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Review: LG HBM-730 Bluetooth Headset

Review by Brendan Cartledge on Tuesday April 10, 2007.

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LG HBM-730
Weight 9.4g (0.3oz)
Body Size 42.2m x 20.20mm (1.66"x0.79")
Talk Time(1) 3:50
Ear Loop Over Ear
Left/Right Ear? Both
LEDs 1, Red
Pairings Unspecified
Headset Sound Excellent
Mic Sound Good, adequate noise reduction
Included Accessories AC Charger, lanyard, spare ear-bud covers and a User manual
1) hh:mm. Music was piped continually through the headset in both directions, for a worse-case scenario

The HBM-730 is the tiny new Bluetooth headset from LG. It couples stylish looks with good sound quality to form a competitive mid range headset.

It would appear the headset is styled to match the LG Chocolate range of phones. The front face of the unit is a glossy black with a red border, and while it looks nice it is quite fingerprint prone. An LG logo and the multifunction button (MFB) can be found on this face. The MFB is actually very well disguised and without reading the manual, you may not even notice that it is a button. The HBM-730's LED is also located on the MFB and it takes the form of a small red semi circle. The use of the light was something I found frustrating. The light is the best indicator of status when the headset isn't being worn, but when pressing the MFB, your finger actually covers the light, making it hard to tell if you have held it down long enough or pressed it the correct amount of times. The volume controls are located on the left flank of the device, while the charging port is located on the right.

The size and weight of the HBM-730 was very impressive. Measuring a mere 42.2mm x 20.2mm (1.66" x 0.79") and weighing just 9.4g (0.3oz), the HBM-730 is one of the smallest headsets on the market and rates highly in the weight category too. The 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery delivered a disappointing 3:50 (hh:mm) of talk time and came with a manufacturer claim of up to 150hrs of standby time. While the talk time was less than we would hope, the headset did charge from empty to full in under two hours. The HBM-730 uses what first looks like a miniUSB port for charging, but is in fact the proprietary LG charger. Included in the package are a lanyard, spare ear-bud covers, the charger, and a user manual.

Though it resembles a coat hanger, the ear loop is easy to change for use with both left and right ears. The size of the loop isn't adjustable, though we found it to be quite adequate. Regardless of whether the HBM-730 is being worn on the right or left ear, the rear end of the volume button turns the volume up and the front end turns the volume down.

With just the MFB controlling all of the HBM-730's functionality besides volume, the controls may seem a little confusing. The HBM-730 uses brief presses, short presses (one second), and long presses (five seconds) of the MFB to control its functionality.

One feature that could be both positive and negative was the noticeable time difference between a long press and a short press. On many headsets currently on the market that use the long press and short press method, the long press would often be better described as a medium press at best. On the HBM-730 a short press is just that, but a long press involves holding the button in for noticeably longer. While this is handy, the five second press described to power down the headset was realistically closer to 8 seconds. If you let go before this time is up, and the headset is paired with a device, it will activate the last number redialing function. The usual functions such as transferring a call between headset and handset, rejecting a call, and call waiting are all supported by the HBM-730, though strangely muting a call is not.


Twinlet @ 3:55:13PM EST on Saturday March 7, 2009

I am having problems pairing the LG headset with my cell phone. It keeps saying, "Unable to pair with LG HBM-730.
Any suggestions?

radiohead @ 2:30:31PM EDT on Sunday May 3, 2009

i have the same headset that you reviewed and was having problems pairing my headset but after reading your review i was able to pair it


krises @ 3:55:19PM EDT on Monday August 31, 2009

i paired my hbm730 with my lg ct810 but it wont connect to communicate with the phone

krises @ 4:25:25PM EDT on Monday August 31, 2009

i paired my hbm730 with my lg ct810 but it wont connect to communicate with the phone

Rose Sanchez @ 4:42:15PM EDT on Friday July 2, 2010

Is there a default Bluetooth Passkey for ab LG HBM 730?

Diva @ 11:50:50AM EST on Thursday November 11, 2010

I purchased this LG headset from Verizon wireless. It broke before I could even use it. The wire connecting the ear piece to the set is too thin.

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