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AT&T Quickfire blazes onto the scene with touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard

Snapshot by Ricky Cadden on Tuesday October 14, 2008.

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[Don't forget to check out our full video review of the AT&T Quickfire! -editor]

AT&T is blazing new trails with its Quickfire cell phone, announced today. Looking similar to T-Mobile's Sidekick, the AT&T Quickfire boasts a large 2.8" QVGA touchscreen display, which slides up to reveal a QWERTY keyboard for convenient text input.

The AT&T Quickfire is a true world phone, with quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz) and tri-band UMTS (850/1900/2100MHz) support for high-speed data transfers. Bluetooth is also on board, with the A2DP profile for wireless stereo headsets.

The AT&T Quickfire's 1.3 megapixel camera also records video, and the microSD card slot should offer plenty of storage options. This sliding cell phone is set to be available in November 2008, priced at $99.99 after a 2-year contract and mail-in rebate. The AT&T Quickfire will be available in silver, with your choice of lime green, orange, or silver accents.

Specifications for the AT&T Quickfire
Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, UMTS 850/1900/2100MHz
Size 109mm x 56mm x 18mm (4.3" x 2.2" x 0.7")
Weight 136g (4.8oz)
Battery 1200mAh
Battery Life Estimated 12.5 days standby time
Estimated 3 hours talk time
Main Display 2.8" 262k color touchscreen TFT, QVGA (240x320 pixel) resolution
Camera 1.3 megapixel
Video Record/Playback
Messaging SMS/MMS/IM
Email POP3 and Web-based
Bluetooth Yes with A2DP
Memory 29MB internal, microSD card slot
Availability Planned November 2008
Other Speakerphone, built-in A-GPS support, QWERTY keyboard


Becky @ 10:48:11PM EST on Saturday February 28, 2009

The Quickfire is soo kool.
I don't have one but I REALLY want one so bad.

kk @ 5:29:10PM EST on Sunday March 1, 2009

the quick fire is so not cool i just got it 2 hours ago and it is just horrible DO NOT GET THIS PHONE the touch screen is HORRIBLE it doesnt even work you have to like pound on it a million times trust me it is just a wast of money i am going to trade it in for the pantex matrix if u go off and buy this phone thinking my coment did not help well as soon as u turn it on u will find out i will adment that this phone was a great idea but they need to improve it

=[ Teri @ 9:34:12PM EST on Monday March 2, 2009

i loved it buti just cracked my screen ne one know where i can get one for cheap =[

spider9010spider @ 1:31:31AM EST on Tuesday March 3, 2009

I love this phone. No you don't have to pound on it a million times for it to work. you're not even supposed to put pressure on the screen to use it. you just touch it...thus touch screen. some people have glitches with it but i've rarely had problems with it. just go to your store if you have any problems and they'll give you a new one

Unlucky @ 3:09:14PM EST on Tuesday March 3, 2009

I purchased this phone the week it came out not knowing it was a brand new model. I really enjoyed it for about the first month to 2months then I started having charging problems with the battery. It would charge and stay completely charged for like 2 days then barely stay charged, as in only like a 1 1/2 hr.stand by time,for the next 3 to 4 days. I got a replacement battery that didn't work, then I had to get a replacement phone that is working fine so far. I found out recently though that they are pulling the Quickfire off theshelf for the battery life problem I had and for the fact that some of them spark when the charger isn't inserted correctly. If you have either of these problems with the phone they are replacing them with either a Samsung Propel or a LG Vu. The propel has a Qwerty keyboard while the Vu touch screen and while it has a Qwerty keyboard it is a touch screen one. So you have to give some aspect of this phone up. My recommendation is to keep the phone until it dies or you can upgrade because it is a fantastic phone

brooke worm :) !! @ 6:52:08PM EST on Tuesday March 3, 2009

i want this phone soooo bad all my friends have it and they think its awsome when i use i barley touch the screen and it goes the cameras amazing and the kepoards sweet and i love how it slides and its easy to use!!!!!!!

spiderisaliar @ 7:12:16PM EST on Thursday March 5, 2009

ok number one becky never go off of what u c on the internet check it out in real life. and number two spider it dosnt work that way my quickfire has a terrible touch screen u do have to literally pound on it i showed ATT and they really just said that sucks you have it for two more years.

dem @ 2:29:44PM EST on Friday March 6, 2009

I've had the quickfire for a couple of months and i went to the AT&T store to purchase a USB cable and they told me they no longer carry the Quickfire!!!! I asked the salesman why and he said because someone had one that caught on fire. Mine seems to work fine and I don't have any problems w/the battery. I noticed that if I use my camara, camcorder or internet a lot, it uses up the battery pretty quick. So charge it, no big deal. No phone is perfect and I MUCH prefer the push-up keyboard then a touch screen one. I'm thinking about getting a similar phone since AT&T doesn't support the quickfire anymore and you can't buy accessories for it from them.

kee-kee @ 1:17:49PM EDT on Sunday March 8, 2009

Actually i have the pantech matrix and it keep on breaking.i take very good care of it bt it just not workin.

Julialoveyaxo @ 4:20:10PM EDT on Sunday March 8, 2009

I really like my Quickfire. nothing bad has happened to it yet. Its strong even though I drop it a lot... The touch screen it heat sensored so blow onto it with hot breath then touch it. It makes it easier. I just takes some getting used to. The longer you have it the more you'll like it.

Karol @ 3:47:43PM EDT on Tuesday March 10, 2009

You better out the quickfire back in stores. That's my dream phone and i cant live without it.

