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Boost Mobile launches Sanyo Mirro SCP3810 flip phone

Product Launch by Todd Haselton on Wednesday January 20, 2010.

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Boost Mobile launched the Sanyo Mirro SCP3810 today, a flip phone that offers a basic feature set.

The device is Boost Mobile's first CDMA phone for its new $50 monthly unlimited data, voice, and web plan. It sports a 2.4-inch display, a 1.3 megapixel camera, instant messaging capabilities, and has Bluetooth and GPS functionality. The phone measures 96.5mm x 50mm x 17mm (3.8in x 2.0in x 0.7in) and weighs just 4 ounces.

On January 7th Boost Mobile announced that it would begin releasing phones that run on Sprint's CDMA network as opposed to Nextel's iDEN one. The Mirro is available now from Boost Mobile for $79.99


dejah @ 1:29:12PM EST on Monday February 1, 2010

i love this phone i dont even have it yet

nick @ 3:12:59PM EST on Wednesday March 3, 2010

all of iden should be cdma and evdo

jean kirby/samsgirl @ 1:04:15PM EDT on Saturday April 3, 2010

where can i find free game downloads for my phone sanyo mirror

Lucy Lopez @ 9:13:10AM EDT on Thursday April 15, 2010

I have the Mirro scp 3810 befora i have problems sending photos to my facebook page

thm+km=lve @ 1:57:34PM EDT on Monday May 24, 2010

i love it so much

marah @ 6:21:22PM EDT on Sunday May 30, 2010

i got the phone but when people send me pic messages with sound it wont play it tells me data error.... i can not figure out how to listen to anything that people send me... can anyone help me out?

marisa @ 11:47:53PM EDT on Thursday June 3, 2010

the phone is pretty good....am extremely disappointed that it doesnt support mp3 quality ringtone....the ringtone and volume totally sucks! we dont expect a phone these days not to support mp3 quality so we dont know til we have already bought it....therefore its limited on ringtones you can download...overall i wish i gone with a different phone

allen @ 12:30:02AM EDT on Sunday June 13, 2010

i agree with marissa i dislike the fact that it cant support mp3 ringtones its rediculus that they dont put that on the box so people can get what they want so when they buy it there basically screwed and stuck with a phone that dont do what they want it to

CORDEJIA @ 10:20:53PM EDT on Monday June 21, 2010


Ukinko @ 4:08:35PM EDT on Tuesday July 27, 2010

I HATE this phone! The only way to get ringtones is to buy them from boost mobile and the sound quality SUCKS! The "bluetooth" only works for getting your contacts. Some "bluetooth"...

da huchital @ 4:00:01PM EDT on Wednesday July 28, 2010

how can I get a replacement manual for the sanyo/mirro SCP3810 phone?

sdesire23 @ 6:28:46PM EDT on Monday August 2, 2010

How can I get free applications to be able run youtube on mt Sanyo Mirror by Boost Unlimited Mobile Phone?

DSH @ 2:24:09PM EDT on Thursday August 12, 2010

How do I post Photo's from Boost Mirro Phone to Facebook ???

katie @ 2:11:30PM EDT on Sunday September 12, 2010

i have this phone and i have no problem downloading ringtones to it,in fact i have several and they work just fine, i love the phone. i go to myxer.com to DL them.

Tony @ 10:31:21PM EDT on Monday September 20, 2010

i have this phone on sprint i just love how to tells you roaming digial area plus i like the jabra bluetooth with it and also i really would like a handler for youtube i hate hate error message at m.youtube.com saying you need a handler

JOSE @ 4:23:52PM EST on Monday November 22, 2010

this phone is crap. my phone lost signal bars since day one. right now is in repair. i hope they do not send me the same model.

Morico @ 7:18:12PM EST on Monday December 27, 2010

some say that there is no way to get ringtones for this phone but actually there is without buying them, Just go to myxer .com make a free account... after that if u dont like there ringtones u can even make ur own by uploading a file from ur p.c. but yet i hate the fact u cant send pics thru bluetooth and dont have a (DUN)CONNECTION

lisa ann @ 7:08:32PM EST on Monday January 17, 2011

how to get facebook on sayo booster mirro phone?

Froggie71 @ 12:20:08PM EST on Thursday February 3, 2011

love the phone and ringtones from myxer are great, but i too am having issues with receiving pic texts from anyone and i have only had the phone 4 days today.. this is aggravating any suggestions

michaelsee @ 11:49:21AM EST on Thursday February 17, 2011

this phone is amasing i have droped this phoneabout a million times. Not only have i never droped a call on it but amazing all the way around.

jimbo @ 8:49:33AM EST on Sunday March 6, 2011

i bought this phone used and it has a lock code is there any way to get it off

sammie @ 6:40:21PM EDT on Monday April 4, 2011

can i upload photos to the computer

Z3N @ 6:37:21PM EDT on Thursday April 14, 2011

Well there was a point when i attempted to buy a sanyo mirro, but there was setup problems so i returned it, apparently there were some technical difficulties with it at the time. I then went to a farther upgrade and got a sanyo incognito. While the incognito may look nice. Operating it from the front is an extreme pain and frustrating, since the touch pad doesnt respond correctly 99.999% of the time. However there are some things about the phone that is alright. I sometimes wonder if i should try the sanyo mirro again, but i am concerned with its capabilties and features. Such as does it support youtube and video txt? Can I access Sites to download games ringtones and apps? I really dont care about facebook access. I think its a horrible site of lies and gossip, and easy access for people to spy on you and what you r doing. to answer those who questioned about ringtones, games, pics, wallpapers. You will find that IF it can be accessed from your phone, funformobile.com and Myxer.com is pretty

janise @ 12:42:20PM EDT on Monday May 16, 2011

how do i download the you be handler from my phone

Terra @ 3:49:40PM EDT on Thursday June 30, 2011

This phone is trash. I bought it 3 months ago and I'm already having problems with it. The camera phone works only when it wants to. Some of my texts are going through blank and I receive blank texts also. It cuts off at random times and cuts back on when it feels like it. I can't access my media mail which means I also can't forward it to someone else while I switch to a new phone. Basically my pictures are lost. This phone is NOT worth the hassle and Boost Mobile will do nothing for you as far as credits for your inconvenience.

tammy @ 2:19:26PM EDT on Tuesday August 30, 2011

y dont u support free ringtones, games.not to mention im w/marisa u cant do anything on this phone.call drops,dont here some calls,bad signal.thats y i left revol. i guess u get wat you pay for uh......

Sandra @ 4:17:34PM EST on Wednesday November 30, 2011

I am switching to Cricket, I have a boost mirro that I can't even buy games for or ringtones, what kind of cell phone company doesn't want to make money?

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