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T-Mobile's Samsung Gravity QWERTY cell phone review

Review by Marc Lynde on Wednesday January 14, 2009.

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The Gravity, currently on sale with a new contract at T-Mobile for $49.99, is a new Samsung quad-band GSM candybar phone. With a full slide-out QWERTY keypad on the 122g (4.3oz) device, it feels truly weightless in your pocket - especially for a device packing features that rival a Sidekick, but at a fraction of the cost. Further, at 115mm x 53mm x 18mm (4.5" x 2.1" x .7"), the phone is similar in size and appearance to the LG Rumor.

The Gravity's slide mechanism is sturdy and easy to use, and the phone won't slide open accidentally. I found that it feels great in the hand, however the finish is a little too smooth for my liking. The materials and buttons are of excellent quality, and the three row QWERTY keypad is simple to use since the phone automatically starts an SMS when typed upon. A standard four-way directional pad allows you to navigate the phone's menu and core functions. Samsung also included two dedicated soft keys on the QWERTY keypad for controlling the phone when the display switches to landscape mode.

The Gravity has a dedicated camera button and charger/headphone port on one side of the device and two volume controls with a microSD slot on the other. The numerical keypad uses four horizontal strips of buttons rather than 12 individual keys. While they work accurately, the domed areas that correspond to the specific keypad digits are a bit difficult to discern visually.

As with any candybar shaped phone, you want a keypad lock that is easy to use, and Samsung kept it pretty simple here. The power function is shared with the end call button and there is a programmable messaging button that can be instantly linked to SMS or IM.

The 176 x 220 pixel screen, at 2.1-inches, looks great in daylight and night with decent color depth for an entry level QWERTY device. As noted earlier, the display easily switches between portrait and landscape mode depending on whether the QWERTY keypad is hidden or exposed.

Call audio quality is solid on the device, producing loud and clear sound on both ends with nothing that interfered with our test conversations. While not subjected to rigorous testing, the phone successfully held its charge after standard use and on standby for several days before reporting a low battery level. The 800mAh Li-Ion battery is rated for 6 hours (360 minutes) of talk time and 300 hours (13 days) for standby. For the average user that will use the phone for messaging friends and family, I am confident the battery will do more than hold its own. I also tested reception in urban and suburban areas where it maintained a full EDGE signal for most of the time.

Adding contacts is pretty simple and follows a menu format that is similar to many other Samsung devices. The phone book supports groups as well as assignable ringtones and picture IDs for individual callers. The Gravity also stores contacts' email addresses for use with the integrated e-mail client, however there are no street addresses stored in the contact records. It is especially easy to quickly dial contacts by typing in their name on either the numerical keypad or the QWERTY keypad.

The Gravity contains several preloaded ringtones and allows easy access to a variety of tones offered through T-Mobile. There is also support for just about every type of ringing profile, including vibe then ring, ring then vibe, and vibe with ring. You can easily change the ring profile by using the dedicated volume buttons on the side of the phone.

The speakerphone sounds good and there is support for voice dialing. Surprisingly, there are only 8 empty speed dial slots, all accessed through the numeric keypad. This leaves all those buttons on the QWERTY keypad incapable of assigning themselves to other contacts. That just seems wasteful as holding down these buttons doesn't seem to accomplish any function whatsoever.

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gravity user @ 12:13:10AM EDT on Monday March 30, 2009

I've had this phone for 3 months now. Texting features are GREAT. Battery life is so-so. It takes some work to get the phone to recognize a 4GB microSD card (had to reformat and zero everything, then again w/ FAT32 before I could use it. I'm not so impressed with the games, it won't play any of the java apps I already had, wants me to pay for everything again.

person123 @ 2:02:18PM EDT on Wednesday May 27, 2009

i have this phone, and it is great.

krazeygirl @ 6:23:41PM EDT on Wednesday May 27, 2009

I want to get this phone but I cant find it cheap anywhere do you know where I should look??

Tlgalenson @ 8:35:32PM EDT on Wednesday May 27, 2009

This phone is available through T-mobil for $50 after rebate in my area. Try: www.t-mobile.com

Eddie @ 1:07:11PM EDT on Saturday June 13, 2009

The Samsung Gravity is the best phone in the world, its no phone that can compete ;)

todd @ 3:07:32AM EDT on Friday June 19, 2009

I had this phone for 3 days, dropped it once, and the screen was instantly fried. I have to pay to replace it AFTER 3 DAYS!! I always dropped my old phones and this NEVER happened. I am questioning if one of these phones could possibly last more than 6 months!

hannah banana @ 6:26:21PM EDT on Thursday July 9, 2009

i REALLY wanna get this phone but ive heard that verizon wireless is a better phone company than t-mobile....so im not sure which phone company to go with.

