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Samsung S8500 Wave bada phone shipping with infected microSD card

News by Michael Oryl on Tuesday June 01, 2010.

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Infected Wave 1GB microSD card
Infected Wave 1GB microSD card

It appears that Samsung has accidentally allowed a malware program called slmvsrv.exe onto the 1GB microSD memory card that is shipping with the new bada-powered Samsung S8500 Wave smartphone. This Windows-based application, known as Win32/Heur, appears with an Autorun.inf file in the root of the memory card and will install itself when it is inserted into any Windows PC that has the autorun feature enabled. Autorun is what causes installation CDs to automatically start up once they are inserted and is enabled by default on most Windows computers.

I recently received a S8500 Wave test unit from our contacts in Seoul, and the microSD card was infected. A quick search of the internet for "slmvsrv.exe samsung wave" turns up two postings on German discussion forum sites (Telefon-Treff and Handy-FAQ) that confirm what I have personally seen. It is worth noting that my Wave was made for the German market.

A PC that is infected with the malware will try to copy the program and associated autorun.inf file onto any memory card or USB memory drive that is inserted into the infected computer. The copied files will show the then-current date and time, which indicates that our memory card was infected in the first half of May, before the phone was shipped overseas to us. Anti-virus software such as AVG Free detects the infected file and appears to offer protection from it.

We've informed Samsung of the problem.

Update: Samsung has responded and said that only the initial run of German market Wave phones shipped with infected microSD cards.


Revan @ 7:25:56AM EDT on Wednesday June 2, 2010

AVG has known to report false Virus reports. Try running a scan through NOD32 or Kaspersky.

Michael Oryl @ 9:28:41AM EDT on Wednesday June 2, 2010

It's not a false positive. The app had installed itself and was actively infecting other drives. Samsung has acknowledged the issue. I will post a response from them soon.

bekir konicanin @ 6:24:20AM EDT on Monday August 2, 2010

kul telefon danas ga kupujem hocu da kazem sad ga kupujem

kia @ 12:00:02AM EDT on Friday June 10, 2011

nice page you got here

natty @ 5:38:59PM EDT on Sunday June 19, 2011

yes, i think my fon is infected, i have the sammsung wave s8500 and ever since i connnected it to my pc, my fon has been malfunctioning, it keeps going off every now and then and its becoming a problem for me, pls guys i need ur help, any body here knows what i should do? pls

gilmore @ 1:30:53AM EDT on Wednesday June 22, 2011

great strategy for samsung, thanks for posting this. however I'm still addicted to Touch Diamond 2.. pls try to visit it. thanks!

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