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Review: Stylish Samsung M300 for Sprint

Review by Michelle Ruhfass on Tuesday June 12, 2007.

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Sprint recently took the wraps off a snazzy new entry level mobile phone, the Samsung M300. The M300 is aimed at the casual end user and is packaged as a compact and lightweight clamshell with only the bare necessities for everyday use. Its ergonomic design and sleek outside aesthetics make this phone quite the looker, but does the M300 have the guts to perform when put through our tests?

The M300 is a stylishly designed handset that definitely stands out from its field of competitors. With its attractive mirrored finish and slender body, the M300 is reminiscent of higher end mobile models. The device's reflective flat front is surrounded with dark silver trim. The back is encased in black plastic. Underneath the M300's mirrored top lies the phone's hidden external 65k color, 96x96 pixel display that provides information on inbound calls or messages, as well as provides the time and battery status. The only bad thing here is that the mirrored front tends to attract many fingerprints. Also on the front flip is the phone's VGA camera's lens. The M300's volume buttons are located on its left side, with its headset and charging port on the right. The phone's camera startup button also sits on the right edge.

On the inside of the M300 you will find a bright 1.9" color TFT, 128x160 pixel display for reading messages and viewing photos. The phone's display handled itself surprisingly well when out in the harsh sun and kept glare to a minimum. The phone's glossy alphanumeric keypad is mounted flush to the phone and at times could be a bit slippery when messaging. Typing was decent overall, though, because of the large, well spaced keys. The M300 has easy to find talk and end/power keys, two large softkeys, and the back key that lies just above the 2 key, which I found to be a little too small. The phone's silver, circular d-pad may annoy potential users because there are no icons indicating directional shortcuts. To remedy this, the manufacturer supplies wallpaper for the phone's main screen that reflect shortcuts for the navigational d-pad. For those curious, left brings up Messaging, right Sprint's Internet service, down My Content, and up Missed Alerts.

The Samsung M300 works on Sprint's CDMA voice network and uses 1xRTT for data instead of Sprint's faster EV-DO 3G service. The Samsung M300 is capable of web browsing, which I gave a try and found to be painfully slow. Even with great reception, the device seemed to timeout too often for my liking. The device gave us great voice reception, though calls at times lacked volume and had noticeable squelching. The phone's speakerphone held its own but is best if used in short distance situations. The M300 supports Bluetooth, which will allow you to connect wirelessly to Bluetooth enabled headsets, car kits, and will even allow you to use the handset as a modem with the DUN profile, though I don't recommend this due to slow data speeds. The Bluetooth system also supports the OBEX profile; swapping contacts back and forth with my Vista PC worked easily enough. Pairing was simple with my Jabra JX-10 and offered a good quality connection. For added handsfree support, Sprint also offers Voice Signal's handy speaker independent voice dialing system.

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yen @ 1:48:11PM EDT on Sunday April 5, 2009

how can i use web searching in m300

frustrated @ 12:16:49AM EDT on Sunday May 3, 2009

worst phone ever... been through 3 of them in 2 years and havent enjoyed one of them!

abernet @ 7:05:40AM EDT on Thursday May 28, 2009

I echo the comments by "Frustrated!" Worse phone I have ever had. I have had 2 in as many years. Whether it is the phone or Sprint's Voice Dial system (I'm told it is built into the phone), the feature has driven me absolutely crazy for two years. Not good in a "no-hands" State (CA) Looking forward to taking a hammer to this one! Need I say more?!

sucksung @ 10:17:57PM EDT on Thursday July 23, 2009

I have this phone for 13 months. Now the battery is dying. It lasts less than 40 minutes for talking time. Most ironic thing is, it's just out of their suck warranty for one month! How a perfect product they made! Congratulations samsucksung! They can make extra money from their customers!

