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Review: LG CU720 Shine for AT&T

Review by Ricky Cadden on Thursday February 07, 2008.

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The LG Shine is a sexy slider for AT&T's high speed 3G network. Clad in a striking silver exterior, the Shine features plenty of features to keep you entertained. It also functions perfectly as a day to day phone.

Physical Aspects

The CU720 Shine is a compact slider phone with striking good looks. Measuring 15mm (.6") thick, the Shine has a rock solid build and is weighted perfectly. There are no creaks or squeaks when using the handset, and the slide action is solid, with no wiggle or looseness.

There is a microSD memory card slot on the left side of the phone, with a sturdy door to keep dust and debris out. Below this is the combination power and headset port, again with a sturdy door protecting it. I found this combination port to be inconvenient, as the door gets in the way of the power plug, and there is neither a headset nor an adapter included in the sales package. Thus, in order to use a headset, one must find the specific LG headset, as opposed to a more standard 2.5mm headset.

The right side of this silver slider is where you'll find the volume up and down keys, as well as a multitasking button and the camera button. This row of buttons is nearly flush with the side of the phone, which protects them from being pressed accidentally in a pocket or purse. The front of the LG Shine, when closed, contains the left and right softkeys, which are large and easy to press, and the small joystick. Personally I found the joystick to be very soft, making it difficult to consistently press the desired direction. The top of the joystick, however, is nice and large, offering a higher level of comfort and control than with a typical cell phone joystick.

The Shine's beautiful 2.2" 262k color QVGA display has a mirrored surface, so that it disappears into the front of the device when inactive. While this contributes greatly to the smashing good looks of the phone, it also inhibits the readability of the device, specifically in sunlight. The display is brighter, however, and a pleasure to use when indoors. The 2 megapixel camera is located on the back of the Shine, along with the LED flash and the self-portrait mirror.

When sliding the CU720 open, it is difficult to not be impressed by the smoothness of the spring-assisted slide mechanism and the solid 'thunk' on either end. The bottom portion of the slide is where you will find the end/send keys, a useful 'back' key, and the numeric keypad. These are etched into a solid metal plate, with a rubbery membrane separating each button, and backlit with a beautiful electric blue. Unfortunately, the backlight is not evenly spread, which results in lower illumination levels on the outer edges of the keypad. Also, the writing on the number keys is too small, rendering it nearly illegible with the backlights on. Otherwise, the keys do have a nice tactile feedback and are easily used without concentrating directly.

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Tay @ 3:19:32PM EST on Friday March 6, 2009

Don't get this phone. You noticed it gets really lame after awhile. Yeah it has a mirror & good stuff, but it's lame.

C.W. @ 4:26:28PM EDT on Saturday May 9, 2009

I need a louder ringtone for my Shine. The siren on my Motorola was loud enough; but I've found nothing for the LG to suit my needs.

Bill @ 5:22:09PM EDT on Saturday May 16, 2009

I would never suggest this phone to anyone...They key tones turn themselves on,I get ghost text's...hear but nothing is there. I lose all bars when I step into a house...while other at&t phones remain fine...The speaker is not load enough...I CANNOT GET TEXT TONES!!! WHAT IS THAT!?!?!?! I will never buy another lg phone been burned twice never again..

frank @ 6:37:31AM EDT on Friday May 29, 2009

i dnt mind my shine. it does the job with the added extras of the big screen and the flash...

ohioguy @ 1:32:31PM EDT on Monday June 1, 2009

i hate this phone . too bad i didnt take it back within my 30 day period
this thing dont text worth a crap , the toggle for moving left and right is also the send button , which many times sends in the middle of texting , the volume anint worth a crap , i can never open the slot doors for charging or removing memory card and have to use a small sharp object to do so . i could go on and on about how i hate this phone , but i got work to do ..my advice , stay away from it , and oh yea , did i mention this phone is a piece of ..............

