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Verizon says future Google Nexus One will run on its network, but will not be sold by Verizon

News by Michael Oryl on Tuesday January 05, 2010.

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Google Nexus One
Google Nexus One

Earlier this evening a Verizon Wireless representative provided some additional context for today's Google Nexus One Android smartphone announcement, as it pertains to Verizon's CDMA(INFO) network.

Google mentioned today that a version of the Nexus One that would function on Verizon Wireless' network would be out soon. Verizon, for its part, says that the CDMA(INFO) version of the Nexus One that is compatible with its 3G network will not be sold directly by Verizon in its stores or on its website, but rather will be sold by Google itself.

There is still no pricing or exact availability information available at this time.


mike @ 1:22:22AM EST on Wednesday January 6, 2010

is that even possible?

tome @ 10:06:29AM EST on Wednesday January 6, 2010

what's the matter? Verizon isn't the carrier? can't believe.....

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