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Apple iPhone 4 available today amid early reports of hardware issues

News by Todd Haselton on Thursday June 24, 2010.

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The iPhone 4 is now on sale in the United States and abroad, and as usual, there are reports of lines wrapping around many Apple stores nationwide; one MobileBurn friend reported being the 345th person in a Boston, MA line. The launch comes amid early reports of hardware issues, too.

According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, several iPhone 4 owners are experiencing small yellowing areas at the bottom of the screen that are brown/yellow in color. This issue happened with the original Palm Pre and was caused by slight overheating, although there aren't any reports on what's causing it with the iPhone 4.

Engadget is also reporting that if you hold, or block, the phone's left corner, the iPhone 4's antenna can't correctly connect to the network, and could drop calls. The left side is home to the device's GSM/UMTS antenna. The site said that using Apple's bumper accessory alleviated the problem.


David Black @ 11:43:37AM EDT on Thursday June 24, 2010

Great: Apple took the phone with the largest complaint about dropped calls and made it worse. Perhaps someone needs to remember that this thing is a phone, and perhaps apple should pay more attention to actually making it a reliable phone.

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