my name is lauren @ 6:45:04PM EDT on Tuesday June 2, 2009

I actually had hopes for this phone. After breaking my w580i Sony Ericsson..I really really want it back. The features of the Shine in comparison of the Sony is pathetic. The only reason why I picked out this phone is cos it was the only phone on the market that didnt have a touch screen. Its ridiculous...you cant even read/see your phone outside when its really sunny cos it reflects the sun too much. Though it makes I good mirror..i will give it that. You cant save messages, its auto saves message on your sims card, its SENSITIVE. Very very sensitive. It is not user friendly. I repeat! Its not user friendly. Do not waste your money on this piece of S!!!!! I dont care how much you love Lauren Conrad and that pig guy. dont do it. REGRETS

unsatisfiedwithLG @ 10:40:14PM EDT on Wednesday June 3, 2009

this phone is absolute crap... mine has been in four times already.It's a year old on July the seveententh! I got it back today from it getting fixed yet again guess what big surprise not fixed. It mysterially turns itself off, mixes up text messages ex what it shoud say (are you good?) instead it says (are you home) the middle button fallls off.... it scrathes easily whatever you do never buy this phone!!!!!! HORRID

phil @ 9:05:03AM EDT on Thursday June 11, 2009

unsatisfiedwithLG left a coment that his phone turns itself off he not alone i own two and both do the same this phone needs to be recalled and fixed no charge or some kind of credit.

Amber @ 2:01:18AM EDT on Saturday July 11, 2009

I've had my LG shine since January, so about 7 1/2 months and I don't have any big complaints. When I first got it, it was hard to txt but once I got used to it, it was fine. Theres nothing extremly special about this phone but its a good phone & I say if you want it, go for it because there's nothing wrong with it. I get good reception; I've dropped probably 50 times and it still works just the same as when it was brand new. Its sturdy & overall a good phone. GO FOR IT!!!! =)

david505 @ 10:51:49PM EDT on Thursday August 6, 2009

damn this phone is a shame, cant play mp3 largers than 1MB what the hell is that? No customizable sms tones... and more and more.... just appareal nothing else....

Thanks god it was a gift from my dad...

kemarch001 @ 3:42:30AM EDT on Wednesday September 16, 2009

The best thing about the shine (TU750) is the 5.0 Megapixel camera. The camera doesn't read my memory card and the touch keys are way too sensitive.

Ursula @ 1:51:04PM EDT on Tuesday September 29, 2009

Ive owned the LG CU720 for a few months now... the photograpy is insane on this phone every person who gets into the album or takes a photo first hand want the phone JUST for the Camera features alone.
I hate the joy stick and when attempting to use the phone while charging UNLESS Left handed NO GOOD. I do not like how Im un able to recored sonds and convert them to a ring let alone set a personal ring for certain persons in my phone book. On occasion my phone will go crazy with new messages from Missed calls and yet my phone NEVER rang. The volume is awful unless on speaker then its LOUD even atta a 4 or 5 volume rate. The phones memory blows me away Yet it dies quickly IF your phone is your source of communication So I always have a charger in my car ANN in my bag. Other than those things I LOVE this phone!!!!!

Leon @ 1:33:49PM EDT on Thursday October 8, 2009

I can't use my phone while it is charging in my auto; does anyone else have this problem? Is there a solution that I haven't found? Thanks

jamye @ 11:24:15PM EDT on Monday October 12, 2009

this phone was really nice when i got it and didn't mind it at all but now the screen is starting to turn different colors and it's a peice of junk-bottom line is that once u buy this phone it makes a short good impression before it totally goes whack on you

maddie12 @ 10:04:17AM EST on Saturday December 12, 2009

i have this phone and it is a good simple phone the only thing is that it has a poor battery life when on bluetooth but overall its a great phone!

hgsnkses @ 12:10:45PM EST on Monday December 21, 2009

I Hate my LG Shine This phone really sucks, you cant hear it ring even when the volume is up, you have to constantly charge it. Now I get a stupid connected to music synic which noone can tell me how to remove, and it comes up when your texting, on the phone or just have the phone idel. I am not sure if it is ATT or just this CRAPPY Phone.

Gr8fultom @ 1:20:38AM EST on Wednesday March 10, 2010

I can't say enough bad stuff about this phone. It is a horrible useless piece of crap. It is impossible to read the display in daylight... you can't access the internal memory on your computer. It is a horrible useless piece of crap... Did I mention that I don't like this phone. Do not buy this phone... As soon as I can afford another phone I am going to see how far I can hit this phone with a baseball bat...

Matt @ 12:12:32PM EDT on Sunday August 22, 2010

This is the worst phone I have ever owned! It's 3G, but refuses to connect to the internet, can't read a MicroSD card, and can't receive multimedia anything. If you connect it to your computer, you can't receive calls. The best part...IT TURNS ITSELF OFF ALL THE TIME! No, wait...the real best part is that your battery MIGHT hold a charge for a day and a half if you never use the phone! It's total garbage and I will never buy anything from LG again! Shame on you AT&T for even offering this phone!

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