Matt @ 5:23:11PM EDT on Tuesday March 10, 2009

I have this phone and it is great i love it!! This phone can do everything mu old phone could. I highly recommend it

Dena @ 11:49:59AM EDT on Wednesday March 11, 2009

I really dislike this phone. The first one broke just after 30 days. The replacement isn't any better than the first. The keypad often doesn't respond to "touch" and I have to agressively press into the keypad. The slider is non-responsive and non-sensitive. I often have to search in order to get to the contact I want.

If you're doing research before buying a phone DON'T buy this one.

natalia @ 3:40:29PM EDT on Wednesday March 11, 2009

i just wanna say that i think when i get the quickfire i will like it dose it have enternet by the way it is so cool and are their other colors besides green is their blue and for you'r information can you make an at&t sidekick please in blue red purple green sliver black and more colors.

Tammy @ 5:15:48PM EDT on Thursday March 12, 2009

Hate this phone. Within a few days the paint was rubbing off the keys on the key pad. I called At&t and they basically told me oh well there isnt anything we can do until its time for renewal, which is two years. They said to get some stickers and put on the keys. Now a month later half of the keys you cant even see what letter they are supposed to be. In addition, the phone just shuts off in the middle of a call or while texting. It goes to the goodbye screen and stays there until I take the battery out.

britt @ 5:17:31PM EDT on Friday March 13, 2009

i want this phoneee sooooo bad.! :) i hope
i get it eventually.?

ryan_5308 @ 10:17:59AM EDT on Saturday March 14, 2009

i went to go buy this phone and i couldnt find it on at&t's website. is it only a business phone? or what???

lmihollister777 @ 11:52:00AM EDT on Saturday March 14, 2009

omg im getting this phone wickedd soon i saw b4 but my opinion is it's amzing easy 4 txting and good 4 pics so easy 2 use and i rlly recomned u get this

oamy/ohdear @ 5:06:50PM EDT on Sunday March 15, 2009

so i realllllllllllllllllly want this phone i have a palm centro and i pretty much am sick of it. So did they get rid of the quickfire? what happend to it??

olegan @ 9:47:48PM EDT on Sunday March 15, 2009

I love this phone but i dont have one and i am going 2 murder my parnets if i have to inorder 2 get this phone

blaqjac @ 2:11:47PM EDT on Monday March 16, 2009

i was thinking about switching companies do you still sale this phone if so how do i get it please reply asap....

Marie @ 4:17:38PM EDT on Monday March 16, 2009

I have this phone in lime green. It's cute, but it's HORRIBLE. I HATE AT&T. First of all, the buttons don't work half the time. Second of all, and the worst part, is that its doesn't tell me when I get calls and text messages sometimes! It just is completely unresponsive although it is on and fully charged. Then, all of a sudden, four hours later, I will get blown up with about 20 texts and 10 missed calls. My boyfriend gets mad because of it and doesn't believe me. Does anybody else have this problem? I HATE THIS PHONE! No wonder they stopped selling it!

laur @ 4:46:34PM EDT on Monday March 16, 2009

DO NOT GET THE QUICKFIRE it sucks so bad. the touch screen is partially non-responsive and you do in fact have to touch it like a million times its awful. also, you can not text on the screen you have to use the key pad SO annoying games on it are a complete failure and the features suck. the menu can not be changed/there are no "quick buttons" you can customize for your ease. i used the calendar on my old phone for appointments and such and now I continually miss them. there is no easy way to get to the calendar and sometimes the alarms just dont go off. also, my phone will randomly not make any noise when i turn it to vibrate. i hate the quickfire. don't buy this phone because it looks cool. what's cool is texting your friends and it makes it impossible.

Mom @ 1:37:42PM EDT on Tuesday March 17, 2009

Don't get this phone.. Got it in December for my 14 year old daughter and ever since she has had nothing but trouble with it. First the phone would shut off for no reason. Then it would freeze up and had to shut off completely. Then we receive notice from AT&T that phone can overheat if charger is not inserted correctly. This past weekend phone went dead and tried charging but would not charge. Bought new charger and still will not charge. Called AT&T and all they say is that they dont' have any in stock. So I ask them when they will be in stock and all they can say is that they don't know. So I ask are you still selling the phone and the rep tells me NO. So basically it sounds like AT&T is no longer going to be sellign this model. They told me I can replace the phone with 3 other models they have which are the Samsung Propel, The Pantech Matrix or the LG VU. Anyone that has the phone now get it replaced ASAP

Emily_baby @ 9:15:46PM EDT on Tuesday March 17, 2009

I've had this stupid phone since November and I absoloutley HATE it. It's horrible. I admit, I dropped it a couple of times. But when I put the phone on my bed, the screen broke. I don't know how to describe it. It's horrible. The touch screen doesn't work. It's super slow. And the camera isn't very good. My friend got it after me because she liked it, and she hates it as well. Hers has more problems then mine. It only allows her to have 19 text messages in her inbox. And her phone charger caught on fire. I found out that they stopped selling the Quickfire because it had so many problems and because of the charger problem. Since mine broke, i'm stuck with one of my old ones until i can find a new one. Do not get this phone!

kelsey compton @ 11:52:40AM EDT on Wednesday March 18, 2009

the quickfire DOES NOT have bluetooth. it freezes and supposedly catches on fire

Michael Oryl @ 12:30:58PM EDT on Wednesday March 18, 2009

It does have Bluetooth. There are no known cases of it catching fire, either. It will overheat if you stick the charger plug in upside-down, though.

