me to believe they did not have that problem either. Also, although the cube is not very important as you say the data takes no where near as long to load as it does on the phone you have. If you watch other review videos you can see this for yourself. You may want to put a disclaimer along with this review stating that you most likely have a defective device.

Jason @ 12:28:22AM EST on Wednesday December 9, 2009

I just purchased this device and I would give this phone a defined 4.7 out of 5. The only reason I give it a 4.7 is because the touch screen some times freezes for a brief moment. also the touch screen when in either mode is a bit to close with the L key,delete key, and the return key. This a times causes issues when typing. Other then those complaints this is a great phone. Also my first all touch screen PDA.

jsharbour @ 5:34:55PM EST on Sunday January 24, 2010

I have a new Behold II bought just last week.
No matter what I try to do, lowercase i comes out as uppercase I, both portrait and landscape input. Very annoying. it's impossible to get a lowercase i unless you press a word shortcut. I hope there's a software update to address this bug.

Shann @ 7:57:35PM EDT on Thursday June 10, 2010

Tmobile is sending me my 6th Samsung Behold 2 due to every one of them being defective. When I'm on the phone, I cannot get a keypad, do speakerphone, put the caller on hold, etc. The screen is frozen. The 4th phone worked fine as far as that part goes, but it kept deleting everything on my SD card and then when I went to take a pic, telling me that there was no SD card in the phone, when there was!! Very disappointed. I love the phone besides this big flaw..

Mike Burtner @ 6:42:51PM EDT on Tuesday August 10, 2010

I stopped by my local Sprint office and showed them my Behold II. Since their retail staff in my area is fairly knowledgeable, they laughed a little, patted me on the back and offered my condolences. The T-Mobile office is just down the street. I bought the phone based solely on the premise that the Android platform would be iteratively upgradeable. I have been with T-Mob for over 5 years and am a "Loyalty Unlimited" customer. Sprint offered to buy out my ETC, give me a Droid for $50 and a contract with the same terms (Unlimited voice/data) for roughly the same price as my current contract. When I called T-Mob and spoke to a "Retention Specialist", her best offer was to sell me a Samsung Vibrant for $400 if I re-upped for two years. I told her to look for me in a Sprint advertisement soon. I have had no issues with T-Mobile up to now, but it is obvious they are not willing to back up their customers.

Aaron @ 9:52:42PM EDT on Saturday October 30, 2010

The battery on this phone lasts less than 8 hours. It crashes frequently. The 3G is extremely slow. It has very little internal memory.

steve @ 11:57:23AM EST on Wednesday March 9, 2011

this phone is sick. i have had it for 2 weeks and have had no problems plus im hungry!!!!

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