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Review of the Colorful, Slim, and Sexy Panasonic VS2

Review by Jin Khang Ong on Tuesday November 08, 2005.

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When mobile phones were first introduced, all we had to look at were monochrome screens. Slowly, grayscale screens started to be used, and following this came the Ericsson T68 - the first handset to incorporate a 256-colour screen. It was soon surpassed by other mobile phones that were equipped with 4096-colour screens, and lately 65K and 262K color LCDs have dominated the mobile phone market. How many more colors can a mobile phone screen offer?

This is where the Panasonic VS2 steps in. It is the first GSM handset to sport a 16 million color QVGA display. It is a sleek clamshell phone, available in three colors ? Silver, Dark Brown, and Pink. Panasonic Malaysia pushed my male ego to the edge by loaning us a Pink unit. It was quite a challenge to whip out the phone in public, being it is in such a feminine color. Haven?t you heard? Pink is the new black ? at least that?s what I said to get me through the days.

The tri-band (900/1800/1900Mhz) VS2 also sports a 1.3 megapixel camera and GPRS connectivity. The great news is the VS2 is considered an entry-level clamshell, and thus carries a low price tag. This should be great news for users who are on the look out for a budget handset.

So how does the VS2 fair in our test-drive?

Physical Aspects

VS stands for Visual Slim, and that?s pretty much what the VS2 offers ? a great screen, and a slim form factor. Measuring 96mm x 46mm x 18.2mm (3.77? x 1.81? x 0.71?), the VS2 slips easily into my jeans pocket, and it will not weigh any pants or handbags down coming in at a mere 98g (3.45oz). On the front of the VS2, you will find the 1.3 megapixel camera perched at the top. The camera is slightly recessed, and the chrome ring around it works as the Macro Mode switch. Below this, you will find an indicator light and self-portrait mirror. The design is very similar to the X800, which we recently reviewed, but this time the VS2 does without changeable covers. Unfortunately, Panasonic decided to keep costs down by omitting an external display. The indicator light flashes whenever a call comes in or an SMS is received, but this only happens for a few seconds - I would have preferred the light to blink continuously if there was a missed call, or an unread SMS. This would save users a lot of trouble, allowing them to check for new messages and missed calls every now and then without having to flip open the handset. I do hope a firmware fix will add this useful feature.


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