Homer @ 12:33:40PM EDT on Friday July 10, 2009

I have T-Mo family plan and all three kids have Gravity and love it. As for T-Mo and Verizon. My son works for a delivery company that uses Verizon but has to always use his T-Mo phone because no signal for Verizon.

LizaBoo @ 4:39:54PM EDT on Sunday July 12, 2009

I've had this phone fpr almost five months. Sometimes, I'm really happy to have it. But I never get good service unless I'm outside. That's the only part i hate. And the fact that I can't have a ringtone for my text messages.

Erica Baby @ 10:16:46AM EDT on Tuesday July 21, 2009

I have this phone, but my phonebook keeps saying initializing. How do I get it to open? I have saved like 20 numbers, and I cannot get a hold of them.

mike @ 7:30:49PM EDT on Friday August 7, 2009

I just got the problem not accessing the addressbook. To fix this you need to log into your service carrier website and change the phone to yours. Once that's done reboot your phone. Can take a few mins for it to go through. And once you access the phonebook it will ask you to delete the numbers stored. You'll have to do that in order to synchronize with the site and backup the numbers. So delete them and then you will have your addressbook fixed. Good Luck

soccergirl14 @ 9:51:50PM EDT on Friday August 7, 2009

I've had this phone for 7 months..and I have had 5 gravity phones in those 7 months. This phone is the WORST i have ever had! The company keeps sending me new gravitys to make up for the defective one I had before, but none of the 5 work properly. The messaging keys are great, but the messages I get come in scrambled, as well as time, I lose signal often in my own house for no reason at all, it freezes a lot which requires me to take the battery out manually, and the music player only works sometimes. I am so done with this phone. T-mobile won't do a thing about it either. I am going to pay to get a different phone since I can't seem to get a gravity that works. They won't do a thing for me. If your intrested in this phone do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy it! It will only cost you to throw away money and spend countless hours on the phone with coustomer service. Also, if you're intrested in joining t-mobile, DO NOT go through with it. They are by far the worst service i've been with. I tell you this for your own good. This phone is total CRAP! If you have it and it works for you, it may for now, (as it did for me in the beginning) but give it time and I assure you you'll have problems.

Rochel @ 3:32:59AM EDT on Thursday August 13, 2009

I just ordered this phone and I am excited to get it. It was available through T-Mobile as an upgrade for 30 bucks after mail in rebate. I have had T-Mobile for 4 years and it has been the best. Also, they let you return any phone within 30 days, so if you dont like it you can return it. I have only had good experience with T-mobile. What I liked about this phone was that you can use it without an internet plan, which is too expensive for me. All I want to do is text and make calls. My mom has a fancy phone with a touch pad from T-mobile which she was going to give me, but It requites an internet plan. This phone has all that I need. can't wait to get it.

nicole @ 4:11:53PM EDT on Sunday August 16, 2009

ok so im getting a tmobile samsung gravity but i dont know if its like good working cause everyone here is saying its like really bad! is it?? is it fun, does it not break a lot?? does it have a lot of space for music and like games and stuff?? please answerrrrr

hopefully its awesome

Jwebz @ 1:07:18AM EDT on Monday August 17, 2009

This phone is built masterfully. It feels solid, the keyboard is soo easy to use and the dedicated camera key.. a plus. There is NOTHING and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else good to say about this phone. Take it from me people...Bad...

