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Review: Skinny and Smooth LG KG320 Fashion Phone

Review by Jin Khang Ong on Monday October 02, 2006.

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The LG KG320 forms the bar-style entry into LG's Black Label series of slim and sleek mobile phones. Measuring only 9.9mm (0.39") thick, the KG320 certainly looks the part, and with a casing made out of a mix of stainless steel and plastic, the phone oozes class and quality. This candy bar style phone is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera, along with 128MB of onboard memory, making it a real beauty with brains. The KG320 is a triband (GSM 900/1800/1900MHz) phone, and features GPRS connectivity.

MobileBurn would like to thank LG Malaysia for loaning us a pre-production unit for review.

Physical Aspects

Our review unit looked battered - it had scratches, and even a dent on the battery cover. However, the phone was still pretty solid, and did not exhibit any squeaks or creaks. The battery cover is latched on securely, and the chrome release button works well when removing the cover. In my hand, the KG320 felt comfortable to hold, and was just the right weight. Although the phone might look a wee bit like a calculator at first glance, the design is really eye catching, and will certainly turn heads - especially when you realize it is actually a phone despite such thinness.

The white backlit keypad takes up almost half of the real estate on the front of the phone, with the 5-way navigational keypad, flanked by the right and left soft keys along with the call and end keys, situated just below the screen. The numerical keypad is large and very easy to press. When the phone is in its power saver mode, the keypad light will not come on at all, which proved to be pretty annoying, as there is no way to turn on the keypad backlight in this mode. This made the power saver mode pretty worthless, since you can't use it in the dark.

On the right of the handset, you can find the multimedia/camera shutter key. The position of this key is awkward, as it is located pretty close to the middle of the phone when it is used in landscape mode. It would have been better if it was positioned lower down, as this would simulate a real camera shutter key, giving better handling and ergonomics when using the KG320 as a camera in landscape mode. On the left of the device there is an eyelet for attaching your favorite lanyard or wrist strap, and the universal connector for the charger and handsfree kit can also be found here. On the back of the LG KG320, the 1.3 megapixel camera is well protected by a sliding cover, similar to the one found on the Sony Ericsson K800. I really like this design, as it makes the KG320 look very much like a regular digital camera. The camera lens is located next to the LED flash light and self-portrait mirror.

Measuring just 96mm x 45.5mm x 9.9mm (3.78" x 1.79" x 0.39") and weighing only 73.6g (2.6oz), the LG KG320 is definitely very compact, and lightweight enough for you to forget it is in your pocket. Fashion aficionados who dislike the glossy, fingerprint magnet finish of the Chocolate series phones may prefer this slim and sleek black beauty from LG.

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