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MyOrigo's next gen Smartphone

Snapshot by Siddharth Raja on Friday November 28, 2003.

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MyOrigo mydevice
MyOrigo mydevice
MyOrigo is a small Finnish based company working on a next generation smartphone called the mydevice. While the mydevice features a lot of the usual smartphone features, it's the OS that makes the mydevice so special. MyOrigo has created some unique ways of controlling the phone ? by using movement rather than buttons. I got a chance to play around with the mydevice recently, and came back with a relatively positive experience.

Please note that the unit I used was pre-production, so is possible that anything you read below could change before the device hits the shelves. Some of the issues I had will likely be fixed or tweaked. Please don't consider this article to be a review ? think of it more as a technology demo. That said; let's get down to the hardware.

The mydevice is a tri-band device that supports GPRS, MMS messaging, and full web browsing. It features a large 176 x 320 pixel 65K color touch screen, SD card slot, VGA Camera, 64MB RAM, and a 32 bit CPU. Opening the back cover reveals the SD card slot. MyOrigo tell me that they are thinking of making the card slot SDIO capable, but in the unit I tried it was just a normal SD slot. There are 3 buttons on either side of the display that give quick access the various menus. Also, there is a button on either side of the phone which controls various functions, but I'll explain more about that later. These 2 buttons are very light to the touch, and this helps with some of the usability features. Since the mydevice has no physical keyboard, whenever a user needs to type something, a small virtual keyboard pops up, allowing easy input. The touch screen is very responsive, and it didn't feel flimsy like the P800 touch screen.

Although the unit I used was only a prototype, it had excellent build quality; it felt solid. The mydevice comes in a nice shiny gold color, which makes it look quite nice and business like. Compared to the P800, it is a little bit longer, and a little bit thinner, but weighs nearly the same. Overall, my first impression when holding the mydevice was positive.

The mydevice's OS has all the usual smartphone applications: calendar, SMS/MMS, email support, web browser, and MP3 playback. Users will also be able to install custom applications for the mydevice, but how many of these will be available is anyone's guess. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to use these applications much, but from what I saw of the calendar and music playback applications, they should be generally high quality.

But the revolutionary feature of the mydevice is the new user interface, which allows for 4 new ways of browsing information on the phone ? motion control, mirroring, the "Touch and Feel" screen, and "My Book."


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