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Review of Samsung's S8000 Jet with Webkit browser and TouchWiz 2.0 UI

Review by Michael Oryl on Saturday August 01, 2009.

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The Samsung S8000 Jet is the Korean manufacturer's latest flagship feature phone product, which Samsung claims to be "smarter than a smartphone." That sets some pretty high expectations, but on paper, at least, the Jet certainly seems to have what it takes. For example, how many non-smartphones can you name that feature a Webkit-based web browser and sport an 800MHz processor?

Read on to see how the Jet makes out in our tests.

Physical Aspects

The Samsung S8000 Jet is an attractive device that is equipped with a large 3.1-inch WVGA resolution AMOLED(INFO) touchscreen display that works reasonably well in direct sunlight. Unlike some of Samsung's other recent AMOLED touchscreen devices, however, the Jet makes use of a resistive touchscreen(INFO) that requires a slight bit of pressure to be activated. The upside is that such displays are more accurate when it comes to selecting small on-screen objects like links on a web page or keys on a keyboard. It is quite likely that the Jet's touchscreen is the most beautiful display used on a cell phone today. It's that good.

The body of the phone is constructed of a comfortable plastic material that has been formed into a shape with soft corners and slightly curved surfaces. The rear cover has a unique look to it, thanks to a bit of technology borrowed from Samsung's "Touch of Color" line of flatscreen televisions. There is nothing else like it on the market, and people seem to be quite drawn to it.

The front of the Jet is less interesting, but does feature a uniquely designed menu button that looks something like a 3D cube, a reference to one of the device's menus that we'll touch upon later. The other two front-facing controls handle call and power functions, and there is a noticable lack of a dedicated back key.

Above the display sits a forward-facing video call camera and a sensor that deals with automatic screen brightness adjustment as well as turning off the phone's touchscreen when the phone rests against a user's cheek during a call. A simple volume rocker sits on the left edge, the 3.5mm headphone port and micro-USB power/data connector are on top. The right edge is home to a screen lock and unlock key as well as an oddly shaped key that controls the camera as well as brings up the Jet's 3D cube menu mode, depending on where it is pressed.

The phone is rather typically sized for a full-touch device, coming in at 109mm x 54mm x 12.5mm (4.3in x 2.1in x .5in). Its 110.8g (3.9oz) weight is also right where it should be. All in all, the Samsung Jet sports a very sleek and workable physical design, and even ships with a nice leather pouch.

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duane j. @ 10:29:59PM EDT on Thursday September 10, 2009

i want more info. on the samsungmyshotII

Chris @ 7:42:41AM EDT on Wednesday September 16, 2009

Issues with this phone is that when locked and set to pin or set to smartlock the phone can by pass this when in its leather pouch in your pocket I have experienced the phone dialing out. Further investigation I found you can just lay your hand on the screen when the pin lock is on and the phone will open. When in camera mode the phone can just lock up. Also the S8000 is temperamental when switching incoming calls as it will cut both off. As my phone is 8 days old now I am reluctantly having a replaecment to give it the benefit of the doubt.

nomac @ 10:49:10AM EST on Thursday January 21, 2010

very good mobile

Mohib Haddad @ 2:35:17PM EDT on Thursday April 15, 2010

After using the Samsung Jet for one month, here is exactly what I get:

THE GOOD: very good screen resolution and colors, but only in the shade.
THE BAD: extremely weak battery life. Half a day in average usage. The phone EATS the battery in a very high rate.
Screen not visible in sunshine.
Phone restarts by its self, this happens during using its menus. I have tried 2 phones same result.
Touch screen is not sensitive and phonebook freezes in the first 2 or 3 touch trials then responds easy. Very annoying. (don?t even think of comparison with iphone).
Extremely weak GPS, almost useless. Also you have to pay to use Route 66 GPS navigator.
No light color theme, all very are in dark background.
Browser does not re-arrange pages after enlarging. Very difficult to read pages after enlarging.
I did not succeed in opening a single flash file.
Power point files are not supported.
Body is very slippery it will fall from your hand for sure (someday).
It is not quick as expected, even with the 800mhz processor on board.
The NEW PCSTUDIO will not be installed on your computer if you are using Win7.

A Final word, this phone is not reliable, too much advertisement but reality is totally different

Amr Saeed @ 5:55:33PM EDT on Tuesday May 18, 2010

@Mohib Haddad : I got this phone for about a month to, here is the response to what you said is bad
Screen visible in sunshine, the battery used to be low and I suffered from that but it now works just fine
It never restarted by itself
The phone book never freezed
The body is just fine not that slippery
didn't test power point
The Pc studio is installed on my pc and it's Win 7

pdasou @ 4:57:06AM EDT on Friday June 4, 2010

I have Samsung Jet S8003 version since 1 year and I can say that the big con is its bad blocked OS. Some other minor bugs are present. We hope that jetdroid project can permit us to install android on jet.

wael @ 2:44:06PM EST on Monday December 20, 2010

it is a very interesting video

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