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LG's KP8400 Helps Diabetics

Product Launch by Michael Oryl on Thursday October 07, 2004.

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LG KP8400
LG KP8400
This isn't exactly hot off of the presses news, but I haven't seen anybody else really talking about it outside of the Asian press. Last month at the ITU Telecom Asia 2004 show in Korea, LG showed a novel new handset, the KP8400.

What makes the KP8400 so unique is that it is designed for diabetics, being capable of doing blood sugar level tests just as would a dedicated device. Users place a strip of testing paper into the sensor (located in the battery pack), place a drop of blood on the end of the strip, and then get a reading from the phone. The reading can then be uploaded to an online database for later retrieval.

In spite of its rather bulky size, due to the extra electronics in the battery area, the KP8400 still only weighs about 85g. It has a 262k color TFT main display and a 65k STN external sub-display. Oddly enough, it appears to have only a CIF (352x288) built-in camera. It does support 64 voice polyphonic sound, though.

The CDMA KP8400 handset was co-developed with health care equipment company Healthpia, and will sell for the equivalent of about US$380 in LG's home market of Korea.

You'll find a couple of additional photos of LG's KP8400 on the following pages.


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