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Review of LG's KS360 messaging phone with QWERTY keyboard

Review by Russell Jefferies on Monday October 20, 2008.

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The colorful new KS360 is LG's latest affordable handset aimed at younger customers, designed specifically with messaging in mind. The device's main talking points are its slide-out QWERTY(INFO) keyboard and bright color schemes. Featuring a 2.4" display and Bluetooth(INFO) stereo capabilities, the KS360 certainly has some good features, but is it any good? We get our hands on one to find out.

Physical Aspects

The LG KS360 is a candybar-style device, with a keyboard that slides out from underneath. The device is rather average in size, coming in at 101.5mm x 51mm x 16.8mm (approximately 4" x 2" x .7") in total. The device's weight is also fairly average at 108g (3.8oz). The exterior of our test device was mostly a metallic grey color, with a red band through the middle. This red color continues onto the device's QWERTY keyboard, and red accents can be found on the device's navigation keys and 'OK' button. The KS360's fascia features a 2.4" display that is capable of displaying 262,000 colors at 240 x 320 pixel resolution. Performance in bright environments was average, but could've been better. Below the display are the earlier-mentioned navigation keys/d-pad with the OK button in the middle. You'll also find the device's softkeys, send/end keys, cancel key, and a key to activate touch screen dialling. Most of the fascia is covered by a gloss black panel, with the LG logo printed just above the display. The device's earpiece sits toward the top of this panel, beneath a discreet slit.

The rear of the device features another LG logo, plus the device's loudspeaker and 2.0 megapixel(INFO) camera with self-portrait mirror. At the top is the battery cover release button, allowing access to the battery and SIM card(INFO). Unusually, the left side of the device is home to the volume keys and camera shutter button - keys usually found on the right side. Also, the camera shutter button is located on the left of the device when holding it to take a photo. This felt unnatural and odd for me, but could be nice for left-handers, or those that take lots of photos of themselves. It seems strange for LG to have arranged the buttons like this though, as camera shutter buttons always tend to be on the right. On the right side of the device you'll find the headphone/charger/data cable port, and the microSD(INFO) card slot. Both of these are covered by small plastic doors to protect from grime.

Sliding the device open to reveal the red keyboard also causes the device's display to shift into landscape mode. The keyboard provides all the usual alphabetical keys, plus some extra softkeys, a messaging key, OK key, function key, and symbols key. Feedback from the keyboard was good, with a distinct 'click' for each keypress. Unfortunately it can be difficult to read the keys in certain environments, and the keyboard's blue backlighting can make things worse at times. Also, the bottom row of characters is divided by the space key, which may irritate some people. The keys themselves are well spaced, though quite small. I was able to use them quite easily, but users with larger hands may find typing more difficult.

Dialing and searching the contacts list without the slide-out keyboard is taken care of by the device's touchscreen keypad. This is activated by the earlier mentioned button, that is located just beneath the left navigation key. Pressing this button brings up an on-screen numeric keypad that can be changed to an alpha-numeric keypad for searching contacts. The device's red 'end' key doubles-up as the on/off button.

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glamour @ 6:30:42AM EST on Thursday February 26, 2009

i personaly own one and i evry were i seem to go i see youngsters using it. i feel dat this is the best phone so far produced by LG so far there is oviously room for improvement but its almost perfect a[art for its low memory space its quiet a funky and ideal phone to have

Rope @ 2:36:18PM EDT on Monday April 6, 2009

I found a phone, but it is locked and needs a password to make calls or to use. Is there anyway to overide a password?

tannya @ 7:10:41AM EDT on Saturday April 11, 2009

hi i have a ks360 but it has poor quality and there is not enough phone memory and it sucks but apart from that it is a good phone for chatterbox only

chinkaboo @ 7:52:48PM EDT on Sunday May 3, 2009

how to you set the slider sound effect on the phone

charm @ 8:00:07PM EDT on Tuesday May 5, 2009

is this phone a prepaid phone?

gramps @ 5:26:09PM EDT on Thursday May 14, 2009

not just a phone for youngsters i am past my alloted span. i find it so easy to use and i find it easy to keep in touch with my family. my 11 yr old granddaughter thinks the phone is really cool

kimba @ 12:03:50PM EDT on Wednesday May 27, 2009

can it play music even without the headset?

alicia @ 6:11:08AM EDT on Friday June 5, 2009

omg sounds so cool, ill probably get it soon, but what i wanna know is, how much does the internet cost, you know for the prepaid mobile?

mini me, @ 8:07:09PM EDT on Friday June 5, 2009

This phone, I think it's awsome! I love it and I want it. But I guess want is different to need so Ill get it when it's really nessercery.