Shybear @ 9:18:27AM EDT on Thursday March 19, 2009

I love this cell, but i have no idea of how much it is...could someone tell me??? Leeann_93@yahoo.com

tiff @ 5:30:11PM EDT on Thursday March 19, 2009

i hate this dad gum phone. when i charge it for over 25 minutes the keyboard gets so hott that u cant touch it. the phone freezes up on you an you hardly ever get too do what u want on it. no bluetooth ! never get this stupid azz phone

zetababy79 @ 6:53:46PM EDT on Thursday March 19, 2009

I've had this phone for a couple of months and I love it. I traded my Blackberry for the Quickfire. I have had NO problems with the phone and I can't believe AT&T won't carry it anymore. I just have ONE COMPLAINT - THE BATTERY LIFE. I bought another battery so I always have a charged one on hand. A bit of a hassle but no phone is perfect.

sdbsak @ 8:41:41PM EDT on Thursday March 19, 2009

I absolutely hate this phone. Please do NOT get this phone. I have had it for about 2 months now. I thought it worked well at first, but now I can barely do anything with the touch screen. Also this phone is so bad it was taken off the shelf because one caught and fire. This phone is terrible so please don't get it.

meagan meg @ 12:43:14PM EDT on Friday March 20, 2009


G @ 5:18:27PM EDT on Saturday March 21, 2009

g dis fone rite her iz da BOM! it lik da bess ting i eva got befoe. it tite! i luv dis fone cuzz wen i tipe onn it it lik neva eva skroows upp! it iz lik da bess eva! fo shizzle, dis fone rool! iss DOPE, brotha!

Puddding347 @ 9:26:16AM EDT on Sunday March 22, 2009

wow i heard it cathes on fire... no wonder its called QUICKFIRE. but i hope they arent taking it off the shelves bcuz i was rly looking foward to buying it. and i dont believe that it catches on fire bcuz sumbody had to know bout that before they but it up fer sale. alotta ppl complain bout this phone but the problems they talk bout arent true.. i mean catching on fire????

losquentin20 @ 8:37:11PM EDT on Tuesday March 24, 2009

okay soo basically wanted this phone.. and got it for an xmas present.. I LOVEDDDD it.. i rele did and i still do,, im sad to see it go.. BUTTT the touch screen is slow to react.. i have to pound it.. my sd card will not work.. the video time sucks.. bcuz on mine you can only send videos that are like 12 seconds or less. that rele sucks in my opinion. MY alarms sometimes dont go off, i miss calls cuz it doesnt ring, or my texts dont ring//vibrate. i honestly love this phone, but with those problems.. and it barely holds a charge. ALsO 3 hr talk time is a BIG LIE.. more like 1 hr and then the battery is like gone..


johnny @ 12:08:52PM EDT on Wednesday March 25, 2009

ok i have the quickfire, its ok but it's battery lasts like 3 hours. the quickfire is cool but i can't stand the battery, my old phone the Samsung A737's battery would last a week without me having to charge it. i hope this comment is helpful to others even though they can't get the quickfire because AT&T quit producing it.

smileyy:] @ 9:33:13PM EDT on Wednesday March 25, 2009

okk, so when i got this phone i thought it was the coolest phone ever. and it was for about 4 months. then the other day is started shutting off randomly and becoming blank. and i would have to shut it off and restart it, then it would be alright. however, today i tried to restart it and it wouldnt start up and a blank screen would come up and a bunch of different colors. it was awful. its completely useless now. the touch screen can be a bit of a hassle, too. i would have to rehit the button a few times. and the keys wore down in about 2 weeks. i highlyyy suggest not getting this phone. well, you cant anyways now. theyre recalling the phone, it will catch on fire. ohh. greatttt phone! hah.

Teresa! @ 12:17:48PM EDT on Friday March 27, 2009

hey all!
i'v been wanting to get this phone and i just wanted to know some stuff about it like..
can you send files through bluetooth?
i heard you cant do that with this phone : (
i like to send pictures and get ringtones from my friends and i do that frecuently to its kinda a big thing for me so if anyones nice enough to write me back on tesa_210@yahoo.com that would be just lovely!!
thank you!

Tyler @ 2:32:44PM EDT on Saturday March 28, 2009

i called quickfire last week because i was having problems with the touchscreen and i chose to get the lg vu, but the phone hasnt got here yet because its on backorder, so i was bored and i took the battery out of the phone and when i put it back in it sparked and smoke came out of the phone and now it will onl work if the charger is connected, because the second i take it of the charger it immediatly shuts off.... so what im saying is this phone is horrible... ive had better flip phones then this... i recomend not buying The Quickfire IT SUCKS!!!!!

Hollister22 @ 10:37:22AM EDT on Sunday March 29, 2009

i think the quickfire is a really kool fone because it has a touch screen and a keyboard and i luv both of'em
so i dont think it will cach on fire or the keybord get sooo hot. i am so getting this fone bc its the best fone in the hole world i luv it!!!

Guitarism4518 @ 8:46:32PM EDT on Sunday March 29, 2009

If your thinking of getting this phone do NOT. The touchscreen barely works. You have to like pound it a few times and then it still barely works. If you dont think im right, once you get it ull know what im talking about. It is a waste of money.....trust me. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE.