Lisa @ 11:10:12AM EDT on Friday August 21, 2009

I have had a Gravity for 5 months and really loved the phone until recently. Last week my phone started shutting off for no reason. I went to T-Mobile and they ordered a replacement that only took 3 days to come in. My problem is this the new phone has the same problem. I set up the phone yesterday and it has shut off 10 times already today and it is only 11am. If this is going to be an ongoing problem, I do not reccomend this phone.

the gravity rocks @ 8:50:03PM EDT on Monday August 24, 2009

the t-mobile gravity is the best phone ive ever had. the full qwerty keybord rock if you like texting this is the phone to get.for internet usages and things like that id say dont get it its a little slow at sending texts and thakes forever to send pic texts not enough memory for music but you can buy the $10 memory chip for 2 gigs but it never freezes or turns off by itself like othor people said unless you never turn it off.i reccomend turning it off when you go to sleep thats what i do.

sam @ 2:46:38PM EDT on Tuesday September 22, 2009

This phone is OK if you don't expect much out of it. I've had mine for a few months and am already on my 2nd. The first was fine up until a few weeks ago when the battery wouldn't hold a charge. I would send 1 text msg and lose a bar on the battery. 1 call - lost a bar. I would fully charge it over night, and it'd be almost dead by lunch time the next day. Plus, they keypad wouldn't stay locked. T-Mobile sent a replacement, as it was still under warranty. I've had it for 2 days, and it's keypad won't stay locked, either. I now HATE this phone.

mcvee @ 9:52:42AM EST on Friday November 6, 2009

This phone has known issues with the sliding keyboard the spring will pop and the sliding unit will lock in place

Larry @ 2:25:43PM EST on Wednesday January 13, 2010

I don't have this Gravity but I have the Samsung R451 which I think is a higher quality phone. My R451 is the best phone I've ever owned, I just love the qwerty keypad and MP3 player, camera and bluetooth, not to mention the fast web access. I bought mine at Walmart from Straight Talk with the unlimited everything package for $45 per month and it's great because it's on Verizon's network nationwide which has the best 3G coverage.

gravitySuckingMeDown @ 4:58:53AM EST on Tuesday February 9, 2010

I've had my gravity 2 for two months, nothing but problems. Replaced the battery two weeks ago after it just wouldn't turn on anymore. Now, doing the same thing. My friend with the same phone is having the same problem now. Don't recommend this one, total paperweight.

vicki @ 8:44:52PM EST on Monday February 22, 2010

I am unable to save anymore numbers on my gravity phone, please help, the display reads something like there is not enough memory.

kathy @ 10:27:32AM EDT on Thursday March 25, 2010

my gravity wouldn't work after 9 months

Tmobileman @ 6:57:55PM EDT on Monday April 5, 2010

I got this phone for my son Christmas of 2009 - I have already bought 4 OEM batteries and had the phone replaced 3 times - Always the same problem - Phone shuts off Randomly - most of the time when pressure is applied to the back cover or when sliding closed - T-mobile needs to give up on this phone

lair @ 3:16:05PM EDT on Monday April 12, 2010

Umm worst phone ever. I have only had this phone for 2 weeks and have already seen screen issues, had it shut off randomly, sparse service, and just a negative feel in general for it. I had a Blackberry for 2 years and had no issues ( even up until the last month before I broke it by dropping it in water) resembling this. Save your money. This phone is junk.

Cricket @ 9:50:06AM EDT on Tuesday April 13, 2010

In the beginning the Gravity was a great phone, but now I have encountered many problems. The phone turns itself off at random times and the screen tends to freeze up. It says it is capable of using a 4g memory card, but it can't be a high capasity card. If the phone is ever dropped the back of the phone comes of incredibly easy. The battery life is also very short. I do like the quality of the camera and the two keypads.

Annie @ 6:46:27PM EDT on Sunday May 2, 2010

Okay, heres the deal.. My phone will let me receive calls and texts and it will let me send out calls however, since this morning, my phone will not let me send texts.. Can anyone help?

Jajaja @ 10:33:10PM EDT on Thursday May 20, 2010

yes the gravity is a good phone but i cant keep a signal! its ridiculous maybe its t-mobile idk it hangs up my conversations randomly and it wont let me send texts for about 10 minutes! Help anyone?

jazzybaby01234 @ 2:04:49AM EDT on Wednesday June 2, 2010

so i have this lovely little phone,
yes its cute & at first it seems amazing,
but as soon as you drop it BAM
there goes either your screen or the springs from the sliding keyboard,! & now it just slides freely in my pocket!
this phone sucks!

aisha abukasim @ 9:41:55AM EDT on Sunday June 13, 2010

help me ppl.which should i get the samsung gravty or th samsung comeback .

