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Barcelona Shows LG KF700 and KF600 Sliders

News by Michael Oryl on Sunday February 10, 2008.

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While the devices have not been officially announced yet, Barcelona has been plastered with banners showing off LG's new KF700 and KF600 cell phones. The KF700 sports a large touch screen and has a slide out alphanumeric keypad, while the KF600 uses touch technology a bit differently, using a standard screen with a small morphing menu touchscreen located below - just like LG's Venus for Verizon Wireless.

On the KF700, the large 3" touchscreen is used for many operations, including accessing the on-screen Shortcut Dial control, which lets users access the most commonly used phone functions easily and quickly. The icons located on the Shortcut Dial can be tailored by the user, too. The slide out alphanumeric keypad supports predictive text input, which means that users won't have to struggle with a touch based text entry method.

The Venus-like KF600 uses its small touchscreen as a morphing menu that shows different icons and controls based on what task the user is trying to accomplish. This feature makes using things like the KF600's 3 megapixel camera much more intuitive. Better yet, perhaps, is that the InteractPad, as LG calls the touchscreen, is equipped with haptic vibration feedback to give the user a physical confirmation when on-screen controls are pressed.

We'll put up complete stories on each of these devices when they are officially announced tomorrow.


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