J-ster @ 10:29:42PM EDT on Sunday March 29, 2009

I have had the quickfire since December 15, and it has been working fine until the last couple of weeks. I have charged over-night, and for one whole day and it just keeps losing its battery life. I don't use the internet or the music at all, and it likes to freeze up and then i have to turn it off and back on again. I don't know what is wrong.....I called the at&t store,
and the store was closed...:{ I am going to try to call tomorrow. I think they owe me a new phone, because I have only had it for almost 4 months. I like the Samsung Propel..That phone is sweet!

katie @ 12:50:31PM EDT on Monday March 30, 2009

this phone sucks, theres a recall on them bec dumb people cant seem to plug the charger in correctly. even if u wanted this phone they have taken them off the shelf. i dont recommd this phone the touch screen sucks. and no you cant use bluetooth to send anything which i was disappointed with. :(

Fred @ 6:27:48PM EDT on Monday March 30, 2009

In the past I was able to assign a specific ringtone to an individual and it worked. I did this for multiple individuals. Now, the only ringtone that works is the main one, even though I have designated specific ringtones to a number of individuals. Anyone else have this problem?

tiffany @ 6:50:00PM EDT on Monday March 30, 2009

I'm selling mine

madmoo @ 9:27:28PM EDT on Monday March 30, 2009

DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!!!!!! IF YOU DROP IT, TOO BAD, ITS GONE. THE TOUCH SCREEN GOES BLANK RANDOMLY! TRUST ME! i just dropped it 2 minutes ago! i was just like you. i was in love with this phone! but i dont want it to happen to you! listen! dont get it!

megan @ 11:30:42PM EDT on Monday March 30, 2009

i really want this phone i think its the coolest phone ever my only problem is if they pulled it off the shelf when will they put back more? i would really love to buy this phone so if anyone has any information that would be very helpful.

Teresa @ 11:22:58AM EDT on Tuesday March 31, 2009

I hate this stupid phone, bought it in December and the screen does not work right and i lost the charger and cannot find another one anywhere, not even AT&T carries them. this phone sucks!!!!!!!

Larry @ 6:28:00PM EDT on Tuesday March 31, 2009

This phone just like any other will have problems. Take the blackjack, they had to make a second one to keep up with the technology and to get rid of the bugs from the first one. I love my phone and i also have problems with the touch screen but it is still a great phone to buy. You can work around the touch screen issues by using the key pad so i suggest that a person buying this phone should actually play with it and figure it out firs.

k1ngstat @ 11:51:47PM EDT on Wednesday April 1, 2009

this phone is very cheap i promise thats why at&t discontinued it!

nini @ 9:08:14PM EDT on Friday April 3, 2009

it is so cool i just got it and it on fire

angery @ 5:57:30PM EDT on Sunday April 5, 2009

i had this phone for about 3 months. takes about 1 minute for it to start and shut off. the locking of the phone is terrible, it barely works. TOUCH SCREEN NEVER WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i advise you not to get the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

em @ 9:08:44PM EDT on Sunday April 5, 2009

im really mad that the att ppl had to recall the phone!!!! but at least they are making it better! =) i want that phone soooooooo bad! well i have to wait till november to get a new phone!=( i really hope its bak out by then!

em @ 9:11:42PM EDT on Sunday April 5, 2009

im really mad that the att ppl had to recall the phone!!!! but at least they are making it better! =) i want that phone soooooooo bad! well i have to wait till november to get a new phone!=( i really hope its back out by then!

tini beanie @ 2:02:19PM EDT on Monday April 6, 2009

wow...i just ordered this phone on ebay and its coming on thursday...im scared now!!

xedgex @ 10:08:17AM EDT on Tuesday April 7, 2009

I thought that this phone would have been cool to own, i ignored the reviews and bought it, and now I regret it. This phone is awful for the most part. The touch screen is the biggest flaw, while the battery not lasting is right behind it. Sometimes the key pad buttons dont even work. The only positives are that its a good text phone, and it looks cool.

mm @ 10:47:10AM EDT on Tuesday April 7, 2009

THESE PHONES SUCK A** i got one for christmas and i cant wait to get rid of it! The touch screen sucks and it hardly ever works...

krizzo @ 8:03:06PM EDT on Tuesday April 7, 2009

okay, so i have the quickfire and have had it since it came out in november. it totally sucks. sometimes i charge it for a day and its good for two and then i go to charge it and it doesnt hold the charge at all. also it just turns off. ill be in the middle of a call or text and the it just stops. i have to take out the battery and put it back in. it freezes alot too. ill be on the internet (which sucks. its sooo slow.) and it will just freeze on that page. i have to take the battery out then too. sometimes it says a little r at the top and i wont be able to get or send text and call or recieve calls. i have to turn it off once again. the paint came off almost all my buttons and off the sides of the slider. the screen and the slider are soo unresponsive. sometimes i just give up. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!! it sucks soo bad. i am soo glad they decided to get rid of it. the only thing it was good for was the fact that it was sturdy and still 'worked' after you dropped it. also its a good paperweight. im going to go talk to the people at the store and try to get a new phone.

Eric @ 3:26:09PM EDT on Thursday April 9, 2009

The phone is all around pretty good. The touch screen isn't the most sensitive, but I find my self using the qwerty keyboard to go through menus. It's only froze on me a couple times, and only when I switch menus or apps too fast.

About the whole "catching on fire" deal. It catches on fire if you put the Charger in wrong. Only a brain dead half-wit would force the charger in if it didn't fit.