Jodiee @ 7:59:46AM EDT on Monday June 8, 2009

what mega pixel camera does this phone have |?

T @ 12:42:52PM EDT on Wednesday June 17, 2009

How much is it? It ooks good

johnnyrules @ 9:45:13AM EDT on Saturday June 27, 2009

this phone rocks but is cost a lot a total of 180$ plus tax and if u want bluetooth is a total of 220$

jade @ 12:50:38PM EDT on Tuesday June 30, 2009

is the instant messaging free to use for pay as you go customers or only those who are on contract with free internet access ?

Solo222893 @ 8:35:37PM EDT on Saturday July 4, 2009

Man no matter what I do I cant get mine to play any music I download onto my external memory card. It shows thare is something on the card but wont let me get to the music. I have tried everything I can think of Help please?

Steph @ 8:23:08AM EDT on Friday July 10, 2009

I recently bought this phone knwoing that alot of people had recommended it. everywhere i seem to go somewhere has one. when i got it it didnt have a memory card and also had low memory on the actual phone. so i put my 8gb memory card in from my old phone and i was off. I definatly recommend this phone to everyone

mellanie @ 11:21:16AM EDT on Thursday July 16, 2009

I hate this phone its abolutly disgusting i seriosly suggest you not buying it. :(

khayalethu qanqashe @ 7:54:15AM EDT on Friday July 17, 2009

my lg ks360 does not download and sound is very low

rei @ 12:45:01AM EDT on Sunday July 19, 2009

how much?

METHOD MAN @ 2:43:18AM EDT on Wednesday July 22, 2009

when i buy a new phone which is almost every 6months i only consult two site mobileburn and tech65

Missa @ 7:10:04AM EDT on Tuesday July 28, 2009

I love my phone, it's been well taken care of but now when i send messages they get to the other person scrambled and unreadable, anyone else had this problem???

Jane @ 9:30:09AM EDT on Tuesday July 28, 2009

I was wondering where cna you buy the red lg ks360?
i can't find it anywhere, :/

amy @ 5:21:41PM EDT on Tuesday July 28, 2009

i bought this phone about 2 months ago and i have to say its the worst phone i ever had...its almost impossible to send calls and actually be able to hear the people on the other end...also the phone freezes when u slide it and messages get lost in the so u never get to read them...alot of my friends bought this phone too and they all have the same problems as i do with the phone...also its very hard to text with as the lights turn off after a few seconds and u cant see what you are typing...

elmo!!! @ 1:31:04AM EDT on Sunday August 2, 2009

omg im gettin 1 this week saved up the money!
im gettin red!!
om really excited iv been dreaming of it for the past 2 nights!!!!!
when you say bluetooth, that means i can get my computer to send me stuff, right?

loulou @ 9:43:53AM EDT on Saturday August 8, 2009

ive just bought the LG KS360 - and put my memory card in which has all my music and pictures on ... but then on the phone in 'external memory' it says o files!?! where is all my stuff on my memory card!?

mrstokiohotel @ 12:57:30AM EDT on Friday August 14, 2009

Thank you so much for this review. It helped me so much in making my final decision for purchasing this phone.

monicababy @ 5:09:50PM EDT on Thursday August 20, 2009

I can say that this phone is pretty good . It's slow and sometimes freezes . And shuts down your whole phone .Anyone else experiencing this ?? Other than that its good for texting. Takes good pictures and videos .

