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Google Maps Navigation beta working in U.K.

Newsbrief by Todd Haselton on Wednesday April 21, 2010.

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While Google's Maps Navigation Beta page still says that the software only works in the United States, we heard mumblings that the beta was now working overseas in the U.K. on Android 1.6 or newer smartphones as well. Our U.K. editor Russell Jefferies has confirmed that the installation is available for his G1. It does require a separate text-to-speech app download from the marketplace, but he was able to get it running. Google Maps Navigation provides free turn-by-turn directions, and is included in Android 1.6 or newer OS installs.


GPSLocals @ 6:21:13PM EDT on Wednesday April 21, 2010

The fundamental problem with Google, something that they cannot do anything about, is the quality of the information they broadcast. It can be wrong, out of date, search results sometimes have nothing to do with what you wanted. They Sold their soul to the ?Advertising Devil? and you can imagine how all this will go. You will be directed to the place that pays the most and that?s if the internet hackers haven?t sent you in the wrong direction after bombarding you with pops-ups, spam and before long dashboard porn.

GPS Locals will give them a run for their money. Our system is also FREE for users, factually correct and constantly updated with only one listing per unique address. With Global shipments of GPS-enabled handsets increased by 92% in 2009 to 150 million units and further forecasted to reach 770 million units in 2014 I can understand why Google want a piece, but really, with their track record, they should be banned from the GPS system.

GPS Locals have built a specific database to work with smartphone and satnav companies to ensure the information broadcast is correct and constantly updated.

Google Expert @ 4:39:43AM EDT on Saturday May 1, 2010

Google maps beta is basically a free satnav!

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