Battery life stinks. But I manage to get through the day and charge at night, while I sleep

Jessie lynn @ 11:13:15PM EDT on Tuesday April 14, 2009

this phone sucks !! The touch screen doesn't work at all!! It has a late reaction time thing ( which is aweful ) It heated up really bad !! also, the screen freezes up & the internet slow..... I'm gonna go to the at&t place and try to trade it in !!! who=ever is reading this : DO NOT BUY THE QUICK FIRE !!

something @ 11:56:31PM EDT on Tuesday April 14, 2009

look ppl the quickfire isnt sellig nemore so if u dnt have 1 look 4ward to the new fonescoming out... its a good phone slow somethimes but mine is good i take care of it and i hatge wen otha ppl use it thts all u have to do if u have this phone and u wanna keep it, i luv my fone i cnt go an hr w/o it

Tiffi @ 1:34:20AM EDT on Thursday April 16, 2009

This is a good phone for texting but other wise it is a cheep phone. I had mine for 3 months and it has already broken!

Kaylee @ 11:03:25PM EDT on Thursday April 16, 2009

I have the Quickfire, I've had it since December-ish. I have problems with the touchscreen- but only occasionally. I think the phone is sturdy etc, but am considering asking At&t for a new phone since everyone else seems to have so much trouble with theirs.

I'm wondering if anyone knows exactly why At&t took the phone off the market?
& does At&t allow you to exchange for another phone w/o paying money for a new phone plan etc?

Adam @ 9:24:27AM EDT on Friday April 17, 2009

For all of you out there that keep fat-fingering your touchscreen your idiots. you don't have to pound on the keyboard you prolly broke it doin that first instead of reading your manual. it takes light taps the screen is very responsive as long as you know what you are doing you prolly try using your nails to tap it's heat sensative responds to light finger touches. I have had the phone for 6 months with none of the problems you are talking about. i have even dropped it a few times from over 3 feet and still no problems. For those of you out there that figure out how to plug in a charger, your idiots too, that's why the phone comes with a manual read it before you start playing with it so you don't destroy it, like it sounds like many of you have done. it will also keep you from putting the charger in backwards which any with kindergarten diploma can figure out how to put it in right. the paint on the fingers doesn't come off that easy, the woman that had the happen is prolly using here fingernails to type and scraping the heck out of them, cut your nails that's nasty anyway. I say again read your manual and it will save you the headaches that it seams many have had. It is what people in my profession call operator error. My wife doesn't like the phone because she can't work the touchscreen, then when she gives it to me I can fly through the menus, light taps and stop fat fingering the screen, that's called button mashing. i hope this helps anyone with questions.

Haley @ 11:34:17AM EDT on Tuesday April 21, 2009

Dont get this phone after a few months the screen will turn white and the phone becomes useless, they stopped selling these phones for a damn good reason (i have never dropped my phone)

D @ 2:31:47PM EDT on Wednesday April 29, 2009

kk is right...you have to hit the screen several times for it to work. I have looked in the manual and the person at the store can't figure it out either, but once the missed call list goes off your screen you cannot find your missed calls. I was on the phone received a call, the missed call message appeared on the screen and I accidentally hit the side button and the message disappeared,so that caller is gone if they did not leave a message.....The Qwerty keyboard is nice, but the other functions on the phone are NOT. I would not recommend this phone.

Warranty worker @ 10:47:26PM EDT on Thursday April 30, 2009

Do not buy this phone! I work for a company that deals with issues on these on a daily basis. They even have a tendancy to actually catch fire! How ironic, hence the name quick"FIRE".

grizz @ 8:34:28PM EDT on Friday May 1, 2009

hey tiffany...how much? i understand ya'll having problems but honestly i have a razr and some of the same things happen...thats life...as far as catching on fire well thats not with every phone, and as far as battery life that is EVERY phone. if any of you have an orange one im willing to buy it off ya...but not if it has all the problems listed above...id rather cause those myself then get one from an idiot who messed up! thanks and im sure att has a good reason bc they have discont. alot of phones and others have them

Joey @ 11:30:27AM EDT on Saturday May 2, 2009

I have a quickfire but lost the charger. can anyone help me with that, also im happy with mine i dont have any problems although i dii miss a call and never found out who it was.

cee @ 7:55:27PM EDT on Tuesday May 5, 2009

I loved my phone at first, however the Yahoo IM will freeze up and the only way to sign me out or get the Yahoo Icon off, is to do a Master Clear... Also, for the rude person who posted, my paint came off the numbers for me too and I do not have long nails and I have very clean hands! It rubs off with a lot of use. I actually had a recent issue with the charger not charging. When I plugged in the phone it would say "usb connected" and as soon as i let go, it would say disconnected. AT&T was not helpful. It wasnt until I went to the store a third time and had the Sales Associate call that I was able to get a crappy refurbished Quickfire. My new refurbished quickfire has a better battery life, but the yahoo IM feature still freezes. I miss cingular. I had much better customer service when I was a cingular customer.

F1UFFY @ 7:55:56PM EDT on Wednesday May 13, 2009

I Was Wondering If Anyone Here Is Looking For A Quickfire Phone I Just Got It A Week Ago And I Wanted To get A Phone And I Thought I Would Like It But It Was Alright...I Kinda Want A LG Incite So Yeah...Its In Great Condition No Scratches, Pretty Much Brand New....I Will Either Trade For A LG Incite Or Sell It For $ 120.00

Just E-mail Me If Interested =)


nick @ 11:49:32PM EDT on Friday May 15, 2009

YES!!! if i was to purchase this phone does it have the 4-way arrows onto the phone.

lala @ 8:32:04PM EDT on Sunday May 17, 2009

I LOVE MY PHONE!!!!!!!!! Everybody I know is asking me to trade phone with them.

mADDIE @ 10:18:43PM EDT on Tuesday May 19, 2009

DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!! i got it and the touch screen does not work it does send txt messages very well and sometimes you can do half the app.s on the phone!!! Do not waste your money!!

