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Review: Nokia 6500 Slide

Review by Michael Oryl on Tuesday September 25, 2007.

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The Nokia 6500 Slide is one of two 6500 series devices that were announced side by side back in May of this year. Unlike the very thin and simple 6500 Classic, the 6500 Slide that we are reviewing today has a slider form factor, stainless steel body work, and an auto-focus digital camera that uses Carl Zeiss lenses. We tested a pair of 6500 Slide devices that Nokia supplied us for this review: one a prototype, the other a production unit.

Physical Aspects

The Nokia 6500 Slide is an attractive looking slider handset that is clad in brushed stainless steel with semi-gloss black plastic highlights. Due in part to its use of stainless steel, the 6500 Slide weighs a fairly hefty 127g (4.5oz) considering its otherwise reasonably compact 97mm x 46.5mm x 12mm (3.8" x 1.8" x .5") dimensions. Opening up the dual-sprung slider mechanism reveals the black plastic keypad and causes the 6500 Slide to grow an additional 30mm (1.2") in length.

Apart from being a bit stiff, the keypad is reasonably well designed. The stainless softkeys, call keys, and d-pad all work very well. The nicely raised edge of the d-pad is easy to find, and its center select button is so large that you would be hard pressed, no pun intended, to miss it. The volume control and the somewhat dodgy two-stage camera shutter key are located on the right side. The camera itself, along with its flash, are located out back. A simple release up top allows for the removal of the rear stainless panel that protects the battery. A mini Nokia charging port and normal 2.5mm headset port flank the new micro-USB data connector that is located on the top of the device. There is no dedicated power key - the red call key is used for powering up and down.

The 6500 Slide's display is capable of showing up to 16 million different color shades. I don't find it to be quite as bright as many other similar displays, though, and easily would have preferred a brighter 65k or 262k color display in its place. In its defense, the display is very easily viewed in direct sunlight since it is transflective. Above the display is a second camera that can be used for 3G video calls, something I was unable to test.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that the stainless steel finish gets very dirty looking, as any busy mom with a stainless fridge can attest to. Otherwise, the 6500's design is good, and the device itself is very solidly built.

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nai... nokia @ 11:59:53PM EDT on Tuesday May 5, 2009

helo sir, yesterday i get one nokia hand set ( 6500 slide ), the set was extremely complients(display skaking), then last i retun to shop the same set..the dealer said to me dontworry sir " we will change set , but give two days bcoz we can replace from nokia company.. ok thats fine.now i want to nkow about - how i can find nokia slide 6500 new set is new..othrwise am cheated from the dealer...

Gayantha @ 8:58:15AM EDT on Wednesday August 5, 2009

I ma very satisfied with the review because i am intrested in buying 6500 slide.But i juest want to know the two parts of the phone.Are they connected with a ribbon or is there a bluetuth connection to transfer data between two parts?

alain @ 1:07:08AM EDT on Thursday September 10, 2009

for me the 6500 slide is the best unit i have experience and i am truly happy w it , it possesdsed all the conditions i need feels stong , easy to manipulate easy to access menu writting mess ect the camera isd gug enough for me ang i like the bright screen its a simple cell phone and gud looking w the black edition its really a smart phone

martyman @ 4:31:44AM EDT on Friday July 9, 2010

what a peice of crap my 6500slide has had nothing but trouble since the day i got it.first phone was determined doa software problems.got a second one brand new same faults.had the software upgraded had to take in myself cause the dealer wasn't interested 1 day later microphone stopped working.take it back again was told nothing wrong with it.what do you know all of a sudden mic works now when i transfer numbers from sim to phone or visa the phone completly crashes and turns off.if i wasn't in a contract i would through this peice of s**t in the bin.oh and the wife bought hers at the same time all the same problems and more her bluetooth would only work when it felt like it even with her genuine nokia bluetooth kit.
i would not recommend this phone to anyone.

kaka @ 8:37:38PM EDT on Friday July 23, 2010

it's really a nice cell fone

Amir @ 10:58:14AM EDT on Thursday September 2, 2010

I have this phone for almost 2 years and I don't have any problem at all so as my old Nokia 6230i. The Nokia 6500 slide have a very good camera and skrin. I am still using Nokia 6500 slide (silver) and Nokia 6230i until now.

saleh @ 1:17:26AM EST on Saturday December 4, 2010

How a Persian text of the 6500 mobile computers to pass the reading ability is

daniel @ 12:56:05PM EST on Tuesday February 22, 2011

why my fone camera can't be use?

Nikoi @ 9:17:41PM EDT on Tuesday April 12, 2011

My memory card is not working with out the back case

k rajkumar @ 7:27:50AM EDT on Saturday November 5, 2011

hello iam using nokia 6500 slide phone but it is not working properly some times total my phone will be defalt what is the problum next its cam while when we r zooming the cam quality is like vga cam

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