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Samsung Jack users get free Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade

Newsbrief by Michael Oryl on Wednesday November 04, 2009.

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Samsung i637 Jack
Samsung i637 Jack

Samsung has just informed us that the Windows Mobile 6.5 update for the Samsung Jack smartphone for AT&T is now freely available for downloading. The Windows Mobile 6.5 update will add new functionality to the Jack, including access to the Windows Marketplace application store, and the new Internet Explorer Mobile 6 web browser, with Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight support. The update will also provide users with access to AT&T's WiFi hotspots as well as the Vlingo for Windows Mobile, which lets user carry out many different tasks on the phone, such as sending an email message or calling a friend, with nothing but their voice.

The Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade can be downloaded from Samsung's website.


jpwku4921 @ 1:59:16AM EST on Thursday November 5, 2009

I am unable to download 6.5 because I do not have the qualcomm cdma technologies msm driver... I'm not even sure what it is, but it sure is illusive on the internet. Any information or direction would be greatly appreciated.

mike @ 6:57:06PM EST on Friday November 6, 2009

i also can't install this update on vista 32bit.. It states i need the (Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM) driver. I tried everything possible to find it .Modem drivers,The disc. ect.. I can only find it on driver detective.For a price of $29.99. I contacted samsung & they don't have a clue about what i'm talking about.Please help!!!

mike @ 10:55:05AM EST on Sunday November 8, 2009

THEN RIGHT CLICK ON THE APPLICATION Jack_Windows_Mobile_6_5_Upgrad e.exe

mr smith @ 4:27:07PM EST on Sunday November 8, 2009

please help
i cant download 6.5
It states i need the (Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM) driver, ?
please help

jjchger70 @ 7:06:49PM EST on Monday November 9, 2009

at least i dont feel stupid, mine gives me the same message and cant find anything

Angela @ 8:22:52PM EST on Thursday December 30, 2010

Your amazing!!! I been looking all over the web for an answer. Everyone was saying it couldn't be done. I have windows and I ran it as administrator and it worked. It appears that the program was wanting to install drivers and windows' security wasn't allowing it.

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