Lexi @ 2:55:08PM EDT on Saturday May 23, 2009

i waant a Quickfire really bad.... I am getting it ithink this weekend and if it doesnt work like some of u ppl said it didn't then i am going to return it and get a new phone

chels @ 5:28:05PM EDT on Monday May 25, 2009

the quickfire is the worst phone i've ever had! DO NOT WATSE YOUR MONEY ON THE QUICKFIRE!! the touchscreen does work, yes, but it stops working after about 2 months! it freezes and gets horrible service!

KC @ 4:35:07PM EDT on Wednesday May 27, 2009

um ok ur not supposed to put pressure on the screen its touch screen my stab screen. the touch screen is sometimes unresponsive but that rarely really happens. And for all you people who are complaining, when you go in the At&t store they put it out so u can test it out so if this was such a bad phone why would ur dum ass buy it. and if u didnt go to the store and try it that was mistake number one. I'm a texter and this phone is a great phone to do that with. I dont use the internet much but when i do it works great. The navigation is a big help.MY battery goes through the whole day even sometimes in the next if i forget to charge it. Overall I think its a wonderful I couldn't be more happy.

blah @ 7:11:50PM EDT on Thursday May 28, 2009

okay so i begged my parents for this phone and they got it for me, i loved it at first but now alls it does it cause me problems! it ovheats, the touch screen is awful!! and it shuts off randomlyy. you cant even buy a usb cable anymore bc at&t stopped carrying it so now you cant buy any accesories which isnt fair to the people who still have it! anyways it was already messed up to begin with but when i was doing my hir the other day, it plopped right into the toilett. now at&t will NOT take it back and ughhh! they dont understand it was like that to start whether the sticker is red or not! i need soem serious help. any suggestions please reply saying to blah : thanks everybodyy <3

anners @ 8:53:37PM EDT on Sunday May 31, 2009

daddy i want this phone please please please

sam @ 9:19:26PM EDT on Monday June 1, 2009

does anyone know how well the battery holds a charge?

JO @ 4:25:26PM EDT on Friday June 5, 2009

So my dad called the company a while ago and this phone sucks! The man was like..."oh well you just have to buy a new sim card" and well...the screen froze!! I've only had this phone for a couple of weeks now and it worked fine at first, but now it just completely fell apart! Don't get why people still want it if they hear so many bad comments about it.

lexi @ 6:02:22PM EDT on Thursday June 11, 2009

I absolutely loved this phone! I fell in love with it because I wanted the sidekick but I had AT and T. So I bought it with all my money and I had it for 1 month and it broke so I got a new one. It hasnt been 5 months and I now have to return it and get another phone that I wish I didn't have to get. I have the worlds smallest camera flip phone and it has gone through the washing machine and is over 2 years old and hasn't broke once. They need to test their next phone like this more! AT AND T COME OUT WITH A NEW QUICKFIRE!!!

kel @ 12:13:09PM EDT on Friday June 12, 2009

i got my phone for christmas just and i loved it till half the touchsceen doesnt work and battery life is horrible i lateer found out the pulled this phone of the shelves and an sending my phone in and hope to get a new one dont buy iy

hi @ 8:46:01PM EDT on Monday June 15, 2009

U guys this is my dream phone and I love it SO much. I am getting it very soon as a reward for the end of the school year. You guys may have problems with your Quickfires, but I am getting one anyway and I hope it will not have the same problems.

mel @ 7:59:57AM EDT on Saturday June 20, 2009

i love this phone, i've had it for a couple of months now, and everything has been working fine. the only thing i would say i didn't LOVE about this phone is that the buttons on the keypad smudged off very quickly. and also a note if you already have the phone, DO NOT MESS WITH THE PINLOCK CODE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. i seriously locked mine up and i'm going today to see if i can get a new one!

Katie @ 10:52:33AM EDT on Monday June 22, 2009

I have this phone- and my brother hates it mostly because he has an iPod Touch, where the touchscreen is really advanced. But this one, the trick to it is touching it with the outside SIDE of your right thumb. Poking it repeatedly does nothing. It took me a couple of days to figure it out- but the keyboard is amazing. The keys aren't like the Rumor where they're wide, but thin and really kind of weird. The keyboard took no time how to type really fast. The camera is OKish, I was used to a 2.0 pixel camera on my last phone, but this one has a 1.3. One other thing- when you are trying to text more than one person at a time, the SENT SUCCESSFULLY gets a little annoying. Does anyone know if that is a setting or not?

attcellphones @ 10:00:13PM EDT on Monday June 22, 2009

I see one user say AT&T nowe Goes on sale the Quickfire Phone For Only $29:http://www.att-phones.org/att-goes-on-sale-the-quickfire-phone-for-only-29.html

gracie @ 10:08:45PM EDT on Tuesday June 23, 2009

this phone stinks!!!it has a terrible touchscreen and its not even quick and its called the quickfire!!!!!whats up with that!!!!the camera also has terrible veiwing and the pictures come out with like ur face all ovr the place!do not get this phone!i repeat do not get this phone!!!!

