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Review: Palm Treo 755p for Sprint

Review by Michael Oryl on Wednesday May 09, 2007.

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We were lucky enough to have received a shiny new, not to mention blue, Palm Treo 755p a few days ahead of its official launch. While this didn't give us enough time to put the device through our typical rigorous testing procedure, it did give us enough time to get a solid feel for the 755p. The 755p will be available initially in the US on Sprint's 3G EV-DO network.

Physical Aspects

When Palm introduced the Windows Mobile powered Treo 750v in September of last year, Palm OS fans could only wait and hope for a comparable version of the device running their favorite OS. Nearly 8 months later, their wish has come true in the form of the Treo 755p. This CDMA powered 3G device for Sprint's network shares most every one of its physical attributes with the elder 750 series. Apart from the 750's right hand shift key becoming a Palm OS menu key, and the natural Palm OS reorganization of the buttons and softkeys that surround the d-pad, there is little to tip off the casual observer that something has changed. The build quality is excellent, the soft-touch paint finish is very good, and the QWERTY keyboard is among the best on the market.

But a number of things have changed. To start with, the 755p gets a very sharp and bright 320x320 pixel touchscreen instead of the 750's 240x240 unit. The processor has changed to a 312MHz Intel XScale type. The battery capacity has been upped by a third to 1600mAh. These cause the 755p's weight to come in a bit higher than that of the 750, at 160g (5.6oz). The dimensions might be a hair larger at 114mm x 59mm x 21mm (4.5" x 2.3" x .8") as well. It may not be the sexiest device on the market, but this tried and true form factor is quite practical and loved by legions of business users throughout the world. With good reason.

Core Functions

Palm has always been good at developing smartphones that are easy to make calls with, and the Treo 755p is no exception. The 755p offers pretty solid call audio quality, and its internal antenna appears to work just as well. The speakerphone function, which is very easy to access, also was a good performer. The 755p managed a very respectable 4.75 hours of talk time in our tests, thanks much to its large battery. The Palm phone application puts most of the commonly needed features at the user's fingertips thanks to a number of configurable options like the favorites system that offers 5 pages of shortcut buttons that can be configured for applications or phone numbers, and can be quickly accessed without the need for the stylus. I also appreciate that the next scheduled appointment can be optionally displayed on the phone page, and that the default behaviour of the keypad within the phone app can be set to contact lookup or straight dialing.

Another thoughtful touch includes an option for having the phone prompt the user to create a contact record after a call when an unknown phone number has ended. The contacts system works pretty much the same way as it has on Palm OS devices for years; quite well. Just about every conceivable detail concerning a person can be stored in the system, which even supports custom fields for those items unique to the user. The 755p lacks a real ring profiles system such as one would find on most phones, but it does support the configuration of separate ringtones for various types of calls (known, unknown, roaming, etc) and its hardware silent button, located at the top of the device, makes up for any lackings here.

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Frankie @ 11:28:04PM EDT on Wednesday June 3, 2009

My 755 Treo is awesome.The only complaint is dust behind the touch screen

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