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Nexus One receives over-the-air update for 3G issue fix, pinch-to-zoom support

News by Todd Haselton on Tuesday February 02, 2010.

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Today Google is pushing out an update to Google Nexus One owners that adds a number of enhancements and fixes.

Google was able to add pinch-to-zoom, a feature that was a glaring absence at launch. That function now works in the Nexus One's browser, Google Maps application, and within the photo gallery.

The update also includes Maps version 3.4 which allows you to view your favorite map locations from your computer now on your phone, provided you've marked them on maps.google.com. Suggestions are also carried over from maps.google.com. A new night mode adjusts the screen for easier map viewing while driving in the dark.

Also, many users were reporting 3G issues on the Nexus One, and Google says it has added a general fix that will improve the connectivity.

The update is being rolled out gradually, so some users may not see it until later this week.


Greymarch @ 4:51:44PM EST on Tuesday February 2, 2010

Woot! Getting this update much sooner than I had thought. I wonder if the Steve Jobs comments lit a fire underneath Google's feet.

This is another reason why you may want to hold of rooting your Nexus One. I suspect we will see a constant stream of Nexus One updates, and you wont be able to get any updates via google if you root your Nexus One.

- Greymarch
I write about technology, including the Nexus One at my website. http://www.greymarch.com

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