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Samsung SGH-i780 WM6 Smartphone with Optical Mouse

Review by Jin Khang Ong on Monday June 23, 2008.

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The Samsung Blackjack smartphone has been a favorite amongst the business community and those who require something more than just making and receiving calls. This time, Samsung has upped the ante with the SGH-i780, a slim smartphone running on Windows Mobile 6 Professional. It shares a similar form factor to the Blackjack (albeit a wee bit longer and wider), but it comes equipped with a ton of features that would make many other smartphones in its price range cringe in shame.

Physical Aspects

When it comes to Windows Mobile (WM) smartphone users, there are two camps - those who prefer their smartphones with touchscreen-only input, and those who prefer to have a full QWERTY keyboard. Of course there are certain models out there which feature a full sized touchscreen and slide-out QWERTY keyboard (the HTC Tytn II springs to mind) but these devices aren't very pocket friendly. It seems that the perfect device would have an adequately sized touch screen, all essential buttons and keys, and a full QWERTY keyboard. All without creating an embarrassing bulge in your jeans pocket. This brings us to the Samsung SGH-i780, a sleek and lightweight smartphone that looks all business in its glossy black shell.

The Samsung SGH-i780 is well made and feels very solid in the hand. The back of the phone is made from soft touch plastic materials, including the battery cover. This makes the back slightly more scratch resistant and resists fingerprints well, unlike the front which is entirely clad with a glossy finish. No doubt the gloss makes the i780 look fabulous, but keeping it clean is a chore.

The front of the i780 is quite busy, but is dominated by its 2.55 inch touchscreen that displays up to 65,000 colors and has a 320 x 320 pixel resolution. I find it odd that Samsung picked such an unusual resolution, as most Windows Mobile devices are given 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 resolution screens. Early adopters of the i780 found it difficult to use certain 3rd party software, as they didn't support the device's unusual square resolution. A major gripe I had with the display is its brightness, often being too dim for sunny situations. When the device is locked, the display is dimmed further, making it difficult to unlock the device. Another issue I had with the screen is its lack of sensitivity to inputs. To click/tap on something I had to put quite a lot of pressure on the screen for it to register. This was annoying at first, but after a while I got used to it.

The earpiece is flanked by the front facing VGA camera and the indicator LED. This LED blinks in three different colors to signify various events on the phone. For example; it blinks red momentarily as it connects to the network, blue when accessing a WiFi network, and green when a call or SMS comes through. There is also an option in the settings menu for the LED to blink continuously when there is a missed call or unread SMS.

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Emmanuel Michael @ 4:41:29AM EDT on Saturday March 28, 2009

I own an i780, but i still cant understand how to get to use the A-GPS to work. can you please give me a step by step guide on how to get this function to work and make use of it. thanks

Tim Unbounded @ 7:15:07PM EDT on Saturday May 30, 2009

I bought this phone about 2 weeks ago from Fizi. It is an absolutely awesome phone for such great value. The amazon maps application I downloaded plus the on board gps allowed me to quickly change my route one day when there was bad traffic. It types great when texting and keeps a list of conversations with the same people. It is so fast. I can quickly get to applications. I love the onboard mouse system. The HSDPA is super fast. I have googlemail as one of my favourite websites and so can see my emails really quickly and forward them or download if I want to. I have not seen any better value phone. There may be better phones, but you'll need to pay at least 100 more. However I am not going to pay 100 more to find out if they are better, as I have had many PDA phones in my time, paying 250 plus 45 month and they were not as good as this one. It is light. It is compact. It fits in my pocket. I like the colours on screen. I can quickly get to my contacts to phone. I can quickly change to silent mode. So thank you Samsung.

Dee @ 7:28:29AM EDT on Friday July 31, 2009

Hi, im using this model and its really a handy piece of equipment.

i have an issue of sorts though that when i go to take pictures the 'front camera' is selected, and i dont seem to find how to go back to the normal mode. would anyone know how?


ak @ 6:17:44AM EDT on Friday August 7, 2009

when in camera mode use the volume side buttons to switch between the front and back cameras. I too got too frustrated with it. There should have been an option in the software.

HAMESUNO @ 1:20:55AM EST on Monday December 14, 2009

how can i change the language program of my samsung sgh i780 from italian to English

odenyojames @ 8:38:31AM EDT on Sunday August 22, 2010

An excellent phone. i however got frustrated when i was unable to enable the back camera. Thank you AK for the tip on how to go back to the back camera. All in all, this is a fantastic business phone which has become part of my office. Congratulations Samsung. James

Asegelile Mwakatumbula @ 10:01:36AM EDT on Thursday October 21, 2010

i own a samsung mobile model SGH-i780 , but i have lost my user manual , please can you send me a copy

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