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Martin Fields Battery Extender

Review by Siddharth Raja on Thursday September 18, 2003.

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Martin Fields Battery Extender
Martin Fields Battery Extender
A reader recently contacted me and asked me to try out a new product from DOML.com - a battery extender. Having tried out many such products a few years ago, I was inclined to email him back and tell him that such products don't work, but I did a quick check online and some people were claiming that it actually worked.

Let me fill you in a little bit about what the battery extender is, and what it claims to do. Basically it is a little strip of about 2cm x 5cm long. It is black, with little specks of glitter on it. It has an adhesive backing so you can stick it onto your phone, but you can also just slip it in behind the battery. It's not exactly hard to use.

DOML claims that it will extend battery life by 30%, reduce the amount of charging while extending battery life, and can increase talk time when the battery level is low.

While we didn't have any sort of dedicated testing equipment, we tried to take as many variables out of testing as possible. Our testing methodology was that we would charge a phone to its maximum level and then insert the battery extender. We'd time how long it took until the phone went dead. Then we recharged, removed the device, and then tested the same phone without the battery extender. Network reception can make a huge difference to the battery life of a phone, since they use more power when a signal is low, in a effort to improve reception. To try to negate this we used a "dummy" SIM card which would not allow the phone to log on to any network. The phones tested were the Sony Ericsson T610, Siemens S55, NEC e606, Nokia 7650, and the Sony Ericsson P800. The phones had been used for at least a month, which means that their battery would have time to stabilize and provide the maximum battery life. Since they are all likely to have different battery technologies, we also wanted to test if the battery extender works with all phones.

Please note - the results below are in no way scientific. While we have tried to ensure that the phones are minimally affected by external factors, we cannot guarantee that was the case. That said, these results should give you a basic idea of how the battery extender performs.

  • Sony Ericsson T610: +13%
  • Siemens S55: +15%
  • NEC e606: +3%
  • Nokia 7650: +12%
  • Nokia 7250: +12%
  • Sony Ericsson P800: +11%

As you can see, the battery extender worked well with all the phones, apart from the NEC e606. A 3% increase is just not substantial enough to be claimed an increase. While not reaching DOML's claimed 30%, it certainly made a noticeable difference on most of the phones we tested. Suffice it to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the results, and now use it everyday with my P800.

The Martin Fields Battery Extender is available from www.overlayplus.com.


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