SARJO @ 1:46:21PM EDT on Wednesday August 26, 2009

i admares samsung phones would you mind to send me one

Gargamel Johnson @ 12:14:34PM EDT on Tuesday October 27, 2009

This is the worst phone in the world. It shuts of for no reason, the battery won't stay charged, and every time you plug in the headset, it hangs up: What a feature! It does make a decent camera. I can't wait to smash it into tiny bits.

Scott @ 10:46:03PM EST on Thursday November 12, 2009

only phone i have had. it is a duriable phone lasted a year and a half and even was dropped in a lake and still works but i finally broke my screen. It was a good first phone probly one you would not want as a secound phone because it is a low tech phone.

worst @ 5:33:04PM EST on Saturday December 5, 2009

worst fone ever!!!!!!!!!!!! hate it!!!!!

mocandleman @ 8:24:57PM EST on Friday February 5, 2010

Great little phone. I washed it in my clothes once and dried it out and worked great. Carried it around in my pocket that the camera lenses is all scratched up. After two years the battery is getting week. Maybe I will replace the battery and try another two years.

timmy bradley @ 10:58:08PM EDT on Thursday April 8, 2010

I got this phone two years ago and I hate it!!! when you text it will go to ur main screen for no reasion and have to start over. The internet sucks can't get to anything. batter over heats, cuts off for no reasion. My first phone was a LG droped it a lot but can't charge it and its 5 years old and still works great!! never buy the M300 texting takes for eaver and the battery life is very short.

steve-o @ 12:03:54AM EDT on Friday June 11, 2010

Ahhhhhem!!! the articel didn't mention anything about the nightmare predictive texting?! I used a qwerty blackberry for a couple of years, lost it, then switched to this old beast. Worst experience ever - the blackberry had a 35,000 word dictionary and a custom dictionary that would pick up colloquialisms using the SureType technology. Switch to this thing and it spells "rhould" when typing "should". I have mastered the crappy texting after several months, but it is so frustrating, especially after cranking out emails in no time on the BB. I'd give it a 4 or 5/10

KC @ 9:32:10AM EDT on Wednesday June 23, 2010

If anyone wants to get rid of one... Mine finally died after 2 1/2 years and I loved it so much. I only wanted it as a tiny phone, and it fit the bill. Nothing is this small anymore, and I can't buy one anymore. But I want another one!! If you have one and hate it, I will buy it even if I have to get it fixed. No jokes. Pretty please :) As long as it has a sremovable sim card and I can get it unlocked. xkahliax@yahoo.com.au

sad @ 5:30:11AM EDT on Sunday July 11, 2010

cant download addresses from phone to computer to upload into a new phone. just horrible

tom @ 1:51:44PM EDT on Wednesday September 1, 2010

1 year ago I replaced the M300 phone with a Palm Centro and the M300 has much better reception. I work in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, which is a 80 year old fortress of a building, and I have always used Sprint and the M300 never dropped a call once and I could keep a connection walking from a hallway into the elevator in the middle of the building.
That was great I wish Centro had half the reception of the M300. Several people with other newere phones have reception problems in the building as well.

Jumby @ 10:17:46PM EDT on Friday September 23, 2011

Im a fourteen year old girl, the biggest klutz ever and i lose things constantly..
When i got this phone three years ago i thought it was going to be like my last two phones ..
But it wasnt.. on the last day of my intermediate years my class all went to jump off the wharf in our uniform (tradition.)
Didnt realise the phone was in my pocket and after 10min in the water my pocket vibrated and i reached in my pocket and pulled out the phone (horrified) and saw my friend had texted me.
That was two and a half years ago now and its never had water damaged. i've fallen over with it in my back pocket, i have dropped it and the scratched on my phone are minimal!!

I love this phone and i just love how many pictures i can have on it all at once!
I need a new phone though, as my dog got at it .. But it served me well.

bobbytiger @ 11:59:40AM EDT on Sunday October 23, 2011

My old M300 died this past Friday.
Until that time, it did everything I wanted it to do. I could call people, and they could call me. I used it as a, well......telephone. Hd the phone for over 2 years, and I abused the heck out of it. Will buy another.

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