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Apple iPhone 3G review

Review by Aaron Baker on Tuesday July 22, 2008.

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Remember the hype that surrounded the days before and after the iPhone launch last year? The euphoria continues with the launch of the iPhone 3G. The phone builds upon its predecessor by offering access to 3G networks, among other refinements, which we'll discuss later. The new device marks a continuance to solidify Apple's push into the smartphone market, and begins to dent the business market with features such as Microsoft Exchange support. Though there continue to be some flaws, it functions well as a phone, fantastically as an internet source, thanks to the high speed networking, and incredibly as an iPod. Read more as I dive into the features, changes, pros, and cons of this popular device.

Physical Aspects

The device continues the minimalist design that its predecessor had, sporting one 'home' key on the front, a volume control rocker on the side, a toggle switch to change between full sound versus vibrate, and a power button. On the back, the camera lens continues to be simple in design. At 4.7 ounces (133g), it weighs slightly less than the iPhone, but is a bit thicker at 4.5" x 2.4" x 0.48" (114 x 61 x 12.2 mm). Though this sounds like a downgrade on the surface, the new back is curved, offering a much better in-hand feel. The device retains the chrome border, however it is slightly less noticeable. The iPhone 3G has a plastic back instead of the metal back found on the original version; and because of that, prospective buyers can now purchase the iPhone in black or white (16GB model only). One of my biggest frustrations about the original iPhone has been cured in the second edition, and that is the headphone socket. The socket is no longer recessed, giving users the ability to use the headphones of their choosing, without the need for an adapter. The SIM card slot remains on the top of the device, but Apple is now including a 'SIM removal tool' in the box for easier access. A quick pop allowed me to pull the SIM card out of the slot with relative ease.

With changes oftem come some disappointments. The iPhone dock is no longer included in the retail package, instead shipping with an AC outlet adapter with a USB cable plug-in. While this wasn't a disappointment to me due to my traveling (easier to carry a cable than a dock) this may frustrate potential buyers, as they now have to pay $29.99 for a dock. However, one must keep in mind that the iPhone is subsidized this time around, and I imagine that some things had to be excluded to keep costs low.Lastly , the battery is still not replaceable by the user; they must visit the Apple store or send it to the company for replacement.

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TY @ 12:44:52PM EDT on Friday July 31, 2009


Gio @ 5:26:51AM EST on Tuesday February 2, 2010

@TY - Come on buddy.. you know you secretly want one... lol

Tom @ 10:27:27AM EDT on Sunday June 20, 2010

I'm waffling between an IPhone 3G and the Verizon Droid Incredible. Both seem to be neat. Which is the best device and the best value? I will not be listening to music on it. I will use the GPS, the email, the restaurant locator, just the basic features. I want a good phone first and foremost. Thanx for your advice.

Arjun Panikkal @ 5:08:37PM EST on Wednesday December 1, 2010

well i am using I phone 3g past 1 year and i am happy the way it functions.I think these days if other mobile have come up with tablet and semilar to Iphone its all because of Apple 3g which launched and seeing that other company came up with a better one so we all need to thank Apple for coming up with such a beautiful handset and this message also goes to those smart assss who came up with similar one.

Hats of Apple keep up the good work!!!

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