gravity owner for over a year @ 11:03:43PM EDT on Saturday June 19, 2010

i had my gravity since december 2009 and hardly ran into any of the problems listed until after the phone was a year old. the battery may say its depleting after a few calls or text, but i've learn that if you turn it off and right back on, you gain that life bar right back. it comes in handy during school when it has to be off during long periods so it can last me the whole day. yes the battery life is short though, but one can last you the whole day if you remember to not use it while its on the charger. that ruins the battery of any phone. my only problems now is random freezing but its very rare for me to happen. guess i got a lucky gravity out of the bunch then if

gravitty useer @ 12:41:31PM EDT on Tuesday June 29, 2010

ive had this phone for over a year now nd its great i just dont like the camera! i need like a 5 mega pixel camera nd this one is only 1.5

Gravity Customer @ 1:10:03PM EDT on Monday July 5, 2010

I like this phone, its the best phone i've had so far !! I mean, its not great, it has ur basic phone problems, but its nice. My old phone shut off all the time. Well, it only shut off when i was on the internet. And its battery life was short. So for me, this is a big step up.

kelly @ 5:47:45PM EDT on Saturday July 24, 2010

i have saved an email in my samsung, t-moble phone under phonebook, create new contact, under where it says other and i can't find the email. where would it be listed?

Erica @ 2:39:41AM EDT on Monday August 2, 2010

I had the Samsung Gravity for about a week and it was great, the keyboard was GREAT, until the keys started freezing out of no where, which made me have to use the old fashion keys in the front. Finally, about a month later, after tying the keys, they let up and started working correctly. That's when my phone would shut off EVERY time I sent a text message. After that my battery would literally die within two hours. I did as i was told, let it die all the way before charging it up the first power on, and didn't use it while on the charger, yet it's battery life was horrible. I liked the looked and the feel, but the phones it's self was a horrible experience for me. I am currently upgrading to the Samsung Gravity T and I truly hope that Samsung does not disappoint me again.

By the way, I would NOT recommend this phone to anyone.

Yarii @ 11:59:47PM EDT on Tuesday August 3, 2010

- i have this phone & its great unlike ppl saying. tha keyboard is mad easy and its got alotta space for everything! I LOVE it. tha only bad thing about it i could think of is that you cant set ringtones as messaing phones but besides that this is tha best phone ive had. mine is tha white & blue one (aqua).

Annie @ 9:20:48PM EDT on Wednesday August 18, 2010

This phone sucks! I've had it for a year and it worked fine, but now I'm starting to lose signal like crazy! I can't keep a signal for more than an hour, just randomly I'll lose signal. I guess it's too old now idk but don't get it!

Jess @ 4:45:08AM EDT on Thursday August 19, 2010

I had to replace this phone after a few months because it couldn't "Read my SIM card." I've had my replacement phone for about a year, and every time it gets too hot it loses reception. It drives me crazy. Do NOT get this phone. Ever ever ever.

michellina124 @ 6:41:52PM EDT on Saturday September 25, 2010

I have had this phone since last November. Tmobile has had to replace it 4 times now. I'm so tired of it's issues. First one was randomly turning off on it's own, second one same issue, third one same issue but now it's losing signal and giving me the "no network" all the time, fourth one "no network". I would never recommend this phone to anyone. Oh and they did replace the battery and sim and it wasn't fixed.

Branden @ 4:59:46PM EDT on Friday October 29, 2010

This phone IS HORRIBLE, If anyone is thinking about purchasing his horrible piece of junk DON'T DO IT. It always turns itself off, the battery life on it isn't very good, If you drop it on the ground the screen will get Fried or the Spring in the slider will pop out, Thus leaving you with a phone that slides by itself, Well I guess that's half the work for you when you call people 24/7 on accident. The lock is horrible, they failed to put an Auto-Lock interface on it, And when you open the slider the Lock on the phone turns off, And I think that's a horrible idea. I've had this phone for about a week and It fails to send Text messages, I know it's not the service because I glanced at my signal and It was full bars! I highly recommend purchasing a different phone, this phone is not good at all, especially if you're a person like me that wants to purchase a phone and have it last for 3-5 years.

tmobile gravity user @ 5:04:19AM EST on Saturday November 13, 2010

DO NOT BUY...I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND! My son and daughter has had the Samsung Gravity for 2 yrs and have had to have it replaced 10 times.T-mobile will repace them but ONLY with the same model which is also defective. First it was a battery issue. The battery wouldn't stay charged. The next 9 phones we received all had the same issue, phone vibrates, screen goes blank and shuts off automatically. We take the battery out turn the phone back on and it would do it again over and over and over. T-Mobile will not replace it with a different device, they will only send the same ol piece of crap phone that is also defective. I was even at the store with this problem and there was also another customer there with the same phone, same problem but she was told the same thing. What their doing is sending out all the old Gravity phones because a new model is out and once they are gone you will be required to purchase the new model because they don't have the old one to replace it with, I was told from a TMobile employee. T-Mobile is the worst company I have ever been with. It will cost $200 per phone to cancel or I would have been gone a long time ago.