Hannah @ 6:12:36PM EDT on Thursday June 25, 2009

I've heard the Quickfire has some problems, but I've had it for over six months, and the only minor inconvenience I've had is that when it's on zero battery, the screen is a bit less responsive. I assume that's because it's literally about to die, though. I like it, personally.

danielle @ 11:20:09AM EDT on Monday June 29, 2009

this phone sucks.. i bought it and it broke twice leaving att to send me two new ones. which still suck. i even tried going in to trade it in for a different phone but they wouldnt allow me to.. even after they took it off the market completely.

yomayn @ 12:38:54AM EDT on Tuesday June 30, 2009

so i like the way this phone looks i dnt know why some poeples have so much problems and some are perfectly fine?
i dont know what phone to get i know nothing about phones.im due for an upgrade on july 7 what shouD I GET?

email please on cheap good qwerty phones


Jay @ 12:54:02PM EDT on Tuesday June 30, 2009

Alright, I got the phone for Christmas. After a few months I've noticed some problems. My charger is broken (just got a new one and that doesn't work either), to go on Youtube it cost a hell lot of money, and it has alot of minor glitches. BUT! On the bright side, this thing is indistructable. I dropped mine at least 20 times on carpet, wood, concrete, you name it. I wouldn't reccomend it, but it's a decent phone.

ash @ 5:01:39PM EDT on Tuesday June 30, 2009

thats weird everybody keeps saying really bad things about the quickfire ad evryone keeps saying that at&t doesnt carry it anymore well they do still carry i work in a mall and the store at our mall still has it and i just orders one online 2 days ago from the at&t website its self i have heard so many good things about this phone and so many bad i guess i will have to find out for myself

the sheet @ 7:52:56PM EDT on Friday July 3, 2009

i dont know what you guys are talking about know phones coght on fire and yes they DO still have this phone for sale i just orderd 3 for my hole family and there are no problems with it.... it is the best phone!

zcxscfz @ 5:00:59PM EDT on Thursday July 9, 2009

i'm from romania how can i buy rhis phone. please help

Haley @ 10:19:09PM EDT on Friday August 7, 2009

i absolutly hate this phone. The touch screen barely worked to start with and now is not working at all. the battery life is horrible. it stays charged for aboyut 4 hours max. sometimes only two and it sometimes takes a full day to recharge it. At times when the touch screen actually works it goes to the wrong thing and there is no way to recalibrate the screen. It scratches very easily it doesn't have very good reception anywhere. i already to return it twice and get a new battery after only 8 months nad now i need another one. They already had to send me 2 replacement charges because the others stopped working. And to other peoples comments no it is not a buisness phone, the reason you can't find it to purchase one is because they already stopped making it after it was only out for two months. Do not buy this phone!!!!!!!! it is a peice of junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

christy @ 11:07:45PM EDT on Tuesday August 11, 2009

i have the quickfire and it sucks!!!...dont get it!!!!!....the touch screen is very bad!!!!...

Sondra @ 1:25:15PM EDT on Wednesday August 12, 2009

I got this phone back in November and I love it. At first there was some trouble with the charger but AT&T sent new ones and now they work fine. The touch screen is great, it works almost all the time. It is alittle large but you can't expect much smaller from a phone with a full keyboard. The keys are small but unless you have giant hands then they should be fine. The phone has a lot of great features that make texting a breeze. Overall the Quickfire is a good phone and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to text.

me(all i can be) amber @ 6:29:28PM EDT on Saturday August 29, 2009

i'm waiting for my phone in the mail and i'm soooo phsyched!! looooove iiiitttt! what phone doesn't have their problems anyway? that's why we all need new ones!

tustin @ 8:52:16PM EDT on Tuesday September 8, 2009

how much is it?

Tayyyy @ 7:33:06PM EDT on Monday September 14, 2009

does anyone know how long it takes to charge?

Nickey @ 2:30:42PM EDT on Tuesday September 22, 2009

I want to throw this thing out a window. It never registers my "touch" and i agree that you have to hit it over and over again for it to register. yes it is a "touch" screen, but even when you "touch" it over and over again it doesnt register. Also i have issues with when i hit messaging it goes to internet, if i hit adress book it goes to call vibrate, it freezes constantly and the texting is slow. as for the camera and video, i was interviewing bands for our local music festival and had the opportunity of a lifetime to watch modest mouse from the actual stage and tried recording and everytime i hit save, it highlighted the delete feild and deleted the video 4 TIMES! its a waste of money, and a thick piece of crap.

kat @ 5:42:10PM EDT on Thursday September 24, 2009

the quickfire is a terrible phone. anyone who thinks it is a good phone ... wait untill a couple months and you will think different! i got this phone for my birthday last year amd loved it for the first month, then it would be slow and annoying. after 6 months of having the phone it was completly broken, the words were backwards and upside down, it was completly insane how broken it was. i went to the store and the woman said that i had no water damage and i havent dropped it. so i got the same phone agian and had it for another 6 months and 2 days ago guess what happens the phone screen is upside down and backwards and everthing is slated and glitchy! it is obviosly not my fault if it happened twice! its a horrible phone and i hate it so much! now im stuck with a phone that is completly impossible to see what the screen is doing and i cant get a new phone for a while.. but when i do get a new phone, i am ABSOLUTLY sure that i will not buy the peice of crap they call a quickfire. i recomend you do the same.

( get it?!)

billie williams @ 4:33:50AM EDT on Sunday September 27, 2009

touch screen will not work

Tim @ 10:59:59AM EDT on Saturday October 10, 2009

im trying to get a phone for my mum

thenyster @ 4:32:39PM EDT on Friday October 23, 2009

this phone is really crappy. i dropped the phone on my lap once, and the touch screen broke. i sent it in and got a replacement and the touch screen just randomly stopped working.

DONT GET THIS PHONE @ 4:08:59PM EST on Friday November 6, 2009

DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have it. its terrible the touchscreen sucks. mine doesnt even work one bit when im charging it and im constiantly charging it so its practically useless. you NEED the touchscreen to text, the keyboard is terrbile also. i find myself pushing keys 2-3 times until it works. camera sucks. ive gone through 4 chargers because theyve been fried. the phone gets hot resting on my desk. It's good at first but after awhile, it will start dying on you. As mine is. Just listen. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE>!!!

