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Review: LG's KE850 Prada Phone

Review by Michael Oryl on Saturday June 02, 2007.

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While touchscreen equipped mobile phones and PDAs have been around for years, the KE850 Prada phone from LG marks the first time a major manufacturer has created a device that not only relies almost exclusively on its touch screen for accessing and controlling phone features, but actually requires the user to use their finger instead of a stylus.

Co-developed with fashion house Prada, the KE850 is a high tech, high fashion tri-band GSM mobile phone. In spite of its appearance, it isn't a smartphone. Think of it more like a feature phone on steroids. Not being a smartphone doesn't make it any less exciting of a device, of course.

A special thanks to Wireless Imports for loaning us the LG KE850 Prada phone used in this review.

Physical Aspects

By now, most people that follow the mobile world at all know what the Prada phone looks like. The design is simple, it is a perfectly flat block that measures 12.5mm (.5") thick. Even with its large 3" display, the equal of many found on PDAs, the KE850 Prada phone still only measures 99mm x 54mm (3.9" x 2.1") in size, making it very holdable. It is also very light in weight. At 86g, it is exactly half of the weight of the T-Mobile Wing (HTC P4350) that I have been using for a while. The Prada phone might look big and heavy, but that simply is not the case.

The star of the show with this mobile is certainly its capacitive touchscreen technology display. It has a resolution of 240x400, making it slightly larger/longer than the typical QVGA display. The TFT screen can brightly and clearly display up to 256k color shades, which is more than adequate for photos and a gorgeous user interface. The touchscreen functionality works far better than I would have imagined. It seems to be accurate enough, but will pose a problem for people with particularly wide fingertips. The display cannot be used with a stylus, and must be relatively clean in order to function well. Thankfully, since the display is flush mounted with the rest of the phone's body, and because the touch surface is hard plastic, it is very easy to clean off reasonably well on a sleeve or pants leg. LG warns that the display might not work in very hot or humid conditions, but I have yet to run into a problem. It is also worth noting that the display will not work at all if the user is wearing gloves.

As a touch based device, there are few physical buttons on the KE850 Prada phone. Beneath the display are call send and end buttons that flank a dedicated back/clear key. That is it for the front of the device. On the left edge of the phone are the volume control, profiles button, and the charger/headset port. The right edge of the phone is where the screen lock key is found, located above the dual-purpose music/camera access key. There are no controls on the top of the phone, and the button looking thing on the bottom of the KE850 is the release for the battery door that is located on the back of the device, beneath the camera's flash and Schneider Kreuznach auto-focus lens.

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Renee @ 10:24:47PM EDT on Thursday June 25, 2009

When you turn the phone does it have a QWERTY keybored? Please get back to me.

Brendon @ 8:33:40AM EDT on Friday July 2, 2010

I have one and its starting to give problems

Virginia Banks @ 7:44:37AM EST on Thursday February 10, 2011

I am having problems sending and retreiving pictures. i went to the AT&T store to have it programed but they haded problems programimg it. Who should i take it to?

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