Beccs @ 4:25:27PM EST on Friday December 17, 2010

I have had the Gravity for almost two years now and have had none of the problems you speak of. The keyboard and screen work fine even though I have definitely dropped my phone multiple times. I charge my phone seriously maybe every four days- great battery life as far as I am concerned. Perhaps I am the exception but I have had a great experience with this cell phone.

<3gravity1 @ 8:48:48PM EST on Saturday December 18, 2010

I have almost had this phone for a whole year, and it was my first phone. I havent had any problem with its durability, considered its been left outside,chewed by the neighbors dog, and thrown/ dropped multiple times. It has been a great phone for quick texting and calling, and has very basic menus and commmands. My complaints would be the camera quality, call quality, and memory. After about 30 texts my inbox gets full,so I end up deleting my inbox at least twice a day. I enjoy its simplicity in sending a text message and its keyboard is very nice and easy to use. I charge it every night otherwise it will usually die, though I never turn it off and am constantly using it, which may be why. I have been considering try a new phone but havent found any that seem better, so if anyone has any reccomendations please say so.

ryan @ 1:58:21AM EST on Monday January 10, 2011

WORST PHONE EVER... keep freezing, glitches, breaks easily. absolute trash...

logan @ 6:44:08PM EST on Tuesday February 15, 2011

HORRIBLE!!!! Had this phone for a year. It calls people on its own like it is demon-possesed. Keys DO NOT work at all. I suggest getting a touchscreen.

glad @ 9:31:24PM EST on Tuesday March 1, 2011

I would not recommend any gravity phone. The first one the slider broke it was replaced with the gravity 3 phone. Today, I started dialing numbers and all zeros appeared and then it locked up on me after selecting a function I am unable to reset it because it keeps freezing up. Never again will I purchase a Gravity phone went to tmobile and since I am not under contract they can not do anything for me. My is only two months old and problems already. DO NOT BUY this phone!!!

person who likes this phone @ 8:13:11PM EDT on Sunday March 27, 2011

I've had this phone for about 2 years now and I love it. It's had glitches (ex. sometimes I would recieve texts with the name fo someone in my contacts that I was having a conversation with at the same time-which is not a good thing-but I dealt with it, and you know it didn't really do that anymore after a while). So, it's had glitches, but I figure that (to me) with tmobile...and who knows maybe with other companies...a phones goign to have problems and whereas someone might have returned it (maybe smart to do) I didn't and it's worked fine for me. I text ALL the time. And so, I've had this phone for 2 years and last week I accidently got it wet and now it's half broken- the battery and simcard are fine, but now after trying things the only thing that doesn't work is the on/off button. It magically turned on one day and worked. then magically turned off the next. But man I love this phone and I am so sad to have to get a new one. I love that it has multiple delte, I love the camera, I love how it works- faults and great things. And I don't have anythign to complain about it. I dealt with it and I love it, for me. I'm telling you- I could have a funeral for this phone- it was so great!

Not so happy @ 10:56:05PM EDT on Friday April 1, 2011

I am not happy with my gravity 3, the front key decide they can controll the volume and the volume buttons dont even work! Dont get this phone it is tottal waste.

Cathleen @ 8:02:23PM EDT on Wednesday August 3, 2011

I have this phone and I HATE IT!! I press the "e" key once and it puts it 4 times, the buttons always freeze, it freezes while texting, the battery is crap and it won't charge easily at all. Now, out of nowhere, none of the buttons will work. I can't answer the phone, text, get it off vibrate, anything. I say do NOT buy a gravity. Any of the samsung gravities.

NIKKI @ 10:22:35PM EDT on Monday August 22, 2011

my phone its screen lights up but it wont show the colors and eveerything. i had not dropped it (yet) and its not cracked....

Dyan @ 12:46:37AM EDT on Thursday September 15, 2011

Dude not to be bogus but ive have the Graity 1 and 3 and both of them had the same problems, it just stops charging...

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