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AT&T files complaint against Verizon Wireless for 3G map advertisements

News by Brian James Kirk on Wednesday November 04, 2009.

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AT&T has filed a complaint against Verizon Wireless asking for a permanent injunction of the latter's "There's a map for that" promotional ads. AT&T says that Verizon is misleading customers to believe that no voice or data services are available outside of AT&T's 3G network.

In the advertisement, Verizon shows its entire network as compared to AT&T's 3G coverage. While it's true that Verizon's entire network is 3G-enabled, areas not covered by AT&T's 3G service are left blank on the map, even though 2G coverage is available much more widely.

According to the suit, Verizon has already adjusted its ads on behalf of AT&T, clarifying in small print some details of the maps, but AT&T still believes that it is owed damages from what it calls "misleading comparative advertising." Engadget notes that the suit is narrow in scope and it appears that AT&T only wants a judge to force Verizon to remove the ads from the air. [via EngadgetMobile]


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