Khonstantine @ 9:51:50PM EST on Monday November 16, 2009

THIS PHONE SUCKS!! the touch screen is very annoying, as it often opens the internet and email when you were tapping on the messaging button. Address book is unbelievably slow. Video quality is terrible. Don't ever get this phone

kagjoiejg @ 6:31:02PM EST on Saturday November 21, 2009

you guys i don't know why you all think this phone is so good. I own it and it sucks. first of all, its like an inch and a half thick. second the touch screen is sooo unpredictable. half the time it works perfect, then the otherhalf it doesn't work whatsoever, like you'll touch a button and nothing happens. then the worst time is when the screen gets overlly sensitive. i will be trying to text someone and it will press send when im in the middle of writing!! Seriously guys i am not happy with this phone. thats not even all thats wrong with it.

quaston @ 1:37:04PM EST on Friday January 8, 2010

do u have to use the internet on this fone????

Aaron Attack @ 10:58:48PM EST on Saturday January 16, 2010

ok so yes att pulled the phone but!! i got mine from the wallmart web site all you gotta do is order it

Meka @ 9:31:48PM EST on Friday February 5, 2010

this phone is A VERY BAD PHONE!!! i have had this fone every since august 22 of last year and i started having problems 1 month after i got it but i didnt think it was a big problem..now that problem is getting bigger and causing more problems... the phone want stay charged, it will send the message if you are still writing, sometimes the ringtones on the phone won't play if your receving a call or text message... and it cut off on me three times today....I COMPLETELY HATE IT!!!!

-sapphire; @ 10:23:49PM EST on Sunday February 7, 2010

-The quickfire SUCKS!!!! my phone just turned into this white screen, its stupid; D0 N0T GET THiS PH0NE!! it does not have blue tooth; its just a horrible choice i hate it; D0NT GET iT!!!

Jorge @ 7:19:11PM EST on Wednesday February 24, 2010

Hola soy de Cuenca Ecuador..
Tengo un Quickfire de AT&T quisiera saber como puedo hacer para activar el servicio de internet aca en ecuador, me fui a una empresa telefonica para hacer el contrato de internet pero no me pudieron ayudar porque no tenian el software para configurarlo, por favor como puedo hacer para configurar o liberar el equipo y poder activar el servicio aca..?

mizz.jazzie @ 8:44:09AM EST on Saturday March 6, 2010

can you text on the touchscreen of this phone

Nina @ 9:12:35AM EST on Monday March 8, 2010

I recently was looking for a phone and i found the quickfire and really liked it. I bought the quickfire off of ebay from a cell phone depot. I recieved my quickfire a few days ago and i love it. I have not had any problems with the touch screen like people are claiming. The only problem I had was that the phone would not charge, but the people I bought it from have a 60 day warranty and are sending me a new one guarenteed to work. They also offered me a refund, but i really like the quickfire so I'm sticking with it. Also I know people were saying that they had instances where the phone caught fire due to the fact that they plugged the charger in backwards.... well with the quickfire i bought the charger can only be plugged in one way... and that is with the arrow facing the top.

snatch @ 4:22:34PM EDT on Friday April 23, 2010

Quickfire blows. ive had one for a couple months. the touch screen is not sensitive at all, and mine quit holding a charge. when i plug the charger in it just turns on and off over and over and still doesnt work.

mezzz @ 6:58:24PM EDT on Wednesday June 2, 2010

OMG!!!!!!! i want the quick phone SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad

Psilobean @ 12:13:35AM EDT on Thursday June 10, 2010

If anyone knows how I can obtain a new screen for this phone plaese comment the info. I got this phone a few months back, didn't have the charger for it for weeks, finally got it working the day of my birthday, recieved one call and broke the touchscreen. I'm an idiot but i really liked the phone and want to be able to use it so badly.. HELP

Daisy @ 1:46:27PM EDT on Thursday June 10, 2010

this phone is the bomb it works really well i think you people who want it should get it itz really awesome

hi @ 2:09:37AM EDT on Wednesday June 23, 2010

this phone sucks i hate it my screen doesnt work hardly i have had it almost 2 years well not really cause i sent it in and got another one but it sucks do not buy it

Allysom @ 3:50:07PM EDT on Monday July 12, 2010

i got this phone an hour ago and i already wanna throw the damn thing out tha window!!!

Ass titer @ 2:06:39AM EDT on Thursday July 22, 2010

i got it for 10 bucks at value village :p

alehia @ 6:57:21PM EDT on Monday September 20, 2010

quickfire is terrible...my screen works with touch but you cant see anything but the white light and i just got it

@-shelby @ 8:05:40PM EDT on Monday October 11, 2010

i absolutely love my quick fire its my perfect phone i mean of course a phone is gna mess up every once and a while i have had my quick fire for 1 day now

Royal @ 4:28:16PM EST on Friday November 12, 2010

This phone can't recieve ringtones through bluetooth and memory cards dont work that good the quickfire either

CaptainLinno @ 1:50:03PM EDT on Friday May 27, 2011

For anyone wanting this phone (since it's pulled off the shelves) you can get them off of Amazon or eBay. They're new & it is completley safe & reliable, that's what I did.

carlos @ 9:56:13PM EST on Monday December 5, 2011

i n understand to send txt by usin the keyboard can someone tell me how u can send a message by usin the keyboard

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