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Review of Oakley's RAZRWIRE Bluetooth Sunglasses

Review by Michael Oryl on Friday July 29, 2005.

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Lately Motorola has been teaming up with cool, sports related companies when it comes to their Bluetooth products. We've seen Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, hats, jackets, and now sunglasses. Motorola teamed up with the king of sunglasses, Oakley, to design the Oakley RAZRWIRE glasses and headset combination.

Physical characteristics

The headset unit in the RAZRWIRE package is removable so that the glasses can be worn alone. The headset, however, can not be used without the glasses, as it relies on them for positioning. It can be attached to either side of the glasses for use with either ear. The body of the headset seems sturdy and very well built. The surface of the headset has a tough, matte black finish that looks like it will hold up well.

Weight 36.4 (combined)
Body Size 54mm x 29mm (headset body)
Talk Time 5:15(1)
Ear Loop Adjustable
Left/Right Ear? Both
LED 1, red
Pairings Multiple
Features Call reject, mute, redial
Headset Sound Clear, needs treble
Mic Sound Clear
Talk Test MP3
Noise Test MP3
Wind Test MP3
Included Accessories Wall charger, cleaning pouch
Pros Good audio, comfort, blocks UV rays
Cons Not always practical, pricey
1) Time with music transmitted to the headset

The headset itself weighs 14.8g. The main body, which excludes the ear speaker arm, measures up at about 54mm x 29mm. Three buttons on the underside control volume and the other functions. The top is where you will find the mini-B USB power connector (the same as used by the RAZR V3 phone that Motorola makes). Next to that power connection is a spring loaded hinge has a special triangular cross-section groove in its body that is used to to latch onto the arm of the included glasses. This means that the headset component won't work on other glasses, even those manufactured by Oakley.

The sunglasses have nice spring loaded hinges and grip your head firmly. There are three color schemes available, including a platinum frame with orange Iridium (mirror) coated lenses. The lenses have no frame around them on the bottom, which helps keep the weight down to 21.6g without the headset. Oakley says the sunglasses will block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC light.


While you might not like the look of the combined headset/sunglasses unit, and might question the practicality of it, the system actually functions amazingly well. The combination of the clip that can be moved fore and aft on the glasses and the ear speaker arm that twists, turns, and bends in multiple locations makes for a very comfortable and customizable fit. The headset causes no pressure points on your ear, and the actual speaker can even be positioned away from your ear when not in use, avoiding contact completely. When a call comes in, you can just lightly move it into place for optimal audio quality.


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