Soph @ 7:47:31AM EDT on Friday August 21, 2009

i have the ks360. I think that is a great phone and meets all my recquirements. however when i call someone, or they call me, they cannot hear me! I have tried everything, could someone please tell me what to do?

bunny hop @ 1:05:25AM EDT on Sunday August 30, 2009

i really want to get this phone. i might get it in a few months. my friend hase it and it looks totaly awsome! however, i have a few questions that hopefully some one can help me with. how much does it cost and can you buy the phone without ant plan. also how much memory can it hold and do you really have to pay extra for bluetooth, because if you do that just sucks.

rumlaa @ 8:51:04AM EDT on Wednesday September 2, 2009

well all i have to say about this fone is dat its faboulous n im buyin it

siopao @ 7:00:44PM EDT on Thursday September 3, 2009

i have a pink one...it looks really nice. not the best specs but the coolest looking phone.

bEnG @ 1:58:43AM EDT on Friday October 2, 2009

its a very good gadget, somehow its hard to use. Coz everytime your tranferring file via bluetooth the memory is full. Is there a way that I can set the memory as the primary receiver of a file everytime were transferring!?

Milena @ 6:43:49PM EDT on Saturday October 3, 2009

Hey I think that phone is sexy and like every girl should get the one in pink and the boys should either get it in red or black. But it doesnt matter at all it depends on what you like and its just like a sexy cell and like my little sis has it in neon and shes only 10 and in like 18 and I dont even have a good cell like that!

princesspixie @ 4:52:30AM EDT on Saturday October 17, 2009

thankyou for the review and all the comments...i think i might get this phone in pink cos lots of my friends have it!

Courteney @ 8:01:29PM EDT on Saturday October 31, 2009

Rubbish phone earpiece stops working after 2 months of having it switches itself off and has rubbish memory ohh and freezes alot i would reccomend the sony ericsson satio

Mandi @ 1:11:20PM EST on Tuesday November 3, 2009

Mine was stolen Friday and was tryin to see if these phones have a gps or some kind of device I can track it through. Any ideas? amandasfox25@gmail.com

carlo @ 10:49:41PM EST on Friday November 13, 2009

i think i find my phone for me i like to use it its user friendly and stylish and fashionable, timeless i really like it.....

ishwor @ 4:48:44AM EST on Sunday November 29, 2009

how to joom the camera while taking picture?

D @ 5:55:09PM EST on Wednesday December 2, 2009


It cuts out regulary as if its a battrie fault but i think its more of a factory fault the memory on the phone isn't that good the oppertunity to only expand up to 4gb is very low rated even when you do its like trying to find a needle in a hay stack when syncing new songs and stuff. Theres no flash on the camra and the gprs is like watching a turtle and snail race (my money is on the snail to win). again its very slow deleteing texts over 20 - 100
it can and will frezze on the main menu. The sound is very poor


Good Qwerty keyboard, Good signal (thats all i have lol)

4 Out 10 (Because of good keyboard)

ALDAHiiR @ 10:42:58PM EST on Sunday December 6, 2009

How Much???

Frustrated!!!! @ 2:39:14PM EST on Monday December 7, 2009

I bought this phone 2 months ago and all of the sudden the LCD Screen went on it!I never dropped it or damaged it in anyway! So be cautious if you are concidering buying this phone!!!

michie88 @ 1:10:28AM EST on Saturday December 12, 2009

i got a pink one hehehe its a cool phone but sometimes its so annoying it hangs and it automatically shuts ur phone off i dunno why..
for those who have problem in their memory card i also experience that but i solved it its just hard to explain..sorry

Jammy Williams @ 10:24:13AM EST on Sunday January 3, 2010

This is awesome thanks so much, do you know how much I need this thanks a billion again.

Melody @ 4:03:11PM EST on Sunday January 3, 2010

they have red ones on Overstock.com for 149 $$$

Vinz.. @ 6:30:32PM EST on Tuesday January 12, 2010

I have my Ks360 (Black) I just got it and have alot of friends texting me..
But the problem is..
Their names never get displayed..
Just the numbers do. Like instead of lets says Mum it says +647 etc how do I change it so it says mum who texted me..

phoney @ 5:25:27PM EST on Saturday February 6, 2010

don't get it its crap you cant hear people when you call them and it freezes and will get a new problem every day and there's NOTHING they will do about it

Lauraaa @ 10:24:39AM EST on Tuesday February 23, 2010

i have this phone, i like it although when i play music on it after playing 3 songs the phone turns of by itsself. i would advise it but not to strong music listners

Curly @ 1:38:11PM EST on Thursday February 25, 2010

its a good fone i got it for meh birthday and the double-bluetooth is the best thing !

Princess_Pink @ 10:49:29PM EDT on Wednesday June 9, 2010

ive been wanting this phone for a very long time.
so my dad said he will buy me one next week.
but since reading all these comments about how people are having alot of problems with it is making me worried that it might happen to my phone too so i think im gonna tell my dad not to get it anymore.

mizzchocoholic @ 4:44:29PM EDT on Wednesday June 23, 2010

ri have the blue one but don't no how to make a 3 way call cuase can't find flash button? Someone plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phones @ 4:52:37PM EDT on Wednesday June 23, 2010

The way to use the memory card is as soon as you get a sony go on options copy;copy to external memory
I am english btw

ii_<3_sponqe_bob_squareppantz. @ 11:00:03PM EDT on Monday June 28, 2010

hhay ii juz bought this fone last week ive got the pink one. i am currently having problems with the network i dont know how to set it up it doesnt even show on the manual. please if you have the same fone can you jus please tell me how to set it up.

thankz.. (:

lola @ 12:42:12PM EDT on Thursday July 8, 2010

i had this phoine for 6/7 months now and for that period of time this phone worked perfectly everything was great bdw if u want better sound quality on the phone download songs that are at least 3000 mb - anyway as i sed i had it for such a short period of time and then today it just decided that its LCD screen will stop working it shows apsolutely nothing, the phone itself works its just that i cant see anything nothing at all it started freezing and then it just went black - i feel so depressed without my phone i even had to go back to my old skul black and white phone....

lola @ 12:46:27PM EDT on Thursday July 8, 2010

to view music on the memory card when placed in the chatterbox it is called sounds not 'music' so therfor u wud have to move all ur music to sounds to be able to make use of it on ur chatterbox

sabbb @ 2:07:58AM EDT on Wednesday July 21, 2010

i have this phone but cant seem to fix the messaging chat style alternate? help please

red @ 5:22:25AM EDT on Monday August 16, 2010

oh i just got mine in green and i think its great i get mine for 99$ with blue tooth and sim i think u should get it

Ezza @ 1:06:40PM EDT on Tuesday October 19, 2010

This is a cool website for christmas!!!

Shapaka Phillipus Panduleni @ 3:36:24AM EST on Monday November 29, 2010

I have a ks360 phone which I have a problem with its memory card which I bought separately it got 1944620KB , 480KB is in use and 1944140KB is free but I can only download like three items then it says the memory is full. What should I do to use the rest of the memory which is 1944140KB?

necia @ 7:20:24PM EDT on Monday May 16, 2011

Ok how come when ever i look up reviews for any phone none our good..

eva @ 12:07:28PM EDT on Thursday June 30, 2011

this is by far the sh*ttiest phone i have ever owned in my life (im clumsy ive owned a lot) im not the only one who complains their ph mid message shifts to a different section and just finishes from there and you have to go threw delete all of that and start again it constantly moves my K so it sounds like im constantly asking questions... i thought at first i was accidentally pressing a key that shifted the k like the function and the arrow but i soon realised thats not the case and its the most expensive (when it first came out) phone iv ever bought never will i buy on impulse ever again i do not reccommend this phone you also cannot bulk send via bluetooth which i found very inconvenient i tried to use the multiple picture with one press and my phone crashed and had to be reset as it frequently does when accessing messages it just stalls and has to have the battery taken out and put back in... need i go on? if you still buy it ur a fool

eva @ 12:12:12PM EDT on Thursday June 30, 2011

i also have purchased a couple of lg phones before that were fantastic so no glamour trust me there is better out there my last was a really good slide phone with great features and it had a cool metal green keypad even dropped it at least twenty times before it finally died a few yrs later

jasmine @ 5:25:14PM EDT on Thursday October 20, 2011

im currently using the LG KS360 Mobile Phone,i turned it off and put it on charge,when i turned it on only the light on the buttons came on,but had no picture on the screen, any suggestions?

Neo @ 6:49:49AM EST on Friday December 2, 2011

I own 1 too...the handset is cool and fancy but the only thing I find a problem with KS360 is the failure to download jar files. If you konw how to do this please send me the procedure to my email and will be